Lucidity Challenge 38: Awards Ceremony!

Last night I started to question if I was dreaming or not. Woke up because I wanted out of that nightmare.

Well, I’m not completely out of it like I had thought. I had a sort of attempt at the sound challenge:

I wouldn’t count it as a short Lucid Dream though, I was just lucid enough to remember the challenge. I think I still remembered some of the conversation and got excited about it when I first gained lucidity and started to wake up. I went back to sleep right after though and don’t remember anymore.

Also realized there was a part of my dream where I was playing the piano, but I don’t remember that part much.

Wyvern: Welcome aboard! And I take it you won’t complete your personal task until you’ve completed all of ours? :razz: That’s gonna be a lot of work… Keep me updated on who’s you have completed so I can “verify”. :tongue:

muccy: Making me chuckle too. :razz: And yes I’ll count it as you were speaking to others.

Lumessence: :sad: Me too. :razz:

Thorn: :wink:

HeadInTheClouds: I’m sorry, but the celeb fight doesn’t count then. :sad: The objective was to see something grand not funny, though, it sounds interesting. :smile:

LDbc12: Good luck!

Jessica: Were you lucid or not? If you were, no matter how short it was, it counts as a short lucid dream. If you were, however, just thinking that you could be dreaming, or just imagining so, and you didn’t actually feel that “click - I’m dreaming” moment, then it will only count as a Lucid Moment.

Sorry, I was lucid then. Got the “click” right after the conversation. The reason I feel it wouldn’t count is because my dream ended then, so maybe the reason I knew I was dreaming was because I was already waking up.

Yep. It’ll be a good challenge. I’ll keep a list of completed tasks. Going by the first ones posted. (You know, seeing how people may change the tasks along the way.)
I have a semi polyphasic sleep schedule. (5 hours core sleep, 2-3 naps.) I might not always claim LD points for the short naps. I’ll make a note.
Also, I’m a slow typer. Bear with me… :razz:

Here’s two NDs. The first has dialogue (as well as my fist in somebody’s face, but we’re not at the “touch” task yet). The second has dialogue, a grand sight, and music.

10 LDs in August! I’m happy that I set a new personal record for most in a month, but sad that it’s not nearly enough for this competition.

From 2 nights ago. Some LD points and heard some music. Recall has been neglected for sometime.

Still have to post 2 long ones from last night. Vivid dreams in all their glory.

I saw a massive portal ( bigger than Earth) to another world be shot with a beam through a ring that was the size of the Earth. That felt grand.

I don’t know if FLD can be chained, but I had a FLD/lucid dream (hard to tell which one it was), lost that false/low level lucidity, and then later in the dream had an actual FLD. Overall, I would still consider the first part of the dream to be a FLD or a low level LD.

I had an ND with dialogue here. Today’s the last day for early points with dialogue, so hopefully it becomes a smaller part of the total points from here on out. :tongue:

I had a ND in which I listened to music here.

I had a short LD and a ND here . They both include dialogue.

Posted a long LD from 2 nights ago. Had dialogue and music. Vivid and Grand imagery. Also got the recipe for pizza sandwich. [
7/15 of my personal task done… will have more done with the next post from the same night.

Jessica: Okay. :smile:

Wyvern: No problem. Don’t worry about it. :happy:

HeadInTheClouds: No I won’t count that as chaining as chaining specifically involves Lucidity. I’m only going to count it as one FLD since an FLD is a quality that applies to a dream as a whole, even if your false lucidity had faded. If you were to however have multiple lucid moments per dream (asking yourself if you were dreaming twice, for example) I would have counted that the appropriate number of times (2 in this case).

Thorn: I haven’t looked at the stats in a while, but I don’t think the dialogue earned everyone as many points as people seem to be thinking they would have.

And here’s Task 3!

Task 3: Touch
Moving on down the chain I find that touch sensations fall (at least for me) in third when it comes to dream detail. There are MANY aspects of touch, however, so you will find that there is, equally, many more ways of earning points.

This week you will need to explore the world around you in a way that doesn’t involve you eyes. Though you may still report on what you saw, I’m looking for primarily a physical description of the world around you.

[b]1. (Simply) Touch something + 20

  1. Touch something warm / cold + 30
  2. Touch something with texture + 40
  3. Touch something unusual + 50
  • For each additional detail you report + 5
    As with the previous tasks, you must describe the sensations produced by interacting with whatever it is. You don’t have to go into EXTREME detail for… certain things (Wyvern… Thorn… :tongue: ), but I would like you to at least express having felt said details.

Bonus Task
It would seem that the only one to have completed the previous bonus task would be the one who provided the inspiration for it. As fitting as it would be I was hoping more would succeed. Still, here’s the third bonus task!

* Interact with an SCP!

All you have to do is report seeing / hearing / smelling etc. something involving the Secure Contain Protect foundation. If you’re unfamiliar with this “organization” please visit the link. If you don’t wish to complete the bonus, don’t worry. It is only worth 10 points.

This task will run for one week until approximately 6 PM EST, Sunday, September 8, 2013. Good luck!

Though it was in an NLD the creativity points go to… muccy! Pancake club sounds delicious… I mean delightful… I mean what club? :razz:

Scores! :happy:

LC 38 Scoreboard

  1. Thorn ( 1340 )

  2. Rhewin ( 970 )

  3. LDbc12 (940 )

  4. HeadInTheClouds ( 635 )

  5. Wyvern ( 405 )

  6. Lumessence ( 300 )

  7. Letaali ( 190 )

  8. James_UK2008 ( 90 )

  9. muccy ( 55 )

  10. Jessica ( 55 )

  11. Mew151 ( 40 )

  12. OlegEqualzName ( 40 )

  13. Ecila6 ( 20 )

  14. Yev ( 20 )

  15. argon ( 0 )

  16. catt ( 0 )

  17. Scipio Xaos ( 95 )

For those of you wondering what happened to the ‘+’ signs… I was going to keep track of how much each person incremented by each week, but… meh. :razz:

What a terrible week. Seems like my mind decided to spend all it’s energy on that one night.

Touch… ehm. Makes me think of that dream a posted a few days ago…

Posted my second long LD from 2 nights ago. Vivid imagery, something grand, and something inspiring.
Dialogue was heard and I listened to the silence.
Also chain bonus.

11/15 personal tasks completed.

Here’s an ND that has dialogue and also touches something cool and smooth. I notice that the task says it must be warm or cold, not hot or cool, and also that it must be textured and not smooth, so I guess I need to read more carefully. That said, I wasn’t expecting to manage even the standard “(Simply) Touch something” task in an ND, so this is a start. I lucked out and had the touch sensation right before the end of my final dream, so I managed to remember it when I would otherwise forget it.

Successful night.

I actually managed to pull off all of those… Except for the bonus task.

Now let’s hope it’s not like last week where for the rest of the task challenge I have nothing but FA’s, Nightmares, and general lack of sleep.

oh… 1 short ld.

I was lucid for, maybe, a little over a minute in one of my dreams last night (“Someone else’s dream”). Also, earlier in the same dream, there was a short piece of dialog.

Then, I had another dream (“What do you want to talk to that guy for?”), and in that one I heard a proper conversation.


And here… we… go.

So, beat my personal task. Last night had an LD that felt around 30-40 minutes.

In that dream I heard dialogue, saw very vivid detail and touched multiple objects. I also touched a zombie’s face which was cold, had the texture of an alligator skin purse, and I think it’s safe to say it was quite unusual. LIIIIIINK. It also happened to be LD 200 :3

Also from last night, I had a separate dream I was talking to my nephew. He kept demanding that I give him a piece of fried chicken that I was eating, but I told him he already had his. His argument was he’s “a growing boy so [he needs] more.” Of course, I was holding the chicken so I suppose that counts as touch, but I do recall the texture being very greasy. Must not have been healthy chicken :razz:.

A dream from Sunday night included with me almost violently arguing with a coworker. The quite colorful dialogue included me yelling at him for stealing a customer and him yelling back that the customer was his to take because he saw them first (which he hadn’t). I can post more detail if needed, but I dun wanna think about work right now :razz:.

And that’s a wrap.