Lucidity Challenge 13

I had a short LD-moment in the not so well-DR’ed dream found here

I had a ND where I looked at what I was wearing :lol:

I was part of some kind of modeling contest (like america’s next top model :roll: ) And at one point we were with all the models, and I was in the audience. A group of models was in front on stage doing a performance of sorts, and they were all wearing the same outfit.
To my left was another model i befriended and we were wondering why we weren’t up there, as it was supposedly something for all the models to be participating in.

at that point I looked what I was wearing and it was a brown pants with a blouse in the same color, but with white square motive on it. Later in the dream it was the same outfit but then blue instead of brown

ok that was a practice run, shall we say :tongue:

I went to sleep without consciously remembering the task at hand. I wonder around near this pond I’ve never seen (not lucid), and when I look at the water, I see my reflection to remember the task and gain lucidity, only I was almost naked :lol: I was wearing underwear made of leaves and a big folded card for a hat.

:lol:, Seems you all had fun? Ive found that your SC doesnt usually have the best dress sense. :tongue:

And relv & GHOSTIE11 – How long do you think you were lucid for? You get points for how long you were lucid, (if atall, in Q’s case :tongue:) So let me know :wink:

And, i kinda forgot to put that in the task list so… ill add it :wink:

The next task wont be posted tonight, youve still got a night left for this task.

I’ll post the scores later ^^

Right, the scores so far:

  1. Magnus - 0
  2. Ysim - 30 (30 clothing remembered.)
  3. Wolf - 0
  4. relV - 80 (30 lucid, 10 bonus, 20 task points, 20 clothing remembered.)
  5. ian1 - 0
  6. Zukoca - 0
  7. altheman9993 - 0
  8. PasQuale - 50 (10 bonus, 30 clothing remembered, 10 task points.)
  9. Kirbzy - 0
    10.Lucidity_Master - 0
  10. Lleu - 0
  11. GHOSTIE11 - 20 (20 lucid)

Im just assuming that GHOSTIE, your dream didnt last longer than 10 seconds, considering you refered to it as a ‘lucid moment’. And relV I assumed yours was longer tan 10 seconds. Please tell me if im wrong.
And in your dream post here, let me know how long you think it lasted ^^
And Q, you got 30 for clothing remembered considering you looked down again and it had changed colour.

Let me know if you think ive made a mistake with the scores :content:

And keep on dreaming! You stll have till 18:00 GMT tommorow. And you still get bonus points. :wink:

I dreamed of a radioactive zombie invasion (it’s in my DJ)
When I fell I noticed I was wearing a black hoodie (similar to what I have IRL, only it didn’t have a zipper), the white armband to denote I was a human, and blue jeans.

Hey thats also what I’m wearing right now! (I wear that combination often :tongue:)
I was not lucid though.

I think it was a couple of minutes, thats the best I can estimate.

B&W, youre right, my LD-moment was around 7 seconds, but it was fun :rofl:

Dag nabbit! Like Q, I had an ND where I saw what I was wearing! …Also, I kept peeing on random things. The floor, a kitty litter box, you name it! :grin:

ooo :happy: didn’t realize you got points for ND’s as well :grin: yayeth.

Dag nabbit wolbeth too, have you noticed we wore similair clothes in our ND’s? Blue pants with checkered blue shirt, assuming here that ‘checkered’ means with squares on it. Is this the regular dream outfit or what? Or the new dream fashion :cool:

had a LD last night and remembered to look at what I was wearing! :woo:

Duration of lucid part of the dream in total approximately 5 - 10 minutes. Duration of when I actually remembered to look at my self was towards the end of this LD, and was about a minute or so before it faded into ND.

Relevant part: Then I look around, and I remember that I had to look at what I’m wearing, so I look at myself. The dream is already fading now and it takes all my effort to focus on myself. I see myself from 3rd person point of view and notice that I’m wearing 2 gold/copper like bracelets on my right wrist. Then I look at what clothes I wear and it’s something white with gold or golden decoration, It seems to be the only thing, and it is shaped squarish, like a big square robe or dress. Then I tumble into darkness, dream fades out, I want to come back, and I manage, but now it is a ND and is about something completely different.

Todays dreams

I failed in dream #1, but succeeded in dream #2. :yay:

Managed to do this today, although it wasn’t very spectacular.

Just randomly had a look at my own shirt just through my eyes. It was a Judas Priest shirt with a fairly distorted image of the Sad Wings of Destiny artwork.

(Been hunting down this shirt in real life for close to 2 years now).

I was lucid for over 10 seconds, but didn’t look through a mirror or any surfaces. Just through my eyes.

Right, the scores so far:

  1. Magnus - 0
  2. Ysim - 30
  3. Wolf - 30 (10 bonus, 20 clothing remembered.)
  4. relV - 80
  5. ian1 - 0
  6. Zukoca - 0
  7. altheman9993 - 0
  8. PasQuale - 110 (10 bonus, 20 clothing remembered, 30 lucid.)
  9. Kirbzy - 50 (30 lucid, 10 bonus, 10 clothing remembered.)
    10.Lucidity_Master - 0
  10. Lleu - 0
  11. GHOSTIE11 - 70 (20 lucid, 20 clothing remembered, 10 bonus.)

GHOSTIE – im again assuming your LD didnt last over 10 seconds, please tell me otherwise.

Wolf – Next time – post your dream here! Or leave a link like GHOSTIE. ^^

Hehe, last night, had an ND where i looked in a mirror, and i had the coolest red dress on, with big massive red things coming out the side, like the ebil step mothers in fairytales, with a lady bug broach thing on the back. Pretty snazzy :cool:

Also, in that ND I took a look at my hair, which was dyed 3 different colours! Which inspired me to add an extra +10 bonus for anyone who can remember their hair – cause 'tis fun :grin:

You have 3 and a half hours till the next task ^^
And well done all of you :content:

Thanks for letting me join.

Anyway, I had a dream, recorded here, where I see that I’m wearing a white polo shirt and black cargo pants. So that should be 20 points for the two items.

ok last night…
I had an LD in which I was walking in this corridor with mirrors instead of walls but I didn’t remember the quest. :sad:
I saw what I was wearing but I cant really remember… All I remember is that it was blue.

Right, the scores so far:

  1. Magnus - 0
  2. Ysim - 30
  3. Wolf - 30
  4. relV - 125 (10 bonus, 5 clothing remembered, 30 lucid.)
  5. ian1 - 0
  6. Zukoca - 0
  7. altheman9993 - 0
  8. PasQuale - 110
  9. Kirbzy - 50
    10.Lucidity_Master - 0
  10. Lleu - 30 (10 bonus, 20 clothing remembered.)
  11. GHOSTIE11 - 70

relV - how long were you lucid for? You people keep forgetting to mention! :tongue:. I just guessed it was over 10 seconds. Tell me otherwise.

Ok, deadline for last task is up, your new task:

Pick up the phone.
Tonight you have to hunt down a phone, and answer it. Of course it’ll be ringing. If not, make it! :wink:. Who knows who will be at the other end?

The points:

The person on the other end says ‘hello’ +5
You find out the persons name +10
You have a conversation with them +15
You know the person IRL (friends, family) +10
The persons famous! +15
You meet them later in the dream +15
You remember what you talked about +20

Quite alot of points to get tonight, but its a hard task so you deserve it :content:

And the ground rules;
You have a normal dream without ever considering you are dreaming = 0 points
You consider you may be dreaming at least once in the dream, but don’t get lucid = 10 points
You realize you are dreaming, but wake up in under approximately 10 seconds of your realization = 20 points
You realize you are dreaming and have a lucid dream that lasts over approximately 10 seconds = 30 points

Have fun! :grin:

nice one :happy:

How do I join?

You cant at the moment, you have to wait until this game* is over.
Then sign in on the sign-up topic :wink:
Thats in about… 12 days. ^^

*sorry :tongue:.