Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

[title]Task 5: Kaiju[/title]

When you were deciding what team to join at the start of this LC, it was made clear that the Shapeshifter team would be given less points early on and difficult subtasks but would get to decide an important detail about a task late in the LC. Its members were given a survey last week about this task, which coincides perfectly with the release of the latest Godzilla movie. Behold a creature of their design, the Floraiju!


[size=75]Credit to Wyvern for this depiction of the Shapeshifters’ creature.[/size]

Name: Floraiju
Average height: 54’ 2" (16.51 m)
Average weight: 6.47 tons (5866.58 kg)
Habitat: Hawaiian tropical rainforests
Diet: Mostly other plant life, but is omnivorous[/center]
Once worshiped by native Hawaiians as peaceful, intelligent protectors of the islands, Floraiju were long thought to be creatures of primitive myths. However, as urban development in Hawaii continued, deforestation drove them out of hiding. Some of them have taken to venting their frustration at losing their habitats by destroying human cities, taking an eye for an cyclopean eye.

While not Godzilla-sized, 54’ 2" is a few stories high, so the destruction Floraiju leave in their wake is significant. The wing-like leaves protruding from their backs do not support their weight for flight but do serve to slow descents or to serve as extra limbs with which to hit things. Some have even picked up basic English in their interactions with humanity, although nobody has tried to communicate peacefully with one due to sheer fear.

The Shapeshifter team members will be appearing this week as these vicious things, and they are out for the Action team’s blood (how dare they have the most points available before now!). The Traveler team gets cut some slack and won’t be the target of the Floraiju’s ire, but will still need to interact with them for maximum points.

  • Encounter a Floraiju: [color=green]30 points[/color]
  • [color=red]You’ve seen enough movies to know that monsters never win. Take a Floraiju down by any means necessary (e.g., weaponry, giant mechs, superpowers, brute strength, etc.):[/color] [color=green]30 points[/color]
  • [color=#7030C0]Enter the Floraiju’s usual habitat (rainforest):[/color] [color=green]30 points[/color]
  • [color=#7030C0]It never hurts to try diplomacy. As a human, communicate with a Floraiju peacefully:[/color] [color=green]30 points[/color]
  • [color=blue]Become a Floraiju:[/color] [color=green]70 points[/color] (this cannot be used to earn points from past Shapeshifter team subtasks)
  • [color=blue]Do what kaiju do best! While in the form of a Floraiju, attack humans, destroy buildings, or assault society in any other way:[/color] [color=green]40 points[/color]
  • [color=blue](Bonus for winning Task 4) Floraiju can be vicious, but they can be fun-loving too! What’s it like to play hide-and-seek or tag with a human while you tower over him/her? What if you played baseball with another Floraiju by using a tree or skyscraper as the bat? Maybe humanity has giant mechs to pilot to join in your games? As a Floraiju, play a game or sport of your choosing with a human or with another Floraiju:[/color] [color=green]40 points[/color]
    Excluding Team Dreams and bonuses as usual, the Action and Shapeshifter teams have 710 total subtask points available while the Traveler team has 700. The team subtask totals will become equal next week and remain that way for the rest of the LC.

As always, I end with the Team Dream requirements for the week and the team’s incentive for winning the week.

  • [color=red]Action: Decide on how you’ll all take down a Floraiju. Join a teammate for your assault.[/color]
  • [color=#7030C0]Traveler: Decide on two questions that you and a teammate will ask of a Floraiju. The questions can be about the species as a whole, what it’s like to be one, if you can become a Floraiju somehow, or a particular Floraiju’s hobbies, or you can ask banal questions such as “How was your day?” and the like. You can ask more questions in-dream, of course, but I need two chosen ones to be asked and answered in-dream for points.[/color]
  • [color=blue]Shapeshifter: With both of you as Floraiju, coordinate in-dream with a teammate to attack humans or to destroy buildings. You need to name a specific action that both of you will do during your reign of terror, e.g., stomp a human flat, make a meal out of somebody, tear down a building, roar to scare people away, or any other action befitting a 54’ monster.[/color]
    The prize for the winning team is again the choice of next week’s task theme (or in this case, meme): Gotta Go Fast or Firin’ Mah Lazer. As before, consider what each theme could mean for you team’s subtasks and place your votes on the Team Dream discussion page. The winning team will have the majority vote chosen with a tie going to the trailing team members.

Have fun!

The Floraiju looks pretty cool. Good job Wyvern on drawing that.

I almost got lucid last night. I was in fact lucid, but I thought I was a different DC, so I guess I wasn’t actually lucid. It was a first for me though, being lucid as someone besides myself.

^ Ugh, those kind of near misses grate on me so much. At least you’re able to look at the bright side and say it was a first for you; I’d be fuming. :tongue:

The Shapeshifter team unanimously decided to tear down a building as Floraiju for their Team Dream. It’ll be worth 30 points for them to do that with a teammate and 15 points for any other teams that do it alongside a Shapeshifter team member.

Had 3 LDs today. I remembered the LC task that was discussed yesterday in two of them but the LDs ended too soon. Scipio made an appearence in the 3rd one as I tried to make the LC happen.

All 3 LDs were around 2-3 minutes a piece.

^ It’s about time you were lucid again. I was starting to miss reading your LDs. :smile: Judging from your sign-up, I marked them as short, but if any felt medium-length, please say so.

The scores are updated.

Hey, I was just looking at the scoreboard and notice I don’t have the points for entering a restaurant/dessert restaurant when I’ve entered a bakery.

^ Sorry; I didn’t notice because the focus of your sentence seemed to be on the muffins, so I glossed right over it. I’ve added those points in and retroactively added the points to the scoreboard I put up a few posts back.

Since it’s a new page, here’s the obligatory scoreboard link.

I went to a McDonald’s and had a cheeseburger. I wouldn’t normally go to a McDonald’s in real life, though, so it’s kind of odd that I went there in my dream.

(The second dream there.)

^ The forum told me you dropped offline after typing your DJ entry; I had actually just tried to PM you to bring the task points to your attention when I saw your post here. :tongue: I added those points in and I hope you get another LD soon!

Very short LD. >1 min. No tasks completed. I became lucid for like 10 secs then woke up.

^ It beats nothing! I’ve updated the scores.

The Action team decided that since Floraiju are partly plants, they can be burned. They’ll get 30 points if they incorporate fire into defeating a Floraiju with a teammate, while other teams will get 15 points if they join an Action team member for an assault with fire.

I was underground near a train. There was a problem involving flooding and I saw a man turn into a large gray hulk. I turned into a hulk myself so I could communicate with the bigger hulk without dying. I managed to reason with him and he saved everyone.

^ That sounds like a fun ND to have; hopefully such a skill stays with you when lucid, too! I’ve added the points for that, and I hope you get an LD soon. :o

I held and threw a dodgeball

I ate whipped cream as a DO. I was watching a DC taste some and as she did, so did I. Still a DO after that.

I was also about to order pizza in another dream, but it was past midnight and I was in a friend’s house so I decided to make sandwiches instead.

^ I’ve marked both Koharo’s and Letaali’s dreams and updated the scores.

Greetings all!

My dream recall went through the roof this morning. I had 2 ND and 1 LD.

The first ND I was in a dream trying to do a FILD. I was at a place were my old co-workers were at. I had my cover and pillow that I currently sleep with. I couldn’t get the FILD technique to work.

The second ND I was at a OSU football game. I recall the QB was super popular. The uniforms were different from the real uniforms. Some players had street clothing on. They kept showing replays of the QB messing up. However, the replays weren’t played on a Jumbotron they were just what I perceived (tough to explain). I looked through the front row of the crowd, and seen a lot of hot chicks. I started picking the ones I liked.

The LD I recall was amazing! I dreampt I was over a relatives home. I was in the backyard by the garage. I am a famous celebrity. I started using Telekinesis to hurl lumber up and over the fence. After a while I tried to just make the lumber vanish, but I couldn’t. I started jumping up and down; thinking this is awesome to be lucid. The fun stopped when it got dark outside. (For some reason every time I dream about darkness I know something bad is about to happen in a dream and try to force myself awake.) I went inside the house and start locking entry doors. My relatives are there. The layout of the front room is different. There are three entry doors instead of one. I speak with my sister, and tell her “I wish it was light outside”. The sky turned grey as if it were about to rain. The sun was behind the clouds. The front lawn became a lake, and sand was were the porch was. I went outside, and the darkness returns. I went inside, and stared making purple ki balls like on Dragon Ball Z. The first few I threw were week. However, the last one I threw blew a hole through the floor. I was ready for anything. A creature came through the front door. He looked like a Dementor from Harry Potter. I charged up a ki ball and said “Ka-me-ha-me-ha”. The light was somewhat blinding. I couldn’t see the target, but I still threw the ki ball. The creature caught the purple ki ball. I got scared and forced myself to wake up! :eek:

Note: My LD felt like it lasted between 3-5 minutes.

Somewhere, there was an LD.

With false memories, no less. Urgh.

Hodge_Podge, I’m glad to hear you had fun! Any plans to change the LD count in your profile from 0 to 3?

Oleg, there’s nothing wrong with a good flight dream. :smile: Also, judging from a recent ND of yours, I’m not the only one who’s had Mario Kart Wii invade his dreams. I’ve been playing a bit too much recently due to the server shutdown in two days; I can always use the unofficial server, but some of my friends can’t, so I’m cramming in all the play I can.[/OffTopic]

I’ve updated the scores with Hodge_Podge’s and Oleg’s dreams.

Finally, Yev was the only one to make any suggestions for the Traveler Team Dream this week, so he’ll get his way. :tongue: The two questions he wants to ask of a Floraiju are “How long have you lived?” and “How many Floraiju are there?”, which are questions very much in line with the two I was going to use if nobody voted at all (although I was going to use one with tangible results—“It’s hard to talk from 50’ below you; can you pick me up?” :tongue:). Travelers get 30 points for accompanying a teammate to meet a Floraiju and to ask Yev’s two questions (exact wording not required), and other teams get 15 points for accompanying a Traveler team member to meet a Floraiju and to ask those questions.

Unofficial servers, eh? Tell me more about it… 0.0

Or actually, that’s a bit of topic, eh? :tongue:

Still, DO tell me more…