Lucidity and Mono

Alright, so I’m starting to think that I have mono. I sleep around 12 hours a day on school days (nap+nightimes), and am still never refreshed by it. I’m basically always exhausted. I’m getting tested soon for this, we’ll see what happens. Anyways, my question to you fellow LD’ers, would be: If I had mono, and slept huge amounts of times a day, would it be possible for me to take advantage of this for achieving lucidity? Or would the REM length remain unchanged because of my over-sleeping? ie, is there a maximum amount of time you can spend in REM?

Anyways, cheers :smile:

Whenever you know your sleep profile you can take advantage of it. :smile: Know thyself, that’s the rule of thumb—if you know how you usually sleep, you can choose the techniques and tricks that fit you the best, and the chances of achieving what you want are bigger.

I didn’t find any information about this. Perhaps this fatigue could lead to more “sleep onset REM” phases and make WILD easier? Anyways, good rest! :smile:

Mono? Are you referring to mononucleosis aka Glandular Fever?

Indeed I am.

Ick, horrible thing that. I was bed-ridden for an entire month at the age of 19, didn’t even have the strength to read or use the computer.
I don’t think you’re suffering from Glandular Fever - you’d definitey know about it. Like I described above, when you have Glandular Fever you barely even have enough energy to walk. It does sound like you’re fatigued though, something worth looking into.
It’s uncommon for guys, but I suffered from an iron deficiency about a year ago, which makes you extremely fatigued - simple solution to take iron supplements every day for two to four weeks.

lol, yeah. I went to the docs this morning (he’s been damned busy recently), and anyways, he said that I could have a bad case of the flu or some other virus. I sort of feel it subsiding now, so thats good. I don’t have to have a 3 hour nap after school every day, lol. Cheers.