Lucid Vampires =]

has anyone tried to turn into a vampire and suck blood??

if so, what was it like? :peek:

No, but I will try it tonight and let you know how it goes.

lol cool! i hope it goes well :content:

This happened in a ND for me once. I ended up killing all my family. It wasn’t too good. When I actually sucked the blood it was warm and tasted like salt. I had this sortof imaginary life bar that refilled when i sucked blood. It didnt actually reach the bottom at all…

Why play out this kind of behavior whether you consider it real or imagined. You have all the energy of the universe at your fingertips if you only learn to tap into it. The life of any sort of vampire is a sad and lonely one.


How do you know it’s sad and lonely?

What a surprise seeing you in this topic. :lol:

I’ll attempt Dream-Vampirism tonight. I’ve been having a good LD frequency recently, and it’s an intriguing idea.

I’m full of surprises.:sly: :tongue:

Anyway…didn’t get lucid last night…so I will keep trying.

Neither did I, sadly. I suppose the neck-biting will have to wait until tonight.

You know, i just remembered I have been a vampire (surprise!) But I have never drank anyones blood.

i wonder how it feels to be undead in a dream… :shy:

i wnt to be a vampire like the ones in the Twilight Saga. i think the abilities they have are awesome! :peek:

i dont have a fetish. i just want to see how it is. gosh there’s nothing wrong with exploring things.

Removed several posts, please keep this topic cool. :smile:

I agree. Idharma