lucidity and vividness?

I tried to make my vividness and detail higher with verbal commands like: increase lucidity, vividness etc. but I had a temporary and small effect,
also I focused at details of things in dreams but the overall vividness didn’t get any higher…

any other ideas?

Also: does high lucidity have to do anything with high vividness? If no, what is high lucidity?

This is something that just takes some time to master. You have to get used to becoming lucid just like anything else you are learning for the first time. The key here is confidence! When you use verbal commands say LUCIDITY NOW! Say it like you mean it and expect the dream to comply. In the dream world expectation is everything.

However have no fear since everyone has problems with this at first but we all overcame it.

Happy Dreaming

Thanks, I get what you mean cause I use it in “real” life :smile: