Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

^ The forum told me you dropped offline after typing your DJ entry; I had actually just tried to PM you to bring the task points to your attention when I saw your post here. :tongue: I added those points in and I hope you get another LD soon!

Very short LD. >1 min. No tasks completed. I became lucid for like 10 secs then woke up.

^ It beats nothing! I’ve updated the scores.

The Action team decided that since Floraiju are partly plants, they can be burned. They’ll get 30 points if they incorporate fire into defeating a Floraiju with a teammate, while other teams will get 15 points if they join an Action team member for an assault with fire.

I was underground near a train. There was a problem involving flooding and I saw a man turn into a large gray hulk. I turned into a hulk myself so I could communicate with the bigger hulk without dying. I managed to reason with him and he saved everyone.

^ That sounds like a fun ND to have; hopefully such a skill stays with you when lucid, too! I’ve added the points for that, and I hope you get an LD soon. :o

I held and threw a dodgeball

I ate whipped cream as a DO. I was watching a DC taste some and as she did, so did I. Still a DO after that.

I was also about to order pizza in another dream, but it was past midnight and I was in a friend’s house so I decided to make sandwiches instead.

^ I’ve marked both Koharo’s and Letaali’s dreams and updated the scores.

Greetings all!

My dream recall went through the roof this morning. I had 2 ND and 1 LD.

The first ND I was in a dream trying to do a FILD. I was at a place were my old co-workers were at. I had my cover and pillow that I currently sleep with. I couldn’t get the FILD technique to work.

The second ND I was at a OSU football game. I recall the QB was super popular. The uniforms were different from the real uniforms. Some players had street clothing on. They kept showing replays of the QB messing up. However, the replays weren’t played on a Jumbotron they were just what I perceived (tough to explain). I looked through the front row of the crowd, and seen a lot of hot chicks. I started picking the ones I liked.

The LD I recall was amazing! I dreampt I was over a relatives home. I was in the backyard by the garage. I am a famous celebrity. I started using Telekinesis to hurl lumber up and over the fence. After a while I tried to just make the lumber vanish, but I couldn’t. I started jumping up and down; thinking this is awesome to be lucid. The fun stopped when it got dark outside. (For some reason every time I dream about darkness I know something bad is about to happen in a dream and try to force myself awake.) I went inside the house and start locking entry doors. My relatives are there. The layout of the front room is different. There are three entry doors instead of one. I speak with my sister, and tell her “I wish it was light outside”. The sky turned grey as if it were about to rain. The sun was behind the clouds. The front lawn became a lake, and sand was were the porch was. I went outside, and the darkness returns. I went inside, and stared making purple ki balls like on Dragon Ball Z. The first few I threw were week. However, the last one I threw blew a hole through the floor. I was ready for anything. A creature came through the front door. He looked like a Dementor from Harry Potter. I charged up a ki ball and said “Ka-me-ha-me-ha”. The light was somewhat blinding. I couldn’t see the target, but I still threw the ki ball. The creature caught the purple ki ball. I got scared and forced myself to wake up! :eek:

Note: My LD felt like it lasted between 3-5 minutes.

Somewhere, there was an LD.

With false memories, no less. Urgh.

Hodge_Podge, I’m glad to hear you had fun! Any plans to change the LD count in your profile from 0 to 3?

Oleg, there’s nothing wrong with a good flight dream. :smile: Also, judging from a recent ND of yours, I’m not the only one who’s had Mario Kart Wii invade his dreams. I’ve been playing a bit too much recently due to the server shutdown in two days; I can always use the unofficial server, but some of my friends can’t, so I’m cramming in all the play I can.[/OffTopic]

I’ve updated the scores with Hodge_Podge’s and Oleg’s dreams.

Finally, Yev was the only one to make any suggestions for the Traveler Team Dream this week, so he’ll get his way. :tongue: The two questions he wants to ask of a Floraiju are “How long have you lived?” and “How many Floraiju are there?”, which are questions very much in line with the two I was going to use if nobody voted at all (although I was going to use one with tangible results—“It’s hard to talk from 50’ below you; can you pick me up?” :tongue:). Travelers get 30 points for accompanying a teammate to meet a Floraiju and to ask Yev’s two questions (exact wording not required), and other teams get 15 points for accompanying a Traveler team member to meet a Floraiju and to ask those questions.

Unofficial servers, eh? Tell me more about it… 0.0

Or actually, that’s a bit of topic, eh? :tongue:

Still, DO tell me more…

Short LD this morning, before WBTB:

The dream after the WBTB was a false LD, and too personal to post.

^ That sounds very personal to you and I’m glad to hear that you’re getting over a fear.

I’ve updated the scores.

Wooo REM rebound.

Long LD this morning where I rode a spaceship to another planet. On that planet, I went and explored a rainforest. Didn’t encounter a Floraiju unfortunately and it didn’t occur to my hungover although lucid self to turn into one. :razz:

^ This is why you’re not allowed to drink. Stahp. I added in those points, and you’re now 205 points ahead of second place; I wonder if drd will catch up…?

[color=olive]-Watched strength based sport
-Junk food
-Played Baseball

Everyone lived, no one got hurt. [/color]

^ That is admittedly a rarity for you. :razz: I’ve updated the scores.

/me was strangely out of it last night so not all went as planned…

Had 2 medium LDs last night (only counting the second).
The first I visited the Floraiju’s habitat again but did not encounter one… Met some interesting DCs who were working on a mine. Kind of a Minecraft-esque dream but without the blockiness. I rode a minecart and messed with some lava pits… almost caused a forest fire but that was averted. >.>

In the second medium LD, I did remember about the Floraiju. I was in the exact same setting as the first dream and decided to transform myself. Getting the tail was no problem and I could move it just fine. Didn’t have much sensation like other forms though. I grew out the vines, snout, and horn which was much more visible when I merged my eyes together. My vision didn’t really change as much as what might be expected, but I do remember getting a clearer view of the horn on my face. And I also wasn’t tall enough at first. Had to remind myself that this thing was over 50 ft and grew accordingly. I was picturing people stacked on top of eachother for reference and then simply imagined the picture and how high I was supposed to be relative to the trees.
For whatever reason, I decided to transform other DCs as well. They were the same DCs from the previous dream. I think the idea was to play a game with them? We ended up not doing that. Having a clear mental image changed them pretty fast, but I kept having to make them grow taller. They were like mini-Floraijus. About 3 of them.
I remembered that I had to attack one of them. Unfortunately no one from any of the teams were there. I couldn’t remember the specific team tasks at the time anyway. I simply made a lame kind of attack… shoving a Floraiju into a lava pit. It let out a cry before sinking and burning.
And the rest of the dream was other Wyvern shenanigans. :tongue:

tldr; turned into the Floraiju, encountered it, attacked it

I had a very short LD this morning.