Lucidity Challenge 37: Winner - Scipio Xaos! Congrats!

I’d like to join pls…

  1. Jessica, 2 minutes, stay calm in a stressful/frustrating situation

Hi Jessica, you have been added. Welcome to the 37th LC.

We still have room for six more people, so if anyone else wants to sign up, you can continue to do so throughout the competition.

I had a short LD this morning (link: it’s the blue text there). I knew how I wanted to get into the air, but just as I was about to get started, I woke up.

It seems that argon, Gwee, and I are incubating an experience as a group, similar to what Gwee and I started back in February. Does anybody else want in? You probably can’t get lots of creativity points if we’re all going to do essentially the same thing, but it’s nice to be able to talk about it with each other. :razz:

I had a 3 part chain of LDs, the first two were short but the last was medium length. I used electromagnetic forces to lift myself off the ground and flew for a few meters, but it was hard and took a lot of focus. I have flown a lot easier than this before.

I had nearly the same dream :shy:

Except I actually got myself lifted off my bed for a moment or so. I don’t know if I want to count that for flight since I didn’t get too far up and the dream filled with water immediately afterwards again I guess as an attempt to “explain” the floating.

Still not a new method. This dream was shorter than the other one and probably ought to be classified “short”.

Two short lucid parts. Just flew for both of them.

First dream (longer one), I was in a really gloomy mood as a result of all these issues popping up in the dream. I decided to RC and find out I’m dreaming. While I focused on my hand RC, I didn’t notice that the scene switched from a store entrance to my front door. I float up and smacked into the door trying to pass through xD. I opened the door instead of trying to get through, didn’t want to lose dream time. I flew up into the air and attempted the superman style( done this before) since I’m always flapping my wings. I wanted to warm up before meeting a few others for a race, so I flew around in the air trying to will myself to speed up, but sadly I did not. 8(

Second part, I “woke” up to my father breaking into my room telling me I should be sleeping. I perform my hand RC and realized I was still dreaming. I laugh and demanded to know why he didn’t tell me I was dreaming, he suddenly falls silent at my question. He takes a seat on my room chair and I command another chair to fall from the ceiling ontop of him, it does but it’s barely visible. I jump out of my room window and flew into the sky, but then I woke up shortly after.

I had a ND this morning in which I flew like Superman for a short while. While I’ve never flown in that exact posture before, I have done willpower-based flight, and I assume this counts as that; therefore, it’d be part three of the task.

I had an LD this morning which included a NLD flight session. It wasn’t nothing special (I was in a ship), but that’s about it.

The dream is here.

Current Stats:

[spoiler]Fragments: 2
Non-Lucid Dreams: 5
Lucid Dreams: 1[/spoiler]

Also, headintheclouds, I meant ask: If I awake and record notes during the night, but not write out a complete DJ entry, would they count as separate dreams? or would they be lumped up as one NLD / LD ?


Extremely short LD. I had some time floating above my bed before it at around the SP time, but since this wasn’t explicitly in the dream and I don’t consider it flying I am not counting that.

If you awake, move around, open your eyes, and don’t fall asleep for at least 30 seconds, then I would consider that to be two separate dreams.

Perhaps a better definition would be what I consider chaining. If you never actually awake, but regain lucidity within a dream, that would be considered part of chaining in this LC. Also, if you actually awake, and then employ DEILD right away, then that is also chaining. However, it seems to me that the act of writing in your DJ, even if only for a brief period of time, constitutes being awake for a significant period of time, thereby signifying two separate dreams.

By the way, on your last post, you didn’t post how long your LD was, so I assumed it was short. If this is wrong then please let me know.

I had a medium length LD here, again with willpower flight (only lucid this time!). I attempted to prepare something else on which to fly, but the dream caved in on itself before I could take to the skies.

Double post for another short LD here. I again used willpower flight as general transportation until finding somebody I needed to start my LC attempt, but again woke up. … 593#699593

My first time actually flying.

I’ve had three NDs since the challenge started.

In the first one, I dreamed about the Lucid Challenge. Also I invented my own weird task in the dream that I thought was the actual task.

I also had that “level of lucidity” where I become aware that I had a dream and spend all my awareness thinking about the dream and trying to remember it for when I wake up.

HeadInTheClouds: Ah. Well I get completely out of bed, scribble some notes, perhaps nom a piece of chocolate, sip some water, and then go back to bed nearly ten minutes later. :razz: Also, it was a short LD. It only lasted about 13 seconds. :razz:

Another short LD here, but this one is task worthy! I flew in a new way for me! :grin: I had awesome golden garnet black tipped wings! :cool:

Current Stats:

[spoiler]Fragments: 3
Non-Lucid Dreams: 5
Short Lucid Dreams: 2

Task 1: 1[/spoiler]

I had an ND today with a new flight method – I had a small, personal plane due to the dream being based on a racing game I played recently. The race course in the dream and in that game was itself based on a game with lots of willpower flight, and I found myself performing willpower flight as well.

Short LD with bad recall.

I had a short-medium length LD this afternoon. (3-4min) I flew with Angel wings, something I haven’t done before , it was awesome :content: .

[spoiler]After much sleep without any LDs I decided to try WILD. I laid still and my body began to feel heavy and compressed. I was planning to roll out once I felt it was right to, but then I felt my dream self turn over…it was honestly the strangest thing I’ve yet to feel.

I get up from my bed and realized I was naked…I performed my hand RC like usual and was not so concerned about my appearance. I was really trying to get up into the air as quick as possible, as well as meet up with the others. I quickly rush to my window and try to push myself through, but it was solid -_- … annoyed I rip through the screen and performed one last hand RC just in case.

I jumped into the air and sprouted out my awesome Angel wings, huge white fluffy wings with bits of silver. Oddly, it was raining outside. Being naked…it was cold but it helped keep my lucidity up, I wrapped the lower half of my wings around myself to keep warm. With the top wings I soared gracefully around my neighborhood, really surprised at how fast I was. I called out to the group I was to meet, I called out to argon and Thorn but no reply.

I performed a few more RCs and noted that giant mushrooms were chasing me on the streets… They were disrupting my focus so I tried to fly somewhere they couldn’t get too. I was going to fly over a giant ocean but they set up explosions at the edge of the ocean. In the air, I see a flock of birds higher up. I decided to ascend higher to avoid the explosions. I get closer to the flock and noticed giant Eagles (could’ve been argon :razz:). Suddenly, all of them retracted their wings and dropped completely straight down to Earth. It looked very epic, nearly hitting Earth they spreaded out their wings and flew off. I was amazed and wanted in xD. I held back my wings, face directing the ground and it was seriously awesomee! I was like a bullet. I was nearing the ground but couldn’t open my wings for some reason. I knew I’d hit the ground but it wouldn’t hurt. I woke up before hitting. xD[/spoiler]

Also, had a strange dream about you being a girl… xD

Task 2 – Magic

Alright, welcome to the second task of LC 37. This task is going to be all about magic. I am a big fan of Harry Potter, so that shall serve as the inspiration for these tasks. For the first task, you need only obtain a wand and cast a spell (the spell doesn’t have to be from the Harry Potter universe). For the second task, you need to cast the expecto patronum spell (for those not familiar with Harry Potter, here is a youtube video of the spell. Go to the 6:25 point on the video to see it). For every additional unique spell that you cast, you will also get points. Below is the points breakdown of each task. Every time you accomplish the third task, you automatically gain points for the fourth task as well, but not vise versa. Additionally, the first and second task may be accomplished together, if when you obtain a wand, the spell you cast is expecto patronum.

1. Obtain a wand and cast a spell - +50 pts
2. Cast the expecto patronum spell (You must include the form your patronus took, if any, in order to finish this task; If you don’t post what form it took, then you only gain +15 pts instead of +30pts) - +30 pts
3. Cast a spell that is from Harry Potter - +5 pts per tick
4. Each different spell that you cast - +5 pts per tick

This week’s creativity points will be different. The people with the most creative spells will get creative points. For the person with the most creative spell, they will gain +20 pts. The person in second will gain +15 pts, and the person in third will gain +10 pts. For anyone else that I feel has a creative spell, they will gain +5 pts for creativity. Here is the breakdown:

First Place Creativity: +20 pts
Second Place Creativity: +15 pts
Third Place Creativity: +10 pts
Anyone else Creativity: + 5pts

The scores for the first week will be posted too, along with who won the creativity points for the first task, in a couple days. I’m impressed with the amount and quality of dreams so far, so keep up the good work. :cool:



During the week I’ve flown on an airplane. Does that count for the task n=1 ? Hope yes…