Lucid While Sleep Walking

I do have insomnia, lucid dreams, and sleep walking often. I never really had a combination of sleep walking and experiencing a lucid dream. I didn’t believe it was possible. Maybe it wasn’t lucid, but I believe it was.

I fell asleep in my bed.
I dreamed I was walking along through my room and looked down at the sea behind my room. I opened the the palm of my hand there was the universe. Someone, maybe God, told me to blow (breath air) into the my palm. I did so and the universe expanded instantly before my eyes as I wook up – waking up next morning, I was laying on my bathroom floor as the shower was running.

Does anyone know what happened? The cause of this? Because I certainly have no idea…

I sleepwalk every now and then, and often realise that I’m sleepwalking :smile:become lucid + aware that I am sleepwalking) and wake myself up in the middle of my room or some other place. So combinations are possible. :neutral:

There is no REM sleep during sleep walking. (As far as I know that is). :open_mouth:

Maybe you were lucid in a nREM-dream? (very rare). This might is quite interesting…

Actually, I have no idea what might have happend, just guessing =|

I have heard before that “there is no REM sleep during sleep walking”, but I have had several times that I became lucid while sleepwalking.

I dreamed I was climbing a mountain, but some sort of glassbarrier prevented me from going any furhter. At this time, I realised I was dreaming (because of the glassbarrier in the middle of nowhere), and shortly after this, I realised I was not in my bed (I don’t know why I realised this), so I decided to wake myself up and found myself in the middle of my room at my chair, with my hands at the window.

Yeah, thats why I am suggesting the phenomena of nREM dreams, which are usually a hell of a lot less vivid, and its a rare occurence to remember them/become lucid in them =X

Isn’t it possible that you sleepwalk first (in nREM sleep), then you enter REM sleep (thus your body is paralyzed) and you have a dream then?

Thanks for the feedback. This has helped much in my research over sleep with LD. In special cases, you can lucid dreaming and sleep walking, but it isn’t likely to be in REM and sleep walking. So if this is true, that’s phenomenal…

But how are you going to stay upstraight during Sleep Paralysis? Wouldn’t you just collapse… (and not waking up standing up straight but lying down on the floor ?)
Maybe its the other way arround, first you have a REM-dream in which you dream that you are sleep walking, then you go into nREM and do the actual sleepwalking, when you wake up theres a memory gap, so you thought it was from REM to awake?

edit (guess the no REM during sleepwalking is an urban myth :notify: ):

Source: Here

Could you control the walking ?

Then what about walking trough the day dreaming ?

I you managed to get to school in that contition , you could do something but daydreaming ! :grin:

I had an experience like this a while ago.

I used to sleep in one of those high up beds on stilts next to the ceiling. I was dreaming and in my dream I realised I needed the toilet in real life, so I tried to wake myself up. I experienced a false awakening and thought I had woken. The bed I woke up in was a regular low down bed. When I got out of the bed I felt a falling sensation. I cannot remmember what happened next in my dream but when I woke, I was lying on the floor in total darkness. I got up and stumbled around the room with a painful ankle trying to find the door.

I wonder how that happened. Any ideas?

It’s rather curious nevertheless. First, they said it’s a REM behavior disorder (what I never heard) then they say it most often occurs during nREM. :confused: Thank you for giving the source. I’ll try to find another information.