Lucid World Tour

On the French forum, I find this idea. I don’t know if someone has already talked about it. Do you think the Lucid World Tour is a good idea to motive me (or others :content: ) to do LD? Cause I think I need more motivation and this idea can motive me and other people. In a LD, you take the plane( or other transportation) and you go to many Lucid Country. So if you want to use it, go for it and give new about where you are in your Lucid World!!
(The Idea of Manny_Lectro, French LD4all)

Thank you
Alaky :smile:

You didn’t tell us what the Lucid World Tour is. Sure we COULD go to the french forum and read it, but most people are on the English forum because we speak English, and don’t know how to speak French.

XD sorry!
I think i’m a bit tired!!
No really the Lucid World Tour is to travel in your dream, like a real trip in the real life, but in your dream, and you do “all” your Lucid country. You go to many places and discover many landscape.

Oh, I got it. Sounds cool. That’s definitely a good motivator, just keep picturing that cool think you can do in your dreams and you’ll get there.

I like to travel to some of my favorite destinations anyway in dreams, so a world tour could be fun enough. Hmmm… perhaps visit the wife’s relatives in England to start out with…

That does sound really fun! I can already imagine going to a bunch of different kinds of places. Can’t wait to see what my dreams will come up with. I already want to do a real life world tour. Doing a Lucid World Tour would be really cool, plus it’s free!

Thanks for the idea and good luck dreaming, Alaky! :smile: