Lucidity Challenge 15

thedogsays gets 55 points.

danielns13 gets 25 points

Correct, its five points :wink:

heres the score taken by earlier challengers :cool_raz:

ETM= 75 points.
mainiakbill= 35 points.
videogamer= 10 points.

videogamer got additional 20 points, 30 points total :smile:

yay! i finally rode a vehicle of some sort… after watching Underworld at midnight:

[spoiler]i’m in a place that looks like home. i’m in my bedroom, and it is nighttime. i look out the window and the moon is very large and in a place in the sky it shouldn’t be. then it begins to morph, and soon it looks like a ring of moons. i run to wherever mum is (i think the kitchen) and tell her what i just saw. she says she caused it for a surprise for someone. then i tell dad somehow without looking at him but he doesn’t say anything. i go out the front door, the moons are still there. i want to walk down the driveway to get closer to it but i feel nervous. i walk slowly while glancing at the moons. i briefly think they could be aliens.
the scene changes and i’m in a dark building, and it’s still nighttime. there are severeal other people with me and we are trying to close a roller door because we are in danger. we have trouble pushing it down but we get it closed just as someone rolls underneath. something bangs on the door, so 5 of the people tell me to make sure nothing opens or gets through the door, then they leave. 3 people are left with me. after awhile i visualize the moons but when i look back the 3 people are gone. then zombies break through and i run out through a door to my right. suddenly i see the faces of the zombies close up but the view soon changes back (now THAT was freaky)[/spoiler]
after that incident all the danger is gone and i’m on a bike of some sort (i think it was a motorcycle since i wasnt pedalling). i’m searching for people and things. the buildings resemble Bloodstone’s (Fable 2 reference) only more damaged and darker. i see something under a building that has supports, it’s pink but i can’t see what it is from my distance. i turn the corner slowly and see a blue figure in the shadows but pay no mind to it.

that was one heck of a dream, even though i didn’t get lucid. first time i’ve dreamed about zombies for awhile.

This is task 2, a type B task:


LD’s are a good way to feel and how to control feelings. Things feel too heavy IRL? Just create a simulation of it and it should be easier :wink:

The points are:

Remembering a feeling= 5 points

You feel pain but make it to a good feeling= 15 points

You express your feelings for someone= 25 points


Spawn a good feeling= 15 points

And the ultimate jackpot:

You face one of your heaviest moments= 50 points (this bonus is just from 14:00 tomorrw until 12:00 GMT the day after)

Basic points:

You have a normal dream without ever considering you are dreaming = 0 points
You consider you may be dreaming at least once in the dream, but don’t get lucid = 10 points
You realize you are dreaming, but wake up in under approximately 10 seconds of your realization = 20 points
You realize you are dreaming and have a lucid dream that lasts over approximately 10 seconds = 30 points

Since I was late with this one Ill let the bonus for task A be able to be taken until 15:00 swedish time and then the bonus for task B are the bonuses, good luck :content:

2 questions :eh:

  1. what doyou mean by experience one of your heaviest moments.
  2. this isnt really a question… its just weird. Every kid that i have talked to about lucid dreaming finds that befor even knowing what it was could go lucid and found it really easy to go lucid. so far i have talked to 7 people including myself and befor even knowing what being lucid in a dream meant. :bored: from what ie read on this forum it seems kind of weird that proups of people from all over the world have a ton of trouble becoming lucid after studying how to do it that a group of kids all in the same area can become lucid without mild or wild or anything.
    im no expert on lucidity but isnt thatr kind of weird?
    pls reply

Question 1 I can answer, I mean hard moments, I couldnt express it on a good way. I mean things that youre afraid of doing IRL :wink: hope you understand.

Question 2 I dont understand, sorry :shy:

answer1. Thanks now i understand no recall last night :cry:

answer2. thats okay i should have posted it elsewere anyway

tnx for the help :content:

Just to make it clear, now the bonus for task 2 are the current bonus, the bonus from task 1 cant be taken :razz:

I had a horrible dream last night about being held captive by a very powerful person, i didnt get lucid, and i cant remember details. This task might be a write-off for me because it didnt happen last night and i wont be sleeping much tonight. shame cus its a great task. Can i still get points outside of the 48 hours? im guessing not :o

Sorry for your nightmare, but you dont get points for that :sad: good luck, you still have chance to get some points :wink:

i think i understand what the task is… is it simply remembering a feeling, like anger or sadness?

:yes: its that simple, I hope I can put some harder in the future :puh:

I accept your challenge! even though i already have at the start…
er, anyway here’s my dream. i always remember feelings in my dreams (i just have to remember IT IS A DREAM):
I’m in my room and a friend has come over for the day. i’m playing Sonic Battle on my Gamecube somehow, and realize she’s in my brothers room. i turn it off and go to where she is. it appears Left 4 Dead is playing on the Xbox360 yet she’s not controlling it. the controller looks like a white PS2 contoller combined with an Xbox one. i think it’s a bit weird but then realize she’s fallen asleep. i look at the clock and see that it’s around 4 o’clock. mum comes in and asks why my friend hasn’t left yet. i say ‘i don’t know’ and fall asleep as well.
i wake up and notice that my friend is gone. i go out to the kitchen and search the fridge for cake. i thought my friend ate it and thought she could have eaten my lollies too. i rush to my room and find the 2 small containers half empty. i start feeling angry because of this, so decide to eat the rest since there aren’t many left. then they start sticking to my hands which peaved me even more.

it continues but it’s irrelevant. apart from one where i was in an amusement park about to drop down a long water slide fearing it would be scary, but i put the fear away after going down and it turns out really boring and a waste of time :neutral:

:grin: I had a lucid dream i was lucid for like a half hour total

My dream started in the evening when someone rang the doorbell, i opened the door and a bunch of kids around like 5 were stading there in costumes they yelled “trick or treat”. I figured that they were confused about the date after all it was mid January. i noticed a bowl of Candy beside the door so i saaid what the hey and gave some to them, they thanked me and went on their way. I noticed outside that there were a bunch of kids trick or treating i called to my friend asking what was up with the trick or treating in mid January. He thought i was crazy and he told me that it was halloween (here i felt stupid). Then he asked me for Candy. ( his poor friend was having mental heath problems and all he could think about was candy :grrr: at this point i felt quite angry ) Anyway i gave him some and rushed upstairs to ask my parents wht day it was they told me halloween. I thought to myself but thats impossible since when i fell aleep it was mid january … when i fell asleep, that means im dreaming (i was very happy here cause i managed to stay lucid) . i thought to myself for a while hey im asleep but my brain thinks im here and stuff like that. I remembered then that part of a lucidity challenge that i was supposed to tell domeone how i feel about them, so i went to our rec room and told my older brother how i felt about him always annoying me and beating me up. that done i went outside and had somefun hovering around for a while until i lost lucidness . i went inside still dreaming though not lucid, i went downstairs and went in the computer room in my house i played a online bully at scrabble whos friends kept making fun of me cause in the dream i stunk at scrabble(here i felt sad). At this point i did a reality check and it made me lucid again(i was very happy to be lucid again) i kicked the guy butt at scrabble because for some reason he suddenly stunk (i was also happy here cause i pwned) :whistle: it was at that point i woke up

last night i had a brilliant dream, but im not going to go into the entire dream’s details because it was quite long. But there was one bit where i was climbing along the support cables of an absolutely massive bridge, it was really windy and the bottom rung that i was climbing along swung out incredibly far and i felt really scared at first. then some part of me became lucid and i decided to enjoy the moment instead of fear it because i knew i couldnt be hurt. everything in this scene was amazing, it was a beautiful and crystal clear natural scene and once i changed my fear, i felt an incredible sense of peace and tranquility, but also adventure as i was climbing along the bride very dangerously. excellent feeling, once i had conciously transformed my fear. The beauty and tranquility of this scene with bridge reminded me of some good times iv had on holiday in cornwall.

Videogamer remembers a feeling, 5 points plus 30 LD-points

daniel gets 5 points for remembering a feeling plus 25 telling someone and 50 LD-points :cool:

mainiakbill gets 15 feelingpoints and 30 LD-points :cool:


daniel= 100 points
mainiakbill= 80 points
ETM= 75 points
videogamer= 65 points
thedogsays= 55 points
sirch= 5 points

We have siiw, Magnus, unknownuser333 and dreamghost that had bad luck here, I hope you get some LD’s :cool_laugh:

Yayy that was an awesome dream points wise
a question lets say i dream of feelings or whatever again tonight to i get points again or 1 dream per challenge?

Unlimited dreams of same task until the challenge is over :wink:

ooo i will remember that from now on tnx

i was talking to an old man who asked me to accompany a friend of his on a plane so she wouldn’t get lonely during the long flight. he told me to do this “when i realize i’m dreaming” of course i didn’t consider that i was dreaming at the moment, just that i would be sometime in the future. haha :smile: anyway eventually i realized that i was in fact dreaming, did a nose rc and decided to help out the fella’s friend cause i felt sorry for her (i guess that’s a feeling?) so i went down into the parking garage of the hotel i was in and told some random guy that i was dreaming then asked him where the airplanes were. he pointed to them, there was one stacked on top of another. i walked over to the loading area, i noticed the departures/arrivals board. all the planes were leaving at 5:75 and arriving at 7:57. i noticed that one of my fellow passengers who was boarding the plane at the moment had a pupil in the shape of a capital R. i was about to board the plane when i noticed that the stewardess was the most beautiful girl i’d ever seen. her name was ashley and i was absolutely mesmerized. i woke up from the pure flood of excitement i had in even being priveleged to see this woman. i fell back asleep a little later, sort of a WILD type thing, i was just in my own bed and i did a nose RC to be sure i was dreaming. i got out of bed, went upstairs and out the front door, stood in the middle of the street, and tried superman-style flying for my first time ever. unfortunately, i blasted off too far and got lost in space. i couldn’t find earth so i just sat there till i woke up.

60 LD-points, plus 5 points for feeling :smile:

Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 21:28 Post subject:

Videogamer remembers a feeling, 5 points plus 30 LD-points

daniel gets 5 points for remembering a feeling plus 25 telling someone and 50 LD-points

mainiakbill gets 15 feelingpoints and 30 LD-points


daniel= 100 points
mainiakbill= 80 points
ETM= 75 points
videogamer= 65 points
unknownuser333= 65 points
thedogsays= 55 points
sirch= 5 points