Lucidity Challenge 14

Just one more people !!

come on


… I’m in, too ! :smile:

Ok, then we start when relv posts task one here :wink:

Ok, so here is the first challenge, as the time now is 23:00 GMT 6/12/08, the task is for tomorrow.

And the task is…

Bathing ^^

You need to go to a pool, to the beach, to a tube, whatever you like and bathe in the water.


You remember seeing water in your dream (while not bathing in them). 5 +
You bathe in water. + 10
If you have someone accompanying you while you’re bathing. 5 + each person
Swimming 10+
if you remember something you saw while you were underwater. +10 each
if you were able to control the water to one way or another. +15 (for example, creating a whirlpool to suck the dirt … bad example :lol: )
If you remember how the water felt. +15

and the ground rules : (copied ^^)

You have a normal dream without ever considering you are dreaming = 0 points
You consider you may be dreaming at least once in the dream, but don’t get lucid = 10 points
You realize you are dreaming, but wake up in under approximately 10 seconds of your realization = 20 points
You realize you are dreaming and have a lucid dream that lasts over approximately 10 seconds = 30 points

Enjoy :content:

“Ok, random DC, would you like to take a bath now?” Oh, how will they respond? This could be funny.

:woo: Very excited for my first task :woo:

Haha, nice one relV :cool:

requests TRNs on this topic

thanks :content:

what are TRNs ? ^^

topic reply notifications,watch the topic and you get an email(TRN) when someone replies to the topic.

I like this first task, since I many times have dreamt of bathing in dreams :grin:.

I did it, I didnt read the quest, but dropped past a pool this night :happy: and had an LD that lasted for 20 secs. I havent posted my dream in the DJ yet, Ill post the link later :cool:

This was the dream folk, hope you like it :cool:

I didn’t do the first taks but I was very close if it wasn’t for that “tunnel” but atleast I saw water in the dream. :grin:

here is a link to the dream in my DJ too: [

I think I should point out that the last dream I had before awakening today was a very long ND that was entirely under water. Quite a good one, actually.

As I said when I posted the task. It is for tonight so I don’t think you (Magnus and Ghostie) should get any points. Correct me if I’m wrong Magnus.

I just assumed since you said that the time was 23:00GMT it was only one hour left, to tomorrow.(And it can also be due to that each challenge before as soon as the task was posted you could attempt it)
The normal scenario is that you set a deadline set a deadline, and have each task for 48 hours(except LC1 where it was only 24 hours) where you can win the bonuspoints for completing the task at the right time period.

But it’s the task maker that decides the rules, so it’s up to you.
(according to my count I would only have got 5 points anyway but that’s atleast 5 more than last time).
You have to decide yourself what to do.

So it doesn’t start until tonight? I’m not so good on the time zones thing. I read about it at (I think) 6 p.m. my time last night, so I did try in my LD this morning. But just as I was trying to figure out where to bathe at, my dog had a bad dream and kicked me in the gut to wake me up.

Does it start tonight?
I had an ND this morning, lots of stuff happened but at one moment I saw a flow of water (with a face :eh: ). Me and other people boarded multicolor rafts and they went into a cave. I remember putting my hand in the water: it felt ‘heavy’ and cold.
This flow of water was only a small part of the dream, but I remember it quite well.

i was lucid and floated in a lake :cool_laugh:

i was lucid for 2 minutes, i bathed in a lake and remember what it felt like :grin:
Didn’t swim, look underwater or control the water.

I hope relv gives points for the task, Ive seen that I collected over 100 points in the dream :happy:

Ok *** final edit*** 13 minutes late, sorry :content:

so as Magnus said the task maker is making the rules, I decided to shake things up a bit :happy:

The challenge will be 12 days long and I will give a task each day at 00:00 GMT time.

that makes 12 challenges that will be divided into 4 groups for 4 different types of tasks.

Regular rules still apply.

The difference is that instead of getting 10 pt’ for doing the task on that night, you get a different bonus for each task (any part of it) and it applies throughout the challenge.
But, for example, I gave you yesterday a type A task, so in other A days (I will announce each day) you get more points for doing any type A task.

This challenge will have a bit harder tasks and will be different in some ways.

If you can get lucid once a day, I think it will be very useful and fun to you :content:

In any case, the tasks are going to be fun ^^

There is also going to be a bonus challenge on the 13th day (no scores on this one :smile: )

Magnus - tell me if you’re not ok with this.

If all agree, here is your next challenge :content:

[right] Loving [/right]

To do well in this task, you need to fall in love with something in the dream.

It can be done in a 5 seconds dream and perhaps a one year dream won’t be good enough, all depends on you. :smile:

and the points :happy:

If you love towards some object and that includes animals , people, anythi. +5 each

If you feel love towards any sounds, melodies etc you heard. +10 each

If you feel love towards any specific smell. +10 each

If you love a person you know in life. +10
If you love a person you dislike/hate in life. +20

If you fall in love with yourself. +20

If you fall in love with everything. +50

As I said, the challenge will be given at 00:00

and you can also get bonus points for doing things when awake.

+5 points for feeling love towards anything specific.

+10 points for feeling in love with yourself.

+15 points for feeling in love with everything.

These apply only once.

This is a Type B task. and as I said, you can do any task any day and still get the points :smile:

Something to look at :content:

Parts from ‘The Lost Teachings Of Atlantis by Jon Peniel’
The foundation of the teachings is basically this: all beings, all things, are One, and
suffering is the result of humans forgetting that, and not acting as One. Thus all the
problems on Earth would cease with the achievement of Universal consciousness.
So breaking the illusion of separation, and returning to conscious awareness of
Oneness should be our goal if we want to exist in a positive and harmonious world.
To become Truly Loving,
find someone who Truly Loves.
Empty Yourself, and let their Love fill you.
Then keep not the Love you have found
to yourself.
For only in giving it away,
Will you always have it"
No matter. In either case, the answer is the same. What I would call true
Love, is simply Unselfish Love. Unselfish Love radiates to all without exception,
so powerfully that it transcends your separate self and IS God’s Love flowing
through you, to others. You become the vessel that is ‘channeling’ the Universal
Spirit (while also being the Universal Spirit). It gives to all who would receive. It is
like a Sun that gives warmth, light, and life to all, in all directions simultaneously. If
your love is not one that gives to all and loves all, then it is a selfishly based love.
If you experience jealousy or possessiveness, then it is a selfishly based love, not
true Love, not pure Love, not Unselfish Love."

Smile! and the world will smile with you! - Origin Unknown

Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction. - Antoine de Saint Exupery

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. - Origin Unknown

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend. - Albert Camus

Better to light a candle than curse the darkness. - Eleanor Roosevelt

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is. - Albert Einstein


Haha, that lion almost kills those two guys… almost.

Had a dream last night as well. Don’t remember much, but I was staring at a lake and every now and then a fish would jump out from the water.

I can’t understand how the timing works this time. You post the task before midnight, we fall asleep after midnight, dream about the task and get no points? When are we supposed to dream about it, do you mean that it becomes valid 24 hours after the moment you post it? Or 12 hours? There are members from so many different time zones here, and many of us see the challenge post just before falling asleep while others sleep several hours after it.

I was not trying to, but I got the 2nd task done.