Lucidity Challenge 38: Awards Ceremony!

Holy frapping mother parkers. 7 is a lot of weeks. I was wondering how you guys got so many points when I looked at the previous totals and the winners and all. I am excited, but impatient. :meh:

You guys don’t need another person to jump in do you? :razz:

I had an ND here where I got to do Task 2 again. I heard music playing, Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way. I was still humming it when I woke up.

Wyvern: Wow… Doubled your points on that first one there. :razz:

Thorn: This part is a little more directed at everyone. I probably should be more general (or specific depending on how you look at it :tongue: ) in giving the tasks as my intentions seem to get masked by people assuming the direct and literal meaning of what I say. That being said warm / cold refers to temperature in general, and texture refers to the general feel of an object (smooth, soft, etc…) I leave unusual up to your own interpretations.

Lumessence: In one of your DJ entries… I would never had known what you were talking about if you hadn’t mentioned my name. I have only been reading the DJ entries that have been posted in this thread (cause I’m a “lazy” TM :razz: ), but when I saw “No Scipio, it was not you this time either.” I was confused… I read back, and, well… I don’t know what to say besides you slipped up in your “Naturally I am not going to say, but it was someone I am not truly familiar with.” :razz: (If I’m connecting your posts right, that is.)

Oh, and could be more specific as to which tasks you are claiming here? I’m having difficulty telling. Specifically which task parts are in which dreams. Sorry for this being so late. :sad:

Same for this one. I could guess while reading, but I’d like it if you claimed which tasks you think you accomplished. If you would rather defer me to interpreting I’ll do my best, but I might not pick up on things you noticed as you had the dream yourself.

Rhewin: Since you completed your personal goal, please select a new one or you can decide to attempt the same one again. Whatever your decision, please post in your next post on here. :smile:

Thorn: I’ll give you points for listening to the silence while DO. Even though IWL if one doesn’t have ears one can’t hear, in a dream, just cause you don’t have a body doesn’t mean the senses stop working. Especially Sight and Sound. Senses are still absorbed normally while DO. It’s even indicated in the name: Disembodied Observer. While it might be more difficult to touch, taste, or smell while DO, if you somehow managed to get stimuli for those senses I’d accept them (when the task for the currently missing ones goes up, of course).

BrandonBoss: Hiya! Yes, Thorn is right. The competition will be ending in just over four weeks. :wink: However! Since I’m doing a “rolling entry” of sorts, as long as there are less than 20 contestants in the competition, more may join. Therefore, there’s four spots left.

NOTE, though, that since you’re joining late you would be three weeks behind the other contestants. Also, you won’t be eligible for things that have expired (like Task 1 and Task 2 bonus tasks, and the early points for Tasks 1 and 2). You can still, though, join and give it your best shot! Who knows? If you’re really lucky you might do better than you expected!

That being said, I’d recommend reading the first post in the thread if you haven’t yet to make sure you understand the rules. If you wish to join all you have to do is post a reply in here saying that you want in along with your:

  • Average LD length (time)
  • Personal goal

I won’t accept dreams had prior to joining the competition so if you want in you should sign up as quickly as you can! :happy:


It feels kinda good to be back. Now I hope I won’t disappear yet again.

Question: Can I still get points from doing previous tasks? Not the bonus tasks, but just the normal tasks in general.


BrandonBoss/5-7 minutes/Fight with a sword

I am excited! I love competitions! I’ll look through the rules and all when posting my dreams tomorrow. Naps count as well, right? I take too many naps to get my sleep schedule back on track.

Only three weeks behind, 31 nights… I’ll have to beat some records of mine.

SPOILER - Click to view

Three dreams with points this morning here.

The first dream was a medium-length LD with dialogue, simple tactile sensations (steering wheel), temperature and texture sensations (from rubbing my hands for stability), and touching something “unusual” (the back of a man’s throat). After the lucidity ended, I heard game music.

The second dream had dialogue. It was during a section of the dream that was a bit too raunchy for my DJ, but I am happy to explain in private as usual if necessary. The third dream had dialogue that is stated in the journal entry.

1 short lucid (3 or 4 minutes)
tactile in lucid, when pushing my hand through a wall and tactile in a ND when holding a weird feeling sign.
They are all posted here:

stupid dream character always steals my goals. Tried to do something about it, didn’t quite make it to RDC though.

The first dream here is an FLD in which I see something “grand” (the entire environment in the second paragraph) as well as touch something “unusual” (sugar as grass). I taste it as well, but that’s not good for anything for two more nights.

The second dream there has many crazy things going on, but “see something crazy” isn’t a task, so it’s devoid of points.

There was a snippet of dialog in my dream this morning (“The door at the end of the hall”). I think holding onto the metal beams, in the same dream, might count as “touching something”, as well.


ND about the show Friends. I was a DO the entire dream.

At first I thought it qualified for the Sight and Sound Tasks, but upon reading the tasks again, I didn’t see anything spectucular. What stood out for me for sight was just visualising the words and letters.

For sound, what stood out to me was the end where the characters were sarcastically greeting themselves happy birthday. Upon rereading the task though, it wasn’t a conversation, so don’t know if it counts. I didn’t hear the earlier conversation between Ross, Rachel and Joey in detail.

No Touch at all yet.

Here’s a ND I had.

Several things happened that could apply. There was music in it, definitely. Amateurish piano melody, that was very simple. As well as some other thing which involving choir-like singing.

Also, I’m able to recall how sitting on a chair felt like. Does that count as touching stuff? : p

A few nights ago I had a ND where i heard my friend singing. It sounded really good and the music was really calm and soothing.

Last night I had an LD in which i did not complete any tasks.

Posted a long LD from last night. Still have a few others to post that happened before that one…
Anyway, it contains vivid detail and something grand, dialogue and listening to silence, and all of the touch tasks in which I AM DETAILED. :happy:
Also there is a chain.
Also… it’s kiiiiiinda explicit perhaps? :razz:


Had an ND where I was going into a jungle temple. I walked through water which was cold on my feet, and felt the textures of the rope I was holding on to. I could hear the water when I was alone, and had a conversation with Beaker from the Muppets. I believe his exact words were “meep meep meep.” I also saw a giant gold idol I would call grand.

Frustrating… I remember I had two point-intensive dreams this morning but now have no memory… damn work!

Here’s another ND I had.

I believe “touch” was in there.

2 medium LD’s last night.
First dream I heard music and saw something grand.
Second dream I had dialogue and touched something with a slippery texture (does that count?) and was cold.

Summaries posted:

The two NDs posted here have some points in them. The first dream simply has some dialogue in it.

The second dream sees something grand (the initial environment), sees something in vivid detail (via an staff that performs x-rays), has dialogue, has music (part of a video game — I recognize and whistle the song), has a focus on silence (as I try to sneak up on something along with another person), touches something (a thin, lightweight tablet for a video game), touches something cool (water), touches something textured (petting a dog), and touches something unusual (the x-ray staff). The only task NOT done is the “see something inspiring” task, which has constantly eluded me; I have yet to be deeply affected IWL by something in a dream during the LC.

Last night I had a short LD here in which I did not complete any tasks. The second dream, a ND, has dialogue.

OlegEqualzName: Yes. You can still get points for doing the previous tasks, but no Early Points nor the Bonus Task points.

Points for the chair. Those count cause you felt the sensation of touching the chair. :wink:

BrandonBoss: :smile: (Also, the “31 nights” confused me for a bit. :razz:)

Thorn: Don’t worry about it. I’ll take your word on it. :wink:

No Part IV (unusual touch) points for the staff, though. I consider a staff not unusual at all, even if it does give you x-ray vision. Sorry. :sad:

Jessica: I’ll give you “vivid detail” for that dream. Also, if you could actually hear the characters from Friends “greeting themselves sarcastically” you’ll get dialogue points for that. I don’t know if you did, though, so let me know.

LDbc12: In your post here you mention an LD, what length was it?

Wyvern: o.O A little revenge on Thorn for him using you to get points? XD

Also, slippery texture does count. I use the word texture to refer to the feeling caused by a surface’s “texture” so something slippery would have a slippery surface, and thus a slippery texture… It might sound strange, but you get points for it, so… :tongue:

Task 4 - Smell
Up next in our endeavor into detail, our foray into focus, is Smell. Why smell instead of taste, you ask? Well the sense of smell greatly influences our sense of taste, therefore it is the natural predecessor to taste, but moving on.

This week you need to engage in outrageous acts of olfactory delight! … err… Smell like you’ve never smelt before. :tongue: Remember, your goal is not to report that you smelt something, but to report how something smelt.

[b]1. Smell some food (no points for tasting it yet!) + 30

  1. Smell something good / bad + 40
  2. Smell something new (as in, a new smell) + 50
  3. Smell something that doesn’t exist IWL + 60
    Remember, detail is key!

Bonus Task
Sadly no one completed last week’s bonus… :sad: Oh well… it was sort of out there. This week’s bonus comes to you from fellow LD4All member StarryGwee!

* Shrink yourself (by at least 50%)!

You heard it! Just make yourself smaller!

This task will run for one week until approximately 6 PM EST, Sunday, September 15, 2013. Good luck!

This week’s creativity points go to… Thorn and Wyvern! They both attempted the same task variation and had some success. Since Wyvern… “made it farther” I award him 30 points instead of 20. Sorry Thorn… :tongue:

LC 38 Scoreboard

  1. Thorn ( 2870 )

  2. Wyvern ( 2380 )

  3. Rhewin ( 2235 )

  4. LDbc12 ( 1320 )

  5. HeadInTheClouds ( 635 )

  6. Lumessence ( 300 )

  7. Letaali ( 190 )

  8. OlegEqualzName ( 165 )

  9. BrandonBoss ( 130 )

  10. Yev ( 115 )

  11. James_UK2008 ( 90 )

  12. Jessica ( 90 )

  13. muccy ( 55 )

  14. Mew151 ( 40 )

  15. Ecila6 ( 20 )

  16. argon ( 0 )

  17. catt ( 0 )

  18. Scipio Xaos ( 405 )

Oh, look at that. I’d be first if I was just up to date writing out these blasted dreams. :tongue:

Here’s a medium LD from September 2nd.
There was plenty of dialogue and I listened to silence. Vivid dream… Also touched something (the wall), and something with texture (the diamonds). Technically I should be getting early points for the touch tasks… but I really don’t care either way.
Takes me a while to write these things, so I’m behind…