I just had a dream where i was in great hall. Then there came a witch who was trying to catch me. She said “You come with me now”. I said “No i dont no i dont” and i threw some things to her to stop her. Then i ran. I ran to the next room. I was going to ran a bit more further. But then i said to myself “this is dream and nightmares cant hurt me”. I turned around and pointed my arm to door. Here she came and she put her arms around my throat. I shaked her off and she turned into guy with mustaches and red hat. The rest of my dream i was jumping and trying to fly.

Was this a lucid dream?.

Well, it may have been, but it sounds like you slipped back into a normal dream. If you flew on your own, you know, willingly, then, I guess.

Also, if you were aware of her being a nightmare, you should’ve asked why she was chasing you. Then, ask for a gift. It’s odd, but I read about it on this site.

I asked her. She said something about bread :bored:. I think it was so confusing beacause this was my first lucid experiment. My head didnt know how to react to this because i never done that before :oof:. But is was still little of lucid :gni: .

I have it couple of seconds and it was awesome :content:.

Well Zeroz if u keep interested and busy with the concept of lucid dreaming i think you will soon get a longer ld :smile:

Go 4 it :wink:


I had another dream. But i like to ask is there a first state before get into dream. Because last night when i was ready to sleep and i was in my bed i just felt weird. There was somekind of vibrations going around me and everything i thought in that state was in my dream. I was chased in dream and it happened again. This time it was more powerful. I stopped and said to my self “Im dreaming im dreaming” just i said before falling to sleep.I shout to my chaser “Go away. You are just a dream” and he walked away. Then was the funniest part of the dream. I was trying to fly. I jumped into air and flew a bit. But then i smashed to ground. Again and again. Then i was on somekind of road. There was more nightmares coming. I tried my usually trick and raised my hand towards the enemy. Blue lightnings came from my hand and enemy was roasted in a second ( i have used this in dream since i was a child :wink:). Then i tried it again but it wasnt working.Then my buddy came into my dream and i said to him “We are dreaming. Can you feel it?” “We are dreaming” I showed him my clock and said him to look it twice. I looked it too. There was a different time.

Could my dream sign be that everytime i get chased in my dream i realize i am dreaming :bored:?.