Lucidity Challenge 15

ill sign up ive had a bunch of LD’s before but never knew what was up with them until i say the site so now ill have something new to do in them :smile:
i am bad at controlling what i do in them but i think this will help me concentrate so sign me up :content:
and let me see if this works


Ok, the team is set and the task comes 22:00 GMT (dont bother, Ill pm you)

wow, im excited. although worried because i might have used up my ld quota for today, i had four back to back earlier, hope i will be able to get lucid tonight or tomorow morning!

Here is the task, its type A (dont bother, Ill explain later :wink: )


I have seen a lot of vehicles in my dreams and they are good ways to earn LD. What I want you to do is to interact with one vehicle and maybe drive away with it :razz:

Basic points:

You have a normal dream without ever considering you are dreaming = 0 points
You consider you may be dreaming at least once in the dream, but don’t get lucid = 10 points
You realize you are dreaming, but wake up in under approximately 10 seconds of your realization = 20 points
You realize you are dreaming and have a lucid dream that lasts over approximately 10 seconds = 30 points

Task points:

You interact a vehicle= 5 points
Its your own vehicle= 10 points
You drive it and come toyour destination= 20 points
You ask another to drive you and reach the destination= 30 points.

Good start, heres the bonus:

You get an LD thanks of the vehicle= 10 points
You run after a speeding vehicle and catch it= 40 points

These bonuspoints can be taken until friday when task 2 comes :smile:

sweet dreams :content:

I’m so excited. I have been getting lucid a couple times each night lately, so I have big hopes for this challenge. :happy:

hi its me im really sorry but can i drop out i thought that this was something way different im so sorry :sad: im really sorry maby you could get someone else?

You dont need to feel some pressure, you can do any task you want when they come :wink: this is just a way to improve LD’s :cool:

OK, so I’m in a mansion that i’ve never before seen IRL, and all my family are there for a party/gathering. I think i live at the mansion. I dont know what the party is for and i keep trying to ask my relatives but before someone tells me, they are somehow interrupted. then one of my sisters says she wants to talk with me in private, and we walk through the mansion trying to find rooms that are private and failing. So i tell her to meet me upstairs in a minute because my bedroom is private. (not my bedroom in real life, its a mansion bedroom) So i go up to my huge bedroom with a king-sized bed, strip off and climb under the sheets and start reading a book. (why i have no idea.) then there’s a knock at my bedroom door, so i put my clothes back on and go to answer it and its my sister as arranged. She starts to tell me something but i suddenly get lucid and decide to fly around the grounds of this huge mansion. All my family-DCs are watching me fly in astonishment and then my nephew asks me to teach him how to do that. This flying part lasted about 2 minutes
Then i woke up.
New dream, i dont remeber, but i know that i had to get out of the way of a tank on a dusty bombed street like you would find in Call of duty 4.

So i got lucid at the end of one dream, and i interacted with a vehicle (the tank trying to blow me up) in the second dream, but i wasn’t lucid then.


mainiakbill= 35 points.

Good dream :thumbs:

One more day and then a new task comes :cool:

im new here so in these things am i supposed to post my dream?

:yes: start a DJ too, its a good way to post dreams. Good luck with the challenge :wink:

To prepare for this task, I decided I would try to just take someone’s car from outside my apartment building and drive to my friend Rachel’s house. I also considered some flying vehicles, thinking maybe I would try a hot air balloon.
So I don’t remember the dream before I was lucid…I might have achieved a WILD, I’m not sure. Anyway I’m outside and it’s daytime and I know that I am dreaming so I just walk into the street and try to jump onto passing cars. I try grabbing the side mirrors and swinging myself on top. I’m somewhat successful for short distances, but as I am just running around in the street like a crazy person, cars are avoiding me. The dream changes a little and I am now on more of a major, busy street. Some guy is driving a really tricked out lime green import car (I think this happened because I watched some Reno 911 with a similar car in it) and I try to take it from him. The situation reminds me of in action movies when the main character is like “GIMME YOUR CAR” to some random civilian 'cause he needs to chase somebody or save the world or something. So I think I tell the guy something like “Hey, just give it to me, maybe I need it to save the world.” So I try to drive the car, but the situation is really strange. It’s like I’m not sitting in the driver’s seat, instead I’m kinda standing hanging on the side of the car (I guess the driver’s side door doesn’t exist at this point). Anyway, considering I am not a licensed driver IRL, and that for some reason I am driving from as weird position, I am struggling to even reach the pedals (it’s like from the angle I’m at, I can’t fit my foot down to the space where they are), I give up on the car thing. I decide I’m going to fly.
So I start visualizing that there is a hippogryph (Yay Harry Potter!) stable down the street and I just have to walk there. I start walking along the street, looking at different shops and telling myself there will be a hippogryph stable just around the corner up ahead. I turn the corner and there they are! Half-horse, half-eagle flying things! I bow to the nearest one and he bows back. I approach him and mount! He is quite a bit smaller that a horse and is covered in white feathers. We take off flying!

and there is still a lot more to this dream…I will finish telling it later 'cause right now I gotta eat something.

I have counted ETM’s points and it landed on 75. Good job, keep ur the LD’s :content:

ETM= 75 points.
mainiakbill= 35 points.

Thanks for the points :smile: Here’s what else happened.
I flew on the hippogryph and land on top of the nearest building. I think “we need to go higher” because there are other, taller, buildings around that I want to be able to fly over. I try jumping into the air to fly higher, but with little success…then I think…where did the hippogryph go??? He disappeared and I am on my own on the roof of the building, trying to fly higher, but really just succeeding in jumping and floating a little bit.
The next vehicle I tried was a flying chair. I’m not sure where it came from or why, but a white chair with no arms or legs (so it’s just the seat and the back) flies up to me and I hop on! I fly to my friend’s house and she is coming out the front door as I arrive. At this point I don’t think I have the chair anymore, but I’m flying pretty well in a fun floaty, gliding way. She sees me and her reaction is something along the lines of “Hey you are successfully lucid dreaming and flying! Good for you!” and I tell her about the trouble I had with the hippogryph and how I had struggled to fly earlier. She tells me I should try something that she does which involves becoming a shadow and that then flying is much easier and as a shadow you can dart around quickly. We are in a park down the street from her house and I feel that we are having a shared dream. I tell her about it and about ld4all and how excited people would be to hear about this if it is really a shared dream. I tell her we should use the password “hippogryph.” The rest of the dream involves bouncing/flying/floating around the park and landing on the tops of successively higher roman columns with her encouragement. Somehow the thirteen moon calendar comes up and I start to tell her about it. As I explain, the patterns of it appear on the ground and we are flying and bouncing around it following the cycle. I tell her about how I looked up my kin and hers too, but I can only remember mine.
Later that night I had a ton more dreams and at least 5 FA (I get those a lot), but I think that was all the lucid parts there were. One of my most interesting and awesome LDs! Thanks Ghostie for the inspiration!

Youre welcome, it was a very good start and you can still get the bonus points until tomorrow, good luck everyone, next task comes 22:00 GMT tomorrow :cool:

i would have posted earlier but our internet has been getting cut off lately. so if i don’t post my dreams then you know why.
anyway, i didn’t get lucid last night but i remember i did the nose RC, i just don’t know what happened after that. the rest of the dream was about Fable 2.
guess i’ll try again tonight.

that gives you 10 points :smile:

Score so far:

ETM= 75 points.
mainiakbill= 35 points.
videogamer= 10 points.

Okay, I had an LD last night, and it lasted over 30secs. :happy: I’ll jump to the part where I become lucid:

SPOILER - Click to view

I was walking outside of a house, calling my Grandma and a DC, “Come on”, when I became lucid and remembered the challenge. I opened the door of a truck to my right, and Grandma and the DC walked up. I asked, “Grandma, can you drive me somewhere?” so we all got into the car, me in the passenger seat, and Grandma driving. We’re out on the highway when I try to tell the DC that he’s in my dream, but the radio is too loud. Turning it off doesn’t work so I just say loudly to the DC, “You’re in my dream!”, to which I think he said something like, “That’s unlikely”. Eventually we wrecked the car(this always happens in my dreams that involve cars). I didn’t want to leave the them behind, so I made a ‘hot air balloon’ appear but it was really just strings attached to balloons. Grandma and the DC held onto me while the balloons took us up into the sky, then we floated until we reached a city full of sky scrapers. A parade was going on, I landed on top of a building and saw a guy reading. I asked him what he was doing, to which he replied “I’m going on (to perform in the parade)”. -JUMP- I’m in a building and still lucid. There’s a battle going on, but I’m afraid I’ll lose lucidity so I fly straight up, breaking through the ceiling, and into space toward the sun. The sun transforms into a mini earth, and I hold onto it. Then I woke up :o

my dream: was very odd .
I was walking around an amusent park when i heard people screaming near a track of some sort i ran over there and when i got there people picked me up and stuffed me into a go kart. for some reason i started racing my go kart and realized that i was going hundreds of mile an hour and suddenly in full racing gear at this point while driveing i realized that it was a dream and crashed… :sad: thats when i woke up

i stink at driving :shy:

this is a little part of the normal dream I had last night. I was flying a spaceship over a planet.I pull up into space and the view switches from 3rd person to top down. The dream turns into an asteroids like game and I shoot little asteroids and ships.

I guess its 5 points