lucid writers & artists

i’m sort of a comedy writer… sort of. last week in a dream (non-LD) i remember coming up with a great joke, but then i forgot what it was when i woke up. (maybe it was nothing, just the idea of something funny/a triggered sensation) but i’m curious as to whether any writers (of any sort) or artists ever pull their work from lucid dreams? maybe in a dream you are even more creative than in waking life? maybe not. have any of you explored this possibility?

Creativity is one of the main uses of lucid dreams, in fact. Your brain is in an ultra-creative state in dreams (after all, it has to create the hallucination you see around you). A member of the through the mirror community (“Sherlock city”, I think) put up some sound files of songs he wrote in lucid dreams. Not my kind of music, but I concede, it seemed to be pretty good songwriting.

Anyone care to remind me of the URL to his music?

I write b/f i go to sleep, does that count? It brings me good dreams :happy:

Check this out…

I laughed really hard off this, but it isnt really a joke, just retarded

P.S.:LucidityX1000: YOU might like this one, or hate it(sorry) :lmao:

I think in regard to this particular topic, I would really like to meet imaginary characters in my lucid/non-lucid dreams because it would test the power of my imagination.

I have always loved Marvel comics, what would it be like to witness the strength and fury of the Hulk, or watch Spiderman scale a 40 storey building or…well, let me know what I could expect to see! :cool_laugh: