Lucidity Challenge 37: Winner - Scipio Xaos! Congrats!

I had an ND this morning in which I took the perspective of a young adult doing some mountain climbing (posted here, in the first dream). This was the first time that I really felt as if I’d only taken the perspective of something instead of becoming it, as I can’t really say I was the one controlling things.

Had an ND here which started off with me as a DO eventually being able to possess a Yautja from the Predator films. This was also the first NDs where I’ve woken up from one, remembered it only to re-enter it upon going back to sleep again.

One short and one long LD, and I felt sunlight. I felt sunburned, but it wasn’t painful.

I have a question about your dream. When you saw the mirror on the computer, was it like an animated mirror or did it act like a real mirror, even though it was on your computer screen? If it looked and acted like a real mirror, then you are eligible for extra points from Task 3, if you honestly feel like it was a real mirror on your computer screen. Let me know :smile:

The mirror in the computer was animated. I believe there’s one designed by Q, on the guide page. It looked exactly like that one.

Had a short lucid, about 1-2min. Had sudden lucidity from mirror. I made a habit of rcing whenever I see mirrors irl. :razz: My plan was to find you again but then I remembered I haven’t attempted the rain task in a lucid dream. So I did that instead. Afterwards my lucidity dropped.

[spoiler]Starting from ND, I was outside of a movie theatre with my friend Alex. In the dream I had two ice cream cones that were empty. I squished them together and ice cream began to form but it was so hot that it started melting all over my hands. Me and Alex go look for a washroom so I could clean up, the movie theatre oddly did not have any. We walked over to a grocery store instead.

In the grocery store there were many levels. Each level represented a school grade. I was trying to find a higher grade, because the washrooms for the lower grades were made specifically for the young students according to avg height. Lol. I managed to find the level for gr.10s. (I’ve graduated HS) I was desperate for the washroom, and being small I fitted.

After I cleaned up at the sink I suddenly became lucid. But low level. I run out of the grocery store with my goal to find you and head to space. I lifted off into the sky and the dream scene changes. I’m standing at my houses ledge high up, my family taunts me saying I’ll fall if I jump. I’m still lucid, so I jumped off and soared in the sky and the view I had of the sky was breathtaking. I could see bits of space and stars in the daylight. It’s difficult to explain but it was pretty. I recall the rain task and with a wave of my hand I made rain clouds appear overhead as I floated. Then it rained. I don’t recall the feeling as much since I wasn’t focusing so heavily. I just felt drops hitting my skin lightly.

Afterwards a woman dressed in purple appears and flies with me. My lucidity drops as I watched her. She was very powerful and with a wave of her hand buildings sprouted out from the ground. I see a random scene of her kissing a rabbit. Then I see her being drained of power from a man. She laid helplessly on a sort of couch. She apparently had the ability to bring dream creations into waking life. The buildings she created were all destroyed. She apologizes saying she is too weak to make them appear irl. I "wake"up and realized she was wrong, she says apparently her powers were just enough. Then I really wake up.:razz:[/spoiler]

Hey! I tried to find you, HeadInTheClouds, and had very little success… Still I managed to walk and fly in the rain! :happy: I do wonder, though, if my flight with you near the end may have counted as a Task, but it wasn’t any new flight method so I’m not sure…


((Kyle - Medium Lucid Dream - Task 5 Part III (Lucid-E)))

Current Stats:

[spoiler]Fragments: 6
Non-Lucid Dreams: 23
False Lucid Dreams: 2
Short Lucid Dreams: 8
Medium Lucid Dreams: 3
Long Lucid Dreams: 1

Task 1: Part I (Lucid-E), Part II (Lucid), and Part III (Lucid-E)
Task 2: Part I (Lucid-E), Part II (Lucid-E), and 2 Part 4’s
Task 3: Part I (Lucid-E), Part II (Lucid-E), Part III (Lucid-E), 2 Part 4’s (Lucid-E), and the Bonus (Lucid-E)
Task 4: Part I (Lucid), and Part II (Lucid)
Task 5: Part III (Lucid-E), and Part IV (Lucid-E)

Personal Task One Accomplished : Find a Certain DC

Makes sense what happened when you found me. I have the issue of losing my sight in my LDs. It happens in virtually every LD I have, often multiple times per LD.

Ultimately, if you feel the flight with me accomplished the bonus task, then I will award you those points. From your DJ entry, it seemed like it could go either way, so I leave it up to you to decide whether it counted for the bonus task or not.

Not that any of you need it, but here is my own personal tip for anyone dealing with dream blindness: Keep moving! As long as I keep physically moving through the dreamscape, my vision will come back within a few seconds.

Task 6 shall be posted tomorrow night, so make sure to find me in your dreams by then. :cool:


[center]Task 6 – Sing[/center]

Alright, welcome to Task 6! We’re almost finished. This week’s task shall be interesting and something that some people may never think to do. I have read that it is also a good stabilization technique, although I haven’t done it that much myself. In order to gain points this week, you must sing in your dream. It’s that simple. Of course, you will gain additional points for singing in unique situations. Here is the breakdown of points for this task:

1. Sing – +40 pts
2. Become a Famous Singer and Sing – +30 pts
3. Sing in the Rain – +20 pts
4. Sing in the Shower – +10 pts
5. Any Other Time You Sing – +5 pts per tick

Whoever I feel has the funniest or most interesting completion of the task will be awarded the +5 pts creative bonus. As an example, DCs uncontrollably laughing when you sing would possibly be funny enough to win the +5 pts for creativity.

For part 2, make sure that you specify it is a famous singer from real life otherwise you won’t get points. Also, I may not know the person you are talking about, so you must specify that the person is a famous singer. Additionally, part 3 can be completed along with Task 5 part 3 (I hope you get the irony of part 3 :cool_raz: ).

<-- edit:
I should make it clear that each part of Task 6 requires you to sing a different song. Basically, you have to sing a separate song for each part.

The bonus task and points are officially over. Sadly, it seems only one person was able to find me. Should anyone else endeavor to try to find me, I may be found flying somewhere in dark storm clouds full of thunder and lightning, or perhaps in a mirror. If you should have issues with mirrors, perhaps I will be able to help you within your LD.

Current scores, as well as task 5’s creativity points, will hopefully be posted soon.


Continuing my trend of LDing right after tasks are posted and then not again for the rest of the week, I had a medium-length LD this morning (posted here) that accomplished Task 6 Part 1, Task 6 Part 3, and Task 5 Part 3.

I love this task! Singing is one of my favourite things to do in lucid dreams, I really look forward to this!

Alright everyone, here are the creative bonus awards for Task 5 and the current standings. Before I reveal that, I should make it clear that each part of Task 6 requires you to sing a different song. Basically, you have to sing a separate song for each part. I will also add this to the Task 6 posting.

Congratulations to Thorn for winning the creative bonus +10 pts for transforming a DC! Additionally, congrats to argon for winning the +5 pts for having the most creative solution to finding her parallel self!

Also, Scipio Xaos, as I haven’t heard back from you yet, your current score does not reflect the bonus task if you feel that you have completed it.

Scroll all the way down to see the current scores.

I’m glad you look forward to it! :happy:

Thorn, as I didn’t specify the need to sing different songs for each part of Task 6, I have awarded you the points for both Task 6 Part 1 & Task 6 Part 3. However, for anyone else, the need to sing a separate song for each part applies from here on out.

Current Scores:
Thorn: 1615
Lucidis: 0
James_uk2008: 250
Masonc1: 130
Omnisomnia: 0
MrLucidZombie: 0
argon: 420
Scipio Xaos: 1450
Rhewin: 340
Cyclonic: 50
MagykKatte: 20
Siiw: 520
StarryGwee: 1490
Jessica: 155
GigaByte: 0
squoak: 70
mr_Block: 0
demented: 145

Sorry, I was just working off of precedent.



Medium Length lucid dream where I complete parts of the Parallel Selves task.

I had a medium-length LD here that did not accomplish any tasks.

I had a bunch of NDs today. Haven’t been in the lucid dreaming mood lately :razz:

In one of them I sang a little. My older brother and his friend found a bird dowstairs in our basement. They were poking it around and scaring it. I went downstairs and told my brother’s friend to stop bothering it. The bird is a medium sized green parrot. He attempts to hop onto my right shoulder but kinda falls still grasping my shirt. I bring it upstairs and put it in an old cage I have from irl. (Had canaries). I say to the parrot, “Your name is Para” The parrot just stares at me. I point at myself and say my name and point at him saying, “Para”. He’s not responsive. I place my pointer finger at it’s feet and nudge them, he hops onto my finger. Suddenly the parrot bursts out saying, “You named me after para para paradise”. I told him yes and sang a bit of it, “dream of a para para paradise, para para paradise. Every time she closed her eyes…” (Paradise-Coldplay)

Not sure if this counts, but I kinda casted a spell in an ND. I recall biking home at night and losing control almost scraping my neighbor’s silver car, but I took control last minute. I got to my garage and shut the garage door while it went down I casted the “Protego Maxima” spell over my house. I didn’t chant it or use a wand though, I commanded it with a thought. (Watched the last HP movie last night again lol) I watched as a light blue wave of light touched ground then I shut the door. Afterwards someone or something breaks into my house setting fire to kids…

Had an LD here. This one features a major personal milestone for me as I finally completed a transformation for the first time since I took up LD’ing. (prior to this one, they’d either stall or the dream would just end too soon but here, I was able to briefly explore my new form for a while without the dream ending) Although I believe I completed part of my personal goal that I had set myself previously at the beginning of the LC, I’m not sure if it quite exceeded three minutes.

[center]Task 7 – Do Something Awesome[/center]

Hello and welcome to the seventh and final task of LC 37. I wanted the LC to go out with a bang (pun intended :tongue: ), so here are the points up for grabs this week.

1. Survive an Explosion – +50 pts
2. Ride a Dinosaur – +50 pts
3. Create a DC and Do Something with It – +50 pts
4. Complete Personal Awesome Task – +50 pts
5. Each Time the Above Parts are Completed Again – +25 pts per tick

Alright, so our definitions of awesome may be quite different. That is why I included part 4, which needs additional explanation. You have the option to choose what thing you want to do that you think is awesome. This basically works like the personal task, except that it is part of Task 7 and is thus eligible for lucid/combo/early points. In order to gain part 4’s points, you must post what Awesome Task you want to accomplish in this thread before you attempt it in your dream.

For part 5, anytime that you have already completed one of the first four parts, then you will fulfill this part the next time. So lets say that you completed part 1, and then you complete it again. The second time, you would have instead completed part 5. Part 5 works the same way for parts 2-4. Additionally, you can’t complete any part of the task multiple times in the same dream. In order to gain points for part 5, you must complete the same task in a different dream. On top of this, part 5 can only be completed once per dream. If this confuses anyone, please let me know.

+25 creativity points to whomever completes one of the parts of the task with the most creative style.

Creativity points for Task 6 and current scores will hopefully be posted soon, although there is the chance I may not get around to it this week.

Do Something Awesome in Your Dreams,
HeadInTheClouds :cool:

Augh, I was kind of hoping the points would be lower this week, not higher. The one-week extension carries the end of the LC into a week during which I need to radically alter my sleep schedule. At least the tasks are “awesome”. :tongue:

While I wanted to save this for LD #100, I think I’ll fulfill a very old goal of mine for Part 4 and meet some of the “dragons” of LD4all…* Ysim, Dragon Lord of Dreams

  • GreenDragon
  • Wyvern
  • …and many others.
    It’ll be nice to get back to an old goal and finally see it through instead of getting distracted.

I’ll just set the awesome task to ‘become a bubble dragon’. Specifically the bubble memories model … W2eU#t=90s

Really a sometimes thing but I don’t mind about a week for it. It’s possible that when I make the transformation I’ll be just slightly taller/thinner, but overall shape should be the same.

I had a medium (4-5min) LD Sunday morning. I WILD’d in and accomplished the task of singing, flying differently, and managed to get lumos maxima to work. :razz:

[spoiler]Sos, I woke up after sleeping only about 3hrs, the position the sun was at in the sky directed light rays right at my face, so it woke me up. I went back to sleep as soon as the sun shifted a bit.

I laid in bed for a while and decided to do a WILD. I struggled a bit with keeping awareness, drifting in and out. Eventually, I gained vision of my room. It was very unstable feeling though, so I kind of had to grasp onto the dream mentally. Getting off my bed I stabilze by rubbing my hands together and commanded an increase of lucidity by 100%. :razz: Those two didn’t really help. My vision was horribly blurry and as I left my room everything goes black. I could still feel myself around the dream, just lost my vision. I didn’t want to wake up with nothing accomplished so I quickly picked a song to sing. First few lyric lines that came to mind was from Rockstar- Nickleback. I sang it feeling weird, stuttering somewhat. It felt as if the voice/sound was coming from my chest rather than my vocal area. I could also hear myself singing “irl” a little bit.

My vision comes back. I hop out of my window and soared around the sky. It’s very cloudy and misty, strangely. (Probably cos murky weather here irl) Since it was quite dark, I remembered the HP spell. I shouted out, “Lumos Maxima!” I had no wand to begin with, but as I shouted that, a wand materializes in my hand right when I began saying it and a shot of light/blueish white light shoots out of the end of the wand. It was pretty awesome, the materializing part :razz:.

Afterwards, I just spend a bit of my time flying and enjoying myself. Not long after I’m reminded of the flying task. I conjure up three balloons and grasp at the string. I floated upwards gently having a bit of an issue grasping the string at times. It was quite slow, but different. (Never done) I floated through the clouds and am reminded to find HITC. I finally get through the cloud top …but hit a ceiling. The ceiling of my bedroom.I hop onto my bedroom floor finding a few celebrities telling me that I’m crazy and not dreaming, also how the ceiling was proof. I jump out of my bedroom window and re-attempt the balloon thing looking out for you in the clouds lol. I hit the sky ceiling again :c.

I lose my lucidity at this point and dream scene switches. I have “awoken” from my LD in my garage. I check IRC with my phone and find out argon had dreamt of me in her LD. I then proceeded to share my LD experience with the rest of chat.

My friends pick me up and we head to the mall food area. I remember seeing two of my twenty dollar bills laid in a “v” shape with a random loonie lying on the side. I go into my wallet looking for loonies.

Dream scene switches to me picking out loonies in a bag while being in my parent’s room. Found a special loonie from 1937. While picking, I noticed my mom going downstairs, but then I see her coming out of her room bathroom right after. I get freaked out and tell her I thought she went downstairs.

Scene switches to me in my little brother’s room. I noted that it was 8am on his clock and that I had little time to sleep. A family member or somebody else, can’t recall now, but someone made me check the time again. I checked the time again and noticed that the time had changed to 9am. I do my time RC, rechecked and it changes to, " ‘-’ " no numbers just that. I’m surprised that I was still dreaming. I can’t really recall what I did afterwards, something about walking on a lonely road at night. I woke up abruptly from my phone alarm, which probably killed my recall.[/spoiler]

[EDIT] Probably not “Awesome” to you peeps, but my personal awesome task will be creating stars/light. I’ll explode them in the end for the other task haha. Inspired by Tolkien’s character, Varda the star-kindler ~