Lucidity Challenge 36: Winner- HeadInTheClouds! Congrats!

Almost somewhere this time! I got as far as massively speeding through a jungle by using soap shoes to grind on the vines. I almost reached a cave when my alarm woke me up to start reading 8 plays… I’m tired at this moment.

Almost forgot! There was this small and really wierd chewbacca that was in front of me. It turned around and it’s head came off and ran away!
Genuinely freaked me out like the swamp monsters in Sly Cooper and the Thievous Raccoonus!

Edit: The dream lasted 1 minute, but I only remember 30 seconds.

Edit 2: The parts I remember are the LD parts, so yes, an LD!

Not sure if I’m supposed to paste here or not.


Just a short LD.

Dragonmind, was that an LD?

And yes drow, this is the right place :smile:

OK ^^

WBTB after 4.5h of sleep, stayed awake for about 20 minutes, failed WILD after getting to a deep trance. I’m on the balcony of my previous house in Poland and get spontaneously lucid almost immediately. I fly out, make a slow circle over the yard and very satisfied with the vividness and lucidity. No difficulty getting above the rooftop level. Wondering how the roofs will look like from above, so flying at about 30-40 metres above the ground. They have a slightly mismatched side texture with windows spaced on a grid. I easily remember the Lucid Challenge. I continue flying around the neighbourhood for a few more minutes being quite amazed that all the buildings from real life are there and wondering how to access the center of the earth. I decide I should find an access either from a cellar of one of the buildings (I like those cellars IRL), but then I thought I’ll find an elevator in one of the garages. I land next to one of them and it turns out to be the community rubbish dump building. I decide it isn’t anymore, and that it has an elevator that will take me to the center of the earth. I go inside and press a wall next to me pretending it to be a switch. I hear a creaking sound and a rectangular part of the floor on which I’m standing begins to descend. The elevator was painfully slow, took about 10-15 seconds to move 1 meter down. Also it’s quite dark and I feel I might get close to the end of the dream (being in one small dark place just waiting doesn’t help), so I start rubbing hands focusing on them, and touching and licking walls to get sensory input from the dream to stabilise it. It seems to work, but the elevator is still going painfully slow, so I decide to accelerate time until it’s done. On the bottom I find a very long well-lit tunnel. About 10m across, at least 100-200m long. I run along it curious where it leads to. I don’t run too fast because I want the dream to be very stable now. At the end there’s a door to an underground train station. First I noticed 2 sets of tracks and 1 platform, but the dream must have glitched because after a while there were 3 sets of tracks and 2 platforms (I was standing on the left one looking from where I came). It’s quite busy and new trains are coming and going every minute. Each has a weird name indicated on the front (one of them was John Cash). I’m amazed that I found a train station in the center of the earth, and think it must be quite big if it needs a transport system like that! I spend a few minutes looking at the trains seeing if any has a destination I’d like to go to. I notice (name hidden) from high school and start talking to him. He has Marvin’s vibes and starts talking about programming. He starts to tell me what commands I should type, but it makes no sense and he realises that as well. I don’t remember the commands, but I think they were supposed to work using the LD API of the mind. The commands used place and time as some of the arguments. I feel I’m about to wake up, so I stop the talk and focus on remembering everything and staying aware in case I get a FA. Woke up. ~20 minutes total, high lucidity all the time, high vividness all the time except the elevator bit.

I had a short LD last night due to noise outside seeping into my dream. A later ND was one degree of separation away from remembering the task – maybe next time. :smile:

I went underground through a cone in a ND. Ended up at some party with a whole lot of people.

I had a lucid moment last night.

I was lucid for about half a minute last night.

Was lucid for about 5 minutes this morning. Didn’t remember the challenge though.

Medium LD, no tasks accomplished (curse you alarm clock).

I had a medium LD with no tasks accomplished this morning, but it did have one of the most exhilarating dream flights I’ve ever had so I’m satisfied. :smile:

I had a short LD. Does going into a basement count as going underground? Also, started my personal task, but failed to complete it before waking up.

Yippee, I had a somewhat short LD! 4-5 mins

I got lucid from my time RC, the time changed from 8:57 to 8:75. Once I was lucid the dream got all hazy and unstable, so I rubbed my hands together without panicking until it was stable again. Then, I proceed to run/jump out of my house and fly around in the sky. I noticed some odd DC at my front door trying to break in, I try to form a fireball with my hands together to shoot at him, but it didn’t really work… He turned around to see me and mimicked my action.
I decided he was just wasting my time. So I thought of what I wanted to do in the dream, the LC came to mind. My plan was to drill a large hole into the ground and place a bomb into it to blast the way to the center. So I flew up into space where I could see the entire earth, I was trying to find a good place to drill. While I was up there looking at the Earth, texts appeared next too each continent just like a map. I found an area that was circular in shape, and next to some ____ ____ springs. Can’t remember what it was called now. So I flew back down, but I ended up waking up.

Wait so these ‘challenges’ are how you get the quest bar on your profile? im new so… what is it?

No, that would be the monthly Quest. You can find that at the top of Lucid Adventures. You do, however, get bonus points if you do the Quest during the LC.

The LC is more of a way to challenge yourself and find motivation/goals for your lucid dreams. Even though we have started, we’re not at 20 spots yet so you can join, but you will be behind by a week.

Task 2- Christmas Lights!

Do you think I’d really let a Christmas time LC go by without exploiting the Holiday seasons :tongue:?

I love Christmas lights. In fact, going around and finding the house with the best display is one of my favorite family traditions. The bright colors, intricate designs and holiday cheer really show me that it is most definitely Christmas time!

Now, take all that color and creativity and add in lucid dreaming. The possibilities are endless! What I want for this task is to see your best designs! You’ve got a lot to work with, so go ahead, impress me. Remember, these don’t have to be just electric lights or anything with bulbs. You could illuminate things from your own will, create impossible light sources or even change the very stars to add to your display!

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, that’s perfectly time. Now is still a great time to show off your creativity with any other kind of display as well. Add in something of your own Holiday tradition, I’d be interested to see what you can come up with.

Also, it’s time for a little Christmas bonus. I’ve had a present special wrapped and delivered right into your dreams. Find my present, open it up and see what’s inside. I’m sure it’ll be perfect for you. Of course, I love seeing people happy, so make sure I’m there to see it for myself (my avatar is perfectly fine, but as long as you know the DC is me, that’s all I’m looking for).

Make your very own light display: +20pts
Add in decorations for your Holiday of choice: +15 pts
For every additional unique display you make in a single dream: +10pts per tick

Find my present to you and open it (it must be wrapped!): +50pts
Receive it from me directly: +20pts

I’ll have current standings up soon!

I had a dream last night that might be applicable to the christmas lights… I don’t know, but it was pretty spactacular. Medium LD


and i’m not sure if this morning counts or not, since the task was posted today…

@loah the task had to be posted before you went to sleep.

I respect her integrity!