Lucidity Challenge 38: Awards Ceremony!

Well, what a shame - didn’t remember a thing… :confused:

Oh well, I’ll keep at it and see where I get. >:]

Edit: Hold on for a moment, am I actually in the challenge or not? I thought I was, but I don’t see my name on the list.

This morning’s DJ entry starts with a short LD that does not accomplish any tasks, then has an extremely vivid ND that has conversations, music, and singing. I wouldn’t recommend going through the awful sleep interruptions I had before these dreams just to get such dreams, as I woke up feeling like I was hit by a train.

Actually, the Task 2 Part 2 is “music OR singing”, so since my ND had me sing and then play music, I get credit twice, right? RIGHT?

/me is truited for asking when he knows the answer is “no”. :tongue:

I had 2 Super Dreams. (ND) But only wrote about 1 of them, so that’s the only one that counts, right?
No LD’s tonight, but quite honestly I’m glad. These are the dreams that I do not want to interrupt.

Low profile bounty hunt
You wanted details… you got 'em

Also, as Lataali, I noticed that smell is probably my weakest… as it was non-existent in these dreams. I don’t recall any smells at all. Sound does not seem to be an issue when i actually pay attention to that when recalling…

I dare say I completed talk 1.

I heard a conversation/dialogue in one of my ND.

I was in a fictional high-school/college. The walls were all oddly painted different colors, with occasional vertical strips of sepia/brown that were supposed to be the unpainted parts. I was sitting on the floor with some random DC girl by one of the unpainted strips. At this point, Michael J. Fox comes up to us with paint and a paintbrush and asks if we’d like to volunteer to finish painting the school. I hesitate, but decide to do it, starting on the strip that I’m sitting by. As soon as I start, the girl that was sitting by me takes the paint and dumps it on me. I get mad and tell the principal, who was Michael J. Fox previously but looks different now, that he “needs to punish her because she keeps doing the same kind of stuff to me.” The girl and him are laughing, and he slightly stops laughing, but is having a hard time doing that. In a slightly gleeful voice, he tells the girl that “you’re suspended for a week… uh, no for two weeks.”

That was the best I could do for specific dialogue, as even IRL I tend to paraphrase what others have said. That should be pretty accurate, but may not be 100% accurate.

On a side note, because these tasks seem to need so much description, I may just have to open a Dream Journal for this LC. Also, are any of these tasks repeatable? It seemed like the bonus task this week is?

My Stats:

[spoiler]Short LD: 3
Chain: 1
Task 1:
–part 1 E
–part 2 L & E
–part 3 L & E
–Bonus L
Task 2:
–part 1 E
Combo pts: 1
LD4all Quest: Completed [/spoiler]

Conversations in my ND’s. Bartender didn’t want to make me a drink :sad:
And you wanted details. Well the quality was a male voice, intensity was normal speech 65dB or something, and fidelity was high.

Exact wording:
Me: A long island ice tea
Bartender: We don’t have ice
Me: Make it anyway

I had a FLD last night.

My stats:

[spoiler]FLD: 1
Short LD: 3
Chain: 1
Task 1:
–part 1 E
–part 2 L & E
–part 3 L & E
–Bonus L
Task 2:
–part 1 E
Combo pts: 1
LD4all Quest: Completed[/spoiler]

I actually had a reasonable dream. Not a lucid dream, though Here it is.

I had a normal dream here (second dream) with a fair bit of conversation. I can typically tell you about a DC’s tone of voice and some amount of actual words they said in any dream I have with enough dialogue, but often omit it for the sake of emphasizing which details are “important”. However, it seems like the rest of the LC is going to change how my DJ is written. :razz:

I had a short LD this morning, in which I tried to remember what the LC task was, but couldn’t. Then I woke up. (Not very exciting.)


Sorry I haven’t been present lately… I tend to disappear from the forums for a day because of my terrible recall right now. :razz: But here I am to answer your questions! :happy: (PS, if you need to get a hold of me right away I’m usually in IRC. :razz: )

OlegEqualzName: Welcome to the LC! As I said in IRC, you’re in. I’ve just been absent so I haven’t gotten a chance to add you to the list on the first post. :razz:

Lumessence: Thanks. It always seemed to me that we try to have LDs with great feats and lots of grandeur, but it’s all action oriented. I’d like to see a little quality thrown in there with that quality. :smile:

Nice dream quality on Low profile bounty hunt. One thing though:

Nonsense! :razz: Write as much as you want! I was getting into it. :razz:

LDbc12: Your dream will count for Task 2 Part III. You listened to the silence. I was looking to see what each of you would fill the silence with and it would seem you filled it with music. :smile:

Thorn: Nope. Only counts as one. Your question actually made me have to think on that. The way it shall play out is that you can complete each task as many times per dream as you like, but you only get points for the task “per dream”. So if you listened to three songs in one dream and two more in another dream you’d only get points for Part II twice. I’ll update the rules to include mention of this situation.

HeadInTheClouds: You can continue to post your dreams in the thread if you want. You can also put them in spoiler tags if you feel you have to. That being said ALL tasks are repeatable. All of them. Feel free to do them as many times as you can. :razz: Pay attention to what I spoke to Thorn about, though.

Letaali: Nice detail. The conversation would have been enough, but it’s good that you can recall those minute details. Keep on! :smile:

Man, the LC is really good for me :happy:

Another quite long LD. This one I was outside some kind of haunted mansion. It looked like a multi-million dollar mansion and was nice, but the whole building was lit up with an odd greenish-blue light. There was also a pretty massive graveyard. The inside of it looked like a normal hotel, but there was a general feeling of something being off. Oh, and the ghosts and undead that appeared later were a bit of a give away that something was afoot. On a side note, it’s awesome making creepeh things like ghosts and giant spiders explode just by pointing at them. There’s a possibility I was working for the dream police again, but no clear evidence.

Anywho, task related.

There was a creepy kind of music playing from a hearse that was in the driveway. Very atonal and with instruments I wouldn’t be able to pick up. Sounded like a mix of voice, violin and oboe for one of them. Not much of a rhythm to it, but it was clearly music. Also heard some samba music later (see below).

I also listened in on a conversation inside the mansion. The owner, who had apparently invited myself and several others to this mansion. He was wearing a purple trench coat, had curly hair and sunglasses. He was talking to a very hairy butler. He specifically said “Ok, they’re all here. This is boring, start everything now.” The butler responded with something to the effect of “will we get out on time?” He responded “I will, anyway. Get going.” For the record, I made sure he didn’t get out when all the craziness with the undead happened :tongue:

After whatever it is the butler did, the lights went out and the floor was covered with a glowing blue mist. I was by myself and there was a corner leading to a long hallway. Not wanting any jump scares, I stopped and listened. At first it was quiet, though I could make out some unusual music in the background. Then I could make out some scuffling sounds, though the direction wasn’t clear. The longer I listened, the more random ambient noises popped up. All of them were basic “haunted house” noises except for what sounded like samba music somewhere else in the house.

I was just made aware that points for tasks stack, I thought it was still just for whatever the highest rating dream was. Sooo… I feel kinda dirty, but my dreams are very sound oriented.

During the last task (sorry, I don’t remember the day anymore), I had an ND in which I saw a statue of a fallen hero in his home village. The way it was constructed made it appear with genuine emotion. It was constructed by hand, or so I was told, and you could really see the sorry in the chisel work. It’s hard to describe, but it was definitely inspiring. It was during the task, but I realize if the early points no longer qualify.

I did already post this but I suppose I should clarify, I thought that I wouldn’t get stacked points. I would certainly call the sight grand [Lucidity Challenge 38: Awards Ceremony!)

Sunday night I had an ND that included me listening to a movie’s soundtrack. It was from Sweeney Todd, specifically the song “Epiphany”. The singers voice sounded female, though still deep, and it was a little faster than normal. I pointed that out to my wife’s DC, who said “it’s sort of like when Pocahontas rode the horse.” Still not sure what that means.

There was also another dream last night where a trumpet player was playing “Bugler’s Holiday”. Tonality and rhythm were perfectly normal, though part of the way through it sounded like there was a harmony part playing as well.

Geez… I feel like I’m cheating right now, especially considering I usually remember dialogue. Feels like a lot of free points :\

More conversations in ND’s again. I knew in one of the dreams that the world was fake but did not become lucid. Is that still worth some points?

More conversation/dialogue here. The first dream (the fragment) had conversation, but I couldn’t remember the exact words. The second dream had most of the spoken words remembered.

EDIT: I distinctly heard game music as well, but forgot to mention that here. It was mentioned in the journal entry, though.

I had a LD last night, but I’m not sure as to whether it was short or medium length. It was kind of on the edge of being short or medium, but I think that I will go with medium, as it felt more like a medium LD than a short one.

I used WILD to enter the dream, although I think I used WILD within a dream itself and not from a wakeful state. I got out of my bed and listened to the silence. The only thing that I could hear was a loud horn from a big-rig that kept being blown every few seconds. I attempted to find a pizza sandwich recipe by searching throughout my house, but it was a failed attempt. I then remembered the song part of the task, and sang Take It Easy by The Eagles. I don’t know if it counts if we’re the ones creating the music, but as for a description, it sounded about as horrid as it does when I sing IRL. The one exception was that it did seem somewhat more on time than I normally sing IRL. I went to the mirror in my bathroom and tried to accomplish my personal task, but every time my hands went in the mirror to pull my clone version out, they came out empty-handed.

I also had a ND earlier in the night where I was also in my bedroom, and for some reason heard a melody playing. It sounded like it was a popular Queen song, possibly Another One Bites the Dust, but when thinking about it after I woke up, the beat wasn’t exactly like that song. However, if it wasn’t a Queen song, then it was still some song that is famous as the melody and beat were too recognizable to me.

If you’re wanting more description from me, let me know. I’m trying as best as I can to describe stuff, which is not by best area of writing. Also, I’m still not sure on the meaning of seeing something grand. I had another ND last night where there was this really awesome throw down between two celebrities. Is seeing something you would consider as amazing or awesome qualify as grand?

Last night I had a short LD lasting about 2 seconds. What happened was that I noticed a dream sign and I was about to RC. But in that exact moment IRL my mom opened my door and came in my room to let the dog out, waking me up. Terrible timing in her part.

In those 2 seconds of lucidity i did not complete any tasks so i really don’t feel like typing it up in my DJ :razz: . But I never actually completed the RC so I’m not sure if that should be considered being lucid. I think I get points for wondering if I’m dreaming, though…

I had an ND last night where Wyvern, Thorn and I were in a mall. For some reason they were discussing how a member Named “shomolousk” (that’s the closest I can get based on its sound) was good at painting nails. She had apparently been doing it since she was 5, though I’m not sure why Wyvern or Thorn were aware of this :tongue:.

Therr was backgroubd mysic in the mall we were in. It sounded like the elevatot music from Lego Island, assuming anyone actually remembers that game.

This morning I had a long LD here. Probably my most successful dream for the LC.

In addition to completing Task 1.2 and Task 2.3, I also completed my personal task (eating food) and the LD4all quest (#12, here)


Edit: Oooops! I almost forgot! The firework things that I saw in the dream inspired me to do that science experiment thing on youtube (link in my DJ).

And also, yesterday, when I had that 2 second LD, I forgot to mention this. Before I became lucid, I heard some music. It was kind of like pop music, but also a little like rock and roll. And it was really fast paced music. (GAH, I remembered one more little detail, but now i forgot it :’( . I should have DJ’ed it!)

I had a long LD here in which I listened to silence and later heard a “dialogue” (by which I mean a monologue with one sentence of a response when I realized that a monologue didn’t count).

ND: I was basically in one of those TV specials from the 70’s where they try to make Jesus a Hippie. It was nighttime and me and our group was outside of some old car wash. Two DC’s were having a conversation about whether we should open the car wash the next day or relax. The one thought it would be fun while the other wanted to have the day off, though he never said why. Jesus (who appeared to be quite distracted by a flower in classic hippie fashion) said “brothers, stop. I hear the night.” Of course, his voice was all hippie-ish. Reeeaaaal laid back, surprised he didn’t drop a “groovy”.

Anyway, listened for whatever he heard but there was nothing other than silence. Normally I hear at least something in most dreams so once I woke up this seemed odd, though I didn’t notice during the dream. Eventually a car pulled up, and I recognized (FM) the guy as being a local jerk. A few of the others spoke up, basic stuff like “aw man, it’s Steve… let’s ditch him.”

A DC and I tricked him into pulling his car into the car wash which kind of ruined the car since we left the hood and windows open. Steve, who didn’t know we did it, looked quite upset. I felt sorry for him and comforted him, and even offered to try to jump start the car. When I did though, my car almost exploded into flames >.>. As I put the flames out, music from Jesus Christ Superstar played, though instrumental only.

tl;dr dialogue, music and silence in an ND.

Edit: The sight task is also involved, Steve’s car was extremely vivid when wet. I could see the water droplets and the fabric was also cearly moist. Just one of those fun things I noticed.