Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

Short LD this morning, before WBTB:

The dream after the WBTB was a false LD, and too personal to post.

^ That sounds very personal to you and I’m glad to hear that you’re getting over a fear.

I’ve updated the scores.

Wooo REM rebound.

Long LD this morning where I rode a spaceship to another planet. On that planet, I went and explored a rainforest. Didn’t encounter a Floraiju unfortunately and it didn’t occur to my hungover although lucid self to turn into one. :razz:

^ This is why you’re not allowed to drink. Stahp. I added in those points, and you’re now 205 points ahead of second place; I wonder if drd will catch up…?

[color=olive]-Watched strength based sport
-Junk food
-Played Baseball

Everyone lived, no one got hurt. [/color]

^ That is admittedly a rarity for you. :razz: I’ve updated the scores.

/me was strangely out of it last night so not all went as planned…

Had 2 medium LDs last night (only counting the second).
The first I visited the Floraiju’s habitat again but did not encounter one… Met some interesting DCs who were working on a mine. Kind of a Minecraft-esque dream but without the blockiness. I rode a minecart and messed with some lava pits… almost caused a forest fire but that was averted. >.>

In the second medium LD, I did remember about the Floraiju. I was in the exact same setting as the first dream and decided to transform myself. Getting the tail was no problem and I could move it just fine. Didn’t have much sensation like other forms though. I grew out the vines, snout, and horn which was much more visible when I merged my eyes together. My vision didn’t really change as much as what might be expected, but I do remember getting a clearer view of the horn on my face. And I also wasn’t tall enough at first. Had to remind myself that this thing was over 50 ft and grew accordingly. I was picturing people stacked on top of eachother for reference and then simply imagined the picture and how high I was supposed to be relative to the trees.
For whatever reason, I decided to transform other DCs as well. They were the same DCs from the previous dream. I think the idea was to play a game with them? We ended up not doing that. Having a clear mental image changed them pretty fast, but I kept having to make them grow taller. They were like mini-Floraijus. About 3 of them.
I remembered that I had to attack one of them. Unfortunately no one from any of the teams were there. I couldn’t remember the specific team tasks at the time anyway. I simply made a lame kind of attack… shoving a Floraiju into a lava pit. It let out a cry before sinking and burning.
And the rest of the dream was other Wyvern shenanigans. :tongue:

tldr; turned into the Floraiju, encountered it, attacked it

I had a very short LD this morning.

Wyvern, I like how you stacked people for a size reference. :smile: As I told people in chat, I’m not going to be a huge stickler about the size, but it’d be nice if people didn’t get 50’ confused with 300’ like most monster movie watchers do. The trees in your drawing are an easy reference point for a natural setting, and in an urban setting, it’s helpful to know that most building stories range from 12’ to 15’, so just growing to put your head around the fourth set of windows from the ground up will do it.

HeadInTheClouds, noted. I hope to get some task points out of you soon.~

I’ve updated the scores.

I pulled a tree up from the ground last night, in a dream where I finally used that anger energy for something that gave points. It wasn’t a lucid dream.

Yay Siiw! Back into fifth place! I’ve added in your points. Can you push your way to fourth?

I have marked Lucidis inactive due to his statement in chat that he will not have time to write his dream journal for a few weeks combined with his statement that he will not claim points unless he types a dream journal entry that contains them.

I’ve got several dreams to report. I’ll indicate any that should have early points.

Last week during task 4 I had a long LD in which I bit clothes and swallowed part of it. In the same dream, I found myself behind Wall Maria from Attack on Titan (what’s with these AoT dreams, I haven’t watched it in a month). I had spent most of the dream running from “Titans” that were only the size of normal people. I tried to use the moon to transform into an Oozaru, but I ended up becoming something similar to the Armored Titan. I lifted a giant sphere from a fountain (one I could not hold in real life and was anchored down) and used the ball like a bowling ball the roll over Titans. I smashed through a couple of buildings using just my strength, I also rolled head over heals a few times to dodge things.

Visited an alien planet in an ND.

Ate some pizza in a short LD with Wyvern. I’m not sure if it was in the same dream, but I did have one where overeating made me obese, but if it was not the same dream, it wasn’t lucid.

In an ND I visited one of those electronic fortune tellers at a fair. Does that count?

Rhewin, yes, I’ll count the electronic fortune teller. In fact, if you had deliberately done that in an LD, I’d’ve given a few creativity points for it and then a few more still if you’d wished to be big.

The scores are updated, and Rhewin has moved into third place.

I made a quick clarification to a Task 5 subtask. The “communicate with a Floraiju” points refer to human-Floraiju conversations, not to transforming with somebody and then talking to your partner.

Just a short LD with a near miss for some points. Floraiju tonight!

Traffic and Mewtwo ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Task 1 Part X LUCID

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 4
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 4

Task 1:-E Did some date math. | Levitated a van and went to the Astral Plain. | Became Mewtwo (Not Team Dream)
Task 2:-E SUPER SAIYAN SCIPIO. | Smashed things. Ripped a tree out of the ground. Transformed via injection.
Task 3:-C Took a bite out of my shirt.
Task 4:-E Inflated and rolled head over heels. Transformed into a werewolf via moonlight. | Held small metal marbles (slugs) as well as larger orbs of energy.
Task 5: ~ none ~

^ Yyyeeesss, Floraiju tonight. RAWR! I’ve added your points to the scoresheet.

Short LD moment. Nothing else.

Nothing else probably, that is.

Page 18, huh.

^ Yes, page 18. I acknowledge people as soon as I get the chance instead of waiting until the end of the week, so the page count tends to bloat. I think it’s a small price to pay for constant score updates. :tongue:

Speaking of which, the scores are updated.

/me really doesn’t know what to call the length of his dreams anymore… they are getting increasingly longer. Gonna default to medium, I guess? At least until I start getting a feel for the new average time.

LD #2508
I was racing against Rhewin last night (and a bunch of gorillas for whatever reason) in a large mall racetrack. Probably brought on by our brief game of Sonic All Stars Racing last night. While we were racing, a Floraiju passed in front of us. It was considerably smaller than 50ft, kind of like Bowser size in Mario Kart, otherwise it looked completely normal in appearance. Rhewin and I both used fireball items on it. :happy:

Welp… Here’s an LD. :razz: More coming tonight! :happy:

Almost TF ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Chain

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 4
Medium LDs: 5
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 5

Task 1:-E Did some date math. | Levitated a van and went to the Astral Plain. | Became Mewtwo (Not Team Dream)
Task 2:-E SUPER SAIYAN SCIPIO. | Smashed things. Ripped a tree out of the ground. Transformed via injection.
Task 3:-C Took a bite out of my shirt.
Task 4:-E Inflated and rolled head over heels. Transformed into a werewolf via moonlight. | Held small metal marbles (slugs) as well as larger orbs of energy.
Task 5: ~ none ~

Wyvern, I know firsthand how racing games invade dreams. :tongue:

Scipio, transform harder and transform faster!

I’ve updated the scores and have also been considering the lack of creativity points thus far in the LC. It’s not that there haven’t been any “good” dreams; it’s more that nothing has “wowed” me in a way that seemed really creative. That said, there’s been conversation in IRC about a Task 4 / Task 5 crossover dream incubation of Floraiju Dodgeball, and everything about the idea seems humorous and all-around awesome. I’m willing to throw five to ten creativity points at it despite everybody having the same idea. You’ll get closer to ten points for extra details and for having an epic game, e.g., knowing the participants’ names or transforming known DCs, having many people for a large game (no pun intended), noting any destruction caused by you or other players, or other details. Methinks this should be entertaining to incubate and to read. :happy: