lucidity by doing nothing?

so i had yet another one of my unusual experiences a while ago. being that im lazy to the point of practically not breathing, i never thought of putting it up on the forums, but i figured an hour or so ago that i might as well. see what you guys think about this.

first, the backdrop: a couple weeks ago, i went to a friends place for the weekend, sorta like a sleepover, only it lasted longer, and involved traveling 80km to get to him. i live in a major city, albeit a quiet part of it, but i am used to noise being around me at all times. my friend was living in a small apartment, or maybe i should call it a large dorm, on an island where not alot of people live. this means that the place is quiet. really quiet. for the duration of my stay, i was to be sleeping on the couch, which is just fine for me, since no matter where i sleep, it will be better than my own bed. i’m not kidding there either. i cant sleep on my own bed, and its not the bed’s fault, its my head. i will on occasion go sleep on a couch instead just to get enough sleep for something important, so sleeping on a couch in a nice quiet apartment in the basement of a house with lots of space between it and the next building would suit me just fine.

cut to the morning after my first night of gaming like mad on my laptop(which, btw, i have found plays games better than my desktop…): when i woke up, i was fairly well rested, compared to the trainwreck of a state im usually in when waking up, and since it was still morning and quiet, i just dipped between awake and asleep, which equates to dreaming for me, since its so late in my sleep cycle. this kept itself going for what must have been a couple hours, until my friend started doing something that made noise, which got me to about that state of “awake” you are when you get to school at 8am, which isnt too far from being asleep. we talked about something for a while, and i just took things really laid back, not doing anything, save maybe turning once or twice. eventually, i got some more quiet, and took the chance to just relax, which lead me to fall asleep really quick, and have a short ND, which prolly only lasted a minute before i woke up from some random noise. what happened then, is the reason i made this post in the first place. i didnt move at all, i just closed my eyes and relaxed even more(didnt really think it could work, but it did), and i jumped right back into that last dream, just where i left it, without the usual falling asleep and forgetting im concious and all that. i literally went from a waking state to LD, just by closing my eyes. the ease withwhich i fell into that dream could be compared to when you just close your eyes and imagine something. unfortunately, my luck just didnt want to help me any more, so right after i got into the dream, my friend made more noise, and i woke up(when just lazying in bed after sleeping i can wake up from any sound, including the hum of power transformers).

at the time, i didnt put too much thought into that little event, but recently, i have been pondering it in more detail, and what i have come to conclude with is this: if you are relaxed enough, and your senses are picking up no changes whatsoever in anything(same lights from same places, no changes in sounds, same smells etc), then you can jump between dream and reality just as easy as breathing, and be lucid too. kinda like WILD, only you dont do anything to prevent you from falling asleep along with the rest of your body, you dont do anything, and suddenly your body is asleep, while your mind is in a dream. in short, get lucid by doing nothing :happy:

so, with all the explaining out of the way, could someone maybe give me some input on this? maybe i’ve interpreted something wrong? or maybe someone else has had a similar experience?

oh, i guess i should mention that the time this took from waking up from my first long bit of sleep to the LD at the end, was probably around 3-5 hours. if you want to try this, then add this to however long you usually spend asleep. that gives you some insight as to the level of lazy i sometimes attain :tongue:

That sounds pretty cool. Did you strangle your friend after him waking you out of a lucid dream? :tongue: Keep going, I think what you just accomplished was the WILD technique… but I’m just a novice dreamer so I don’t know too much.

Yes, it’s kinda like this method where upon awakening you stay still, with your eyes closed and imagine yourself spinning and woosh you’re back in the dream, lucid. I’ve done it a couple of times myself, but I usually forget that I shouldn’t move myself just after waking from a dream. But if you can make yourself remember not to move, it’s a very efficient and quick method. In your case, the spinning was not even needed. :cool:

I’ve done this before, (heck I did it three times this morning, laughs) my brother and sisters wake me up all the time and as long as I don’t open my eyes or talk I can start back up where I left off or start a new one. I never thought of it that way, I guess it is kind of a form of WILD, (and also WBTB,) oh my sister made this… I laugh everytime I watch it, “The Exorcism of Elmo” laughs :gni:

at the time i was too caught up in the fact i went straight into an LD, so it didnt occur to me to cause massive pain to the cause of my sudden removal from said dream.

as for the WILD, i dont think it could be considered that, since WILD implies you actually do something to remain concious while falling asleep, thus forcing a dream to manifest. in this case, you wouldnt have a dream at the beginning of your sleep cycle if you chose not to try WILD. with me, i just went off to a dream without any effort, which means that my sleep cycle was set specifically to get me into a dream right away. WBTB sounds a bit closer to the mark, but that also requires concious effort in that you need to do something to get LDing into your head before going back to sleep.

still, its cool to see that im not the only one that has done this. maybe we should make a name for it?

Hmmm…I would still consider this a WILD, because of the fact that, it doesn’t matter if you put effort into it or not, you can just as well have a WILD “accidently”, as you can intentionally. :tongue: But that is my own opinion, and I will not try to pursuade you to think otherwise.

Okay, I’ve got one…LILD, Laziness Induced Lucid Dream, laughs :rofl: Sorry, couldn’t help myself…

Edit: okay, LILD is already taken, forgot about that, ummm…can’t think of anything else that isn’t lame at the moment… :plotting: :confused:hrug:

Um. There is actually a technique called chaining, and it’s basically a spin off WILD. It sounds exactly like what happened to you, and I use it a lot for LD’ing as well. I’ll find the link and post it.

EDIT: Here’s the link: [Chaining - New Technique)

Found under the “New Methods” topic.

So there is a name for it, cool! gives you bountiful cookies :cookiemon:

chaining, eh? now that tech sounds like it’s tailor-made for me :content:

Chaining is nice, usually it’s something that just happens… i become lucid at some point then wake up. but i feel sort of half asleep. and i can sort of feel like I can go back in. And then it’s really easy or it doesn’t work at all. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you really woke up. But as long as you get back in it doesn’t matter. I’ve but recently been able to actually prolong dreams by the techs and it’s often quite similar to when you chain. So much that I really don’t know wich is wich. I can generally feel myself in bed when vision fades.

Something like this happened to me and it was my only one LD. It was very similar, except it wasn’t like dream-dream chaining, but reality-dream. I just closed my eyes, relaxed, and found myself in my room, but it was already a dream.