Lucid without RC?

So, for the past week or so I have had a lot of trouble remembering my dreams. Most of the time I sleep and wake up and there is just a big blank. I think this is because I’m studying abroad in France this semester and I’m still a bit jetlagged. Anyway, two nights ago the dreams started again and last night I had two huge dreams and a third short lucid one, or so I believe. The thing is I keep waking up at odd times during the night. Around 5AM I woke up and spent 15min to half an hour writing down my two huge dreams. Since I stayed up so long, I thought I might not be able to get back to sleep. But as I drifted off, I felt that it would be cool if I could have another lucid dream, as my first was only two seconds or so.

I felt half asleep and half awake, maybe on the verge of waking up. I wonder if I am dreaming and then I try to stay calm and get up. I start to get up and I open my eyes and I’m in a grocery store. I don’t know why, but everything was almost crystal clear and I think to myself, this must be a LD. There is a little girl walking by right when I am getting up and I look her right in the eyes and she looks a little afraid. I see a movie poster that says “Groundhog Daughter” for some reason (I have never even seen Groundhog Day). I start to walk down the aisle and I try to touch people and they feel real, they just don’t react to me. For example, I pat a guy on the back and he doesn’t react at all, just continues taking something off the shelf. I ask myself if I can summon someone I know and suddenly I see someone back from grade school who I haven’t seen in a long time and I lunge toward her. I miss and the dream slowly goes black and I wake up. All in all it seemed to last around 30 seconds

Now at first I thought it was a lucid dream but I didn’t do any RC’s. It seemed very vivid though. Did I dream I was LDing? Right before I tried to get up I thought to myself that I must be in a LD and I calmed myself. Also, I had a sense of time and senses in general, that of touch. I could feel I was walking. I think this might have been a non-intentional WBTB induced one. Any thoughts?

You don’t have to do RC’s for it to be a LD, only realise that you are dreaming. Since you thought to yourself “this must be a LD” it should be. You certainly acted like it. You had a sense of time and touch and such. So it seems to me that you were “there” mentally.
The really interesting part is that you seemed to WILD. Even if unintentionally this time it could be that it is the method for you.