Lucidity Challenge 38: Awards Ceremony!

Well it’s your choice, Lumessence, when it comes to what you consider average. One hour is fine… but you’ll have the longest “average” compared to anyone else, and for that I congratulate you. :razz:

The “defaults” are for those who don’t put down an average LD length or those who haven’t had an LD yet. catt, for example, will have the following LD lengths:
< 1 minute == short
1 → 5 minutes == medium

5 minutes == long
These are the quote-unquote default times for the challenge. If you believe that your average LD length is an hour long, we’ll go with that. :smile:

EDIT: Oh, and welcome Yev!

Hmm… I’d rather not be overly exclusive… Inparticular, I’d be using it as a variable for personal relativity, rather than definitive… I’m changing it to 5 mins, to avoid the raising of eyebrows, or unsettling outlook.

And god, I am sounding like a nerd… :confused:
That should do it! sorry for the drama. Still learning :wink:

Also, FA hell.

Not really sure about what you would consider accomplishing in this, but there it is.
Though I’m not sure what could be more vivid than an FA.

Unfortunately, this is quite the opposite of LD.

So, I’m a little unclear on how the scoring will work for my dreams last night. I noticed that a brief LD is no longer part of the scoring system, so I assume that they count as a short LD now. Also, I had an amazing amount of control in my LD last night, which is unusual for me. Hopefully it will become the norm :smile: .

I had one brief (or short if I’m correct on how the scoring works) LD. Additionally, I had another brief LD, lost my lucidity for a little while, and then regained it in the same dream and had a short LD at that point. When I managed to regain my lucidity, I was in the middle of being chased by someone. Realizing I was lucid, I knew I needed to get to work on the LC, so I decided since I was outside, I would just be in a grassy field with everything else in the dream removed. To my shock and amazement, I actually ended up in an extremely vivid grass of field, being able to see many of the different blades of grass blowing in the wind. I don’t know if that counts for the third part of the task or not, but the field of grass was very vivid. In that field I managed to lay an egg, which I was surprised was so easy, but failed at my overarching plan to score loads of combo points. I cracked the egg open, attempting to see an entirely different universe contained within the egg, but all there was in it was a mushy green lump, which looked like the color of an avocado . As my plan to see something grand inside the egg failed, I attempted to look up at the sky, but awoke before I saw anything.

The way in which I think this adds up is in the spoiler below. Let me know if I’m wrong.

My stats:

[spoiler]Short LD: 2
Chain: 1
Task 1:
–part 3 L & E
–Bonus L
Combo pts: 1[/spoiler]

Proving once again that I can complete goals other people set for me but can’t complete my own personal goals, I began this LC with my longest LD to date. Here’s a LD that feels like it barely edged out the one in which I was you in terms of its length. It completes Part 3 of the Task, completes the Bonus Task, and then finishes Quest 22, “Resize Yourself”, for this month’s Quest after I screwed it up last time (although I still didn’t get as small as I would have liked). If you define “grand” as “opulent” or “rich”, then I also completed Part 1, as my egg was inadvertently golden. I don’t think that’s what you meant, though. :razz:

If i need to give the details that were too explicit for that post, either for Part 3’s points or to prove it was actually my longest despite having less words than my previous longest, I’ll do so via PM; I’d rather not type it publicly. I think the gist is clear from the journal entry, though.

Lumessence, it’s your decision as to what you consider your “average” LD length to be. The system is entirely subjective when it comes to that point. If you think you had what you considered to be a short LD, I’ll believe you. If you believe you had a medium one, I’ll believe you… If you think you had a long one, I’ll believe you… The time is only there so that when I read your DJ entry, I could confirm it… but considering you don’t even have to submit a DJ entry there’s really no way… It’s really an honor based system. :razz:

HeadInTheClouds: Your calculations are correct. I removed the “brief” LD length as I considered it cutting hairs. Short, medium, or long. Far simpler in my opinion. I do need to know, though, if you consider your second short LD in which you regained lucidity a “short” LD. You may have had it broken into two parts, but if the sum of those parts is what you would consider a medium LD I’d accept it as so.

Thorn: Once again you prove to me that competition is the right motivation for improving LD length, quality, and quantity. :razz: Really wish I was participating right now. I could use a boost. But I digress. Yea, that’s not how I was using the word “grand”, but I left it open to y’all’s interpretation of the word. It was a detail that would usually go unnoticed so I’ll accept it since the goal of this task is to improve the quality of visual details within one’s dreams.

*Scipio winks at everyone. :wink:

Alright, so, according to the average LD time I submitted, last night I had a long lucid dream. However, I think that the time i put in (less than 1 min.) is tooo short. At the time that I posted it, I wasn’t really thinking carefully about my average time. It really should be around 3 minutes. I am afraid that because of my under exaggerated time i will always be getting a higher score than i should. I know the rules say "Be careful, average LD lengths cannot be changed while the challenge runs. ", but I just want to be fair to everyone else, and I would really appreciate it if I could change my average LD time to 3 minutes.

If everyone else doesn’t have a problem with increasing your time (which would make it more difficult for you to score points) I don’t have a problem with it. That rule (and others like it) are designed specifically to avoid this kind of situation, but accidents happen. I’ll allow the change. If anyone has any problems with that please PM me with your reason why it shouldn’t be allowed and I will consider your input.

Also, pretty much the same has been occurring with Lumessence. I’m waiting to hear from her what she has to say about my final post. If anyone else made a mistake NOW is the time to come forth. I’ll only be considering further changes up until I’m certain of Lumessence’s final decision on her time. At that point I’ll make a post stating that no more changes will be considered.

Alright, thanks. By the way, that would have been a medium lucid dream.

Ah. I wasn’t clear that you were expecting a further response. I have declared 5m as my final medium length :wink:

Okay. :smile: Thanks guys. I’ll keep this all in mind.

That being said any chance for changes is over. Good luck with the current task!

Scripio, if you didn’t catch it in mIRC before you quit, Don’t worry about changing any points for that night. I’m not trying to argue it, i’m just asking what I need to do for it to be accurate :smile:.

Last night I had two short LDs and one long found here. I did not complete any tasks.

3 Dreams.

3 ND
1 section of short LD in one of the three.

Though I had an opportunity for both “grand” (Fleet battle), and “inspiring” (I want to play Kinetic Void now and make my own ships) I didn’t have the discipline to keep writing… (KV… Wanna play, and I get tired of typing.) There is a lack of evidence/detail for the grand part, but I still consider The Master Fleet inspiring to myself, in that sense… I guess… If that’s what you mean by inspiring.

If that’s the case, then to my understanding,
1 short LD
1 Task of inspiring.
If not, one short LD.

Last night I had an LD and a ND both in which I completed tasks (I think).

The LD was my longest one ever (around 8 minutes).
I saw something grand, completing that task.

In the ND I completed the seeing something inspiring task.
If you count being inspired to bake a pizza inspiring.
(The pizza in the dream inspired me (YUM) )

I had 1 (very) short LD:

I was in an old school when I suddenly thought that something wasn’t right and
did a RC(Counting my fingers, same as always). I pushed someone away, and
lost my lucidity directly after that.
Also I had just too much ND’s after that so I can’t recall more :meh:

So that’s 20 points for me, right? :smile:

I had a relatively pretty long LD, though it wasn’t very vivid. I saw a city which had an enormous skyscraper made of an odd clear glass. I would definitely call it grand for sure. Not a lot of other things happened, though. Just a lot of exploring. The DC’s weren’t feeling very talkative.

I did wake up and chain back in 3 times as well.

Had a minor LD here this morning. Nothing much happened in it really. Probably around 2mins long.

I had a medium-length LD here in which I decided to attempt the egg task Yoshi-style again, but couldn’t manage it because I wasn’t lucid enough to ignore waking-life morals with regards to consuming people.

Stupid morals. :sad:

I had a short LD last night. I completed the current LD4all quest. Specifically, I finished the LD4all Quest #6 Unfold Your Wings and Fly task by flying, which of course meets the requirements of the current LD4all quest. I also saw something inspiring, although it is hard to describe accurately. I traveled through a mirror, and when I got to the other side there was a wall in front of me that was a similar color to the background here on LD4all. There were stars on it, but they were supposed to be real stars and they moved around and twinkled. That’s probably the best that I can describe it.

For receiving points for completing the LD4all quest, do I have to post in the quest forum, or is this post sufficient?

My Stats:

Short LD: 3
Chain: 1
Task 1:
–part 2 L & E
–part 3 L & E
–Bonus L
Combo pts: 1
LD4all Quest: Completed

Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been crazy busy lately. The sum of the LD that was chained was still short overall, not medium.

Not sure how to define the different sections of this, but I hope I gave enough detail for you to score it.

two parts.

oh… id say 1 short ld, and 1 long with 2 chains connecting 3 parts. (entry explains this)
and a number of NDs