Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

ian1, I see you woke yourself up thinking you needed to talk to me and Wyvern. If it helps, remember that we’d rather let you dream. :smile:

drd, according to the last LC, the Wyvern avatar is about two feet tall, not three inches, but you can check on that one with him. :tongue: You got so close to more points; you were ready to have a tug-of-war, you had an audience to make it an “event” for the Traveler team subtask, you found Wyvern for the Team Dream, and you were ready to transform for another subtask too. It honestly sounds like you bit off just a bit more than you could chew, as if you didn’t attempt one of those things, you’d’ve had time to actually have the tug-of-war or transform and would’ve brought in a huge amount of points! It was really painful to see you get so close and then wake up before starting anything! That said, I can give points for one long lucid dream and for regaining lucidity after losing it. You do get points for doing a subtask in a non-lucid dream as well. Best of luck next dream!

HeadInTheClouds, don’t think that you need to remember absolutely everything! Part of the reason I weighted points towards what each individual desires is to prevent that boring feeling that comes from point farming; target what you like and have fun! Out of curiosity, what was it like having a large head? Rhewin told me it was pretty unpleasant, and while I don’t think it’s at the top of anybody’s to-do list, I figured somebody might find it amusing at the very least. :wink:

Eterna, I’m sorry to hear that boxing was boring. Perhaps you could have looked for something more exciting, such as a fight on a balance beam suspended over a pit of fire.[/bad_idea] In any case, you earned a lot of points for it! Make your next lucid dream something fun to make up for it. :smile:

I’ve updated the scores with all of these points. drd is gunning for the top three, it seems! Also, here’s a quick update on this week’s team standings: The Action team has 6 Task 2 subtask completions and 6 members for an average of 1 per member, the Traveler team has 2 completions and 8 members for an average of 0.25, and the Shapeshifter team has 1 completion and 3 members for an average of 0.33. There’s still four more nights, so this could change quickly!

Oleg - 1.5 minutes - Action - Drop myself from somewhere very very very high.

Now I think about it… is there even space?

^ There’s always space for more lucid dreamers. Stick with it this time; I feel like I ever only see you for a week at a time! :tongue:


It didn’t really do anything for me. My head kind of looked like a bubble, almost like a comment bubble in a comic book, but more vertically oval. In my dreams, I don’t really have too much of a sense of my body normally. I used a mirror and my hands to stretch my head, and once I noticed it was larger and bubble like, I went about other things and forgot about it. One of the reasons I like mirrors is because I can do transformations using them rather easily, but the minute I try to feel something on my own body everything usually goes back to normal. Sorry that I don’t have a more detailed version of it.

I think it was the machamp that messed it up for me, this was my first attempt at transformation while ld. This is how I saw wyvern, but he was red.

Yay! Points! A ton! :razz: So, yea… I:

  • Transformed into Machamp (Actually… see question below…)
  • Smashed some things
  • Ripped a tree out of the ground and tossed it
  • Picked up a van with psychokinesis
  • Visited the Astral Plain
    So… I just realized that I transformed into Machamp without James or HITC present… if I’m correct, I think that means that doesn’t count… :sad: Let me know if this is right when you get a chance, Thorn. I’ve “commented” the Team Dream out below. :razz:

(And I’m gonna apologize to Wyvern again in advance. XD You’ll see. :tongue: )

Wyvernita ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Task 1 Parts V, VIII & Task 2 Parts II, III, VII & Task 2 SHIFTER Team Dream LUCID CHAIN

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 1
Chains: 2

Task 1:-E Did some date math. | Levitated a van and went to the Astral Plain.
Task 2:-E SUPER SAIYAN SCIPIO. | Smashed things. Ripped a tree out of the ground. Transformed via injection. Turned into Machamp.

1 min ld. successfully added 7 to couple of dates of this month. could have keep adding 7 to all the possible dates, but didnt wanned to waste LD time for that. I didnt knew “todays” date. nor did i knew before i went to sleep or when i woke up. nor would I likely know at any point, even if its my birthday. coz the date for me is useless information, in most cases. so yeah, u decide if to add any points.

HeadInTheClouds, you don’t have to apologize; it was just a curious question I had. :tongue:

drd, I think it’s hilarious that you saw Wyvern that way. :happy:

Scipio, can I just say that that all sounded really, really fun? It makes me so sad that I can’t give you the Team Dream points without them there and that you summoned Wyvern after doing the Task 1 Action Team Dream. It sounds like you had a blast, though, and it sounds like the injection was a very good passive dream control trigger! I suspect you wouldn’t mind doing it again with a team member (perhaps a four-arm tug-of-war or strength-based Pokémon battle in front of an audience?), or maybe you could use Mewtwo next time, since you lack any of your team’s points for Task 1. You catapulted your team into the lead for Task 2 as well, giving it an average of 1.33 Task 2 subtasks per member. Keep on keepin’ on!
I like how you said Astral “Plain” as well, and actually saw a plain in it. Homophones are funny.

demented, you can tell me about how today’s date means nothing to you, but it does mean something for points. Was one of your chosen dates April 28th → May 5th or April 29th → May 6th? I’m assuming “no” for now, but if one was, then tell me and I will add the points. You get points for the short LD no matter what.

I’ve updated the scores with Scipio’s dream and demented’s dream.

  1. Hodge_Podge - 2 minutes - Action - Summon a Ferrari LaFerrari!

I threw cars off a cliff and smashed boulders against each other. I wasn’t lucid.

I didn’t sleep well enough to have proper dreams last night.


Hodge_Podge, welcome aboard! It seems like my prediction of the Action team being the largest one did come true; it was just delayed.

Siiw, I’ve added the points for smashing something sturdy, but I can’t give the points for lifting a heavy and anchored object because neither of those things was anchored/rooted to the ground. That said, you may not have been trying to claim those in the first place; it wasn’t stated, but I’m just being clear. You’re doing pretty well this LC and you still have many task points available to earn!

I’ve updated the scores per usual.

I completed my personal goal, which was to find and study a map of Ethos. Rather than writing about it, I chose to try to draw the map instead. So here is a vague representation of what I saw:

Edit for technical information: The dream I found and studied that map in was a medium length lucid dream.

^ Congrats! Best of luck exploring everything there, as well as what’s not marked and what’s above/below the ground and seas. :smile: As I said in chat, you can put down a second personal goal for 25 points if you like.

The scores are updated again. Lots of points today!

[color=#F781F3]I had a long LD last night, which mostly consisted of me exploring the city, flying through walls, etc. I was kind of directionless. But at some point I had heard about a young girl music artist that called herself starscreamer. She sounded like nightcore. I liked her music, but others didn’t. There was a group of people gathered at a stage where they didn’t want her to sing, so i telekinetically picked them up and threw them into space… that counts as task 1 make someone fly with your will, right?

I totally forgot about my goal this time…

So basically:
1 long ld
and task one.[/color]

^ Yes, it counts as part of Task 1. My original intent was to have LC participants actually guide a DC through the air in a controlled way, but so many people interpreted it as “throw the DC” that I gave up on my original interpretation. :tongue:

I’ve updated the scores with this.

Long LD
No tasks accomplished/multiple failed attempts

Stealing From Gambit No?
I arrive at movie theater with a friend discussing a strange topic upon entry. I begin questioning the subject in the back of my mind.

Brief blackout/Bad stabilization

We appear in line still on the same topic [LD]until this girl makes a very blatant attempt to pickpocket me. I look over at her for a moment to see her looking dead ahead shamelessly deciding what to get from the concession. With a slight smile, I walk over to her taking my money back and say something leaving her speechless. Although I was tempted to test out a new Genjutsu technique (no harm intended), I take her blatant actions as her way of getting my attention, being flirty/playful. I lock eyes with her now holding hands with her, confirming if it was what she intended, and in the end I pull off a Gambit.(I stole her heart/ we kiss)

Blackout/Willed back in

Sky Fall: Sharp Sense
I appear looking up at a full moon in a clear blue sky, falling head first. I remain still, enjoying the feeling of the wind around me listening to its faint howling. On the way down I sense something, but before I could look I realize its too late to do so and execute a quick barrel roll to avoid the object. A plane coming into view, I hear a loud thump, from clipping it. Still falling head first, I watch the plane continue onward as if nothing had happened, no smoke or anything signaling danger. Then it occurs to me that if the plane wasn’t in danger now there would be later. “Shit I’ve gotta save those people…” I say stopping my freefall, clenching my fist, and jetting off toward the plane. While gradually getting closer to the plane I black out.

Blackout/Willed back

Barrel Roll
I find myself flying upside down with my head hanging back, looking down at the city below. Amused at how the city looked while upside-down, I remain that way a while longer then begin barrel rolling.

Blackout/Willed back

Back To Business
I’m falling once again, flipping and twirling, until I regain control (believe I heard a devious laugh upon entry, but ignored it). I make another attempt to fly to the plane, but soon realize that if something was going to happen to the plane it would’ve already happened. My mind then goes back to the tasks as I continue coasting through the city.

Wind Blade
Pondering what to lift or break, I spot a building coming up. I decide to spare the glass since it wouldn’t count (fragile), try to land, and lift the building, but my body doesn’t respond and continues flying. I then shift my attention to the pillar coming up, on the far side of the building. The pillar out of reach, I try to destroy it with a ranged technique and destroy a solid chunk of debris that would fly my way. Gradually closing on the pillar, wreaking havoc then comes to mind and my eyes shift to the bodies of water below. Focusing on the water below, I see a transparent image of my face. Markings had appeared on my cheeks and my eyes, even the whites of my eyes, had become blue as if I had awakened something within. Suddenly realizing the wind would be the a more convenient element, I shift my attention from the water to the air around me. I make a knife-hand, place it across my torso at an angle as if about to chop something, and begin gathering chakara along the blade of my forearm. The wind is drawn to my forearm, condensing itself, making a transparent wind blade. Condensing its power, faint fumy charges of a deep blue aura begin to rise from the wind blade. When the time came I attempt to send it at the pillar, but my body doesn’t respond again. I make a second attempt, launching it at the wrong time causing me to miss the pillar and fade into the sky. My flight still on a pretty fixed path, I attempt to move my arms to see if they could be of any assistance and soon find out they were stuck.

Afterward I attempt another task, scanning the lower areas for a DC to lift via telekinesis, but couldn’t find a soul. I continue flying, enjoying what I could, the view, and keeping an eye out for more task opportunities. About 600m off in the distance I spot a platform, rails, rings, springs, and a red balloon with a blue circle in the center of the balloon and a yellow star in the center of the circle. Led to believe it was a Sonic stage, I attempt to fly that way, but in the middle of my fight for flight control, I catch a glimpse of a place I never thought I’d see again so soon.

Highway In The Clouds
Seeing my flight path was going to take me to the highway in the clouds, I stop resisting and go with the flow. I’m temporarily distracted by the scenery before near missing a streetlight. Realizing it would count for a solid object, I attempt to collide with another street light, but fall short on reach or phase through it. During flight I black out again, and this time fail to return due to visitors coming and going.[/LD][/color][/spoiler]

Koharo, I’ve updated the scores with your long LD. Better luck with tasks next time!

i just noticed that i have 40 points in monthly quest? what is that for?
is that credit for the long ld, and just in the wrong place?

^ That’s exactly what happened. I’ve fixed it now.

Long LD, (Woo!) And an FA where I’m typing this comment! :tongue:

I done a multiplication, 45X45. Got it horribly wrong, but would do IWL anyway. I was going to take your advice and do a bizarre/creative exercise but never settled on what, so completely forgot in the LD. Oh well. :smile: