Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

Siiw, I’m not going to remove you from the competition just because you want to host. Most LC participants want to host the next LC. Fact. I had no plans to bring up our private talks in here and will not be judging you based on the contents of them, but since you’ve brought them up, I remember that some of it related to favoritism toward certain people. Removing you or limiting your ability to host would be favoring others, and I would never do that.

I can’t count your points for telepathy, as the subtask specifically asked for hearing the thoughts of others. I will also not count the “animation” per your request. Everything else is fine.

With Task 2 about to go up, I feel that I should provide a list of scores for anybody who can’t see the scoreboard. If you need the scores in text like this, please tell me, and I will make it in future weeks. If not, then I will let the scoreboard do the talking.1. Lucidis (605)

  1. Rhewin (395)
  2. Wyvern (380)
  3. Siiw (210)
  4. Scipio Xaos (130)
  5. demented (100)
  6. Eterna (80)
  7. ian1 (30)
  8. Letaali (20)
  9. James_UK2008 (20)
  10. paual (5)
  11. Yev, mr_Block, HeadInTheClouds, Loah, drd, Koharo (0)
    The Action team averaged 2.67 Task 1 subtasks per member and will get a bonus subtask in the next post. The Traveler team averaged 1.75 and the Shapeshifter team managed 0.33.

I’ll put up Task 2 shortly! Congratulations to everybody who has scored so far!

Task 2: Brawn

You worked your brain last week; now you’ll work your body. Strength is theoretically unlimited in dreams, but can you break your mental schema of what your own limitations are?* Perform an exercise: 20 points

  • Smash something sturdy with pure strength: 20 points
  • Lift/move something heavy that is anchored to the ground, e.g., a tree or a building, via physical contact: 40 points
  • (Bonus for winning Task 1) Try to stay inbounds! Compete in something won by moving an opponent out of bounds (e.g., tug-of-war or sumo wrestling): 40 points
  • View or compete in a sporting event based on strength (boxing, wrestling, sumo wrestling, etc.): 40 points
  • Grow visible muscles throughout your entire body (i.e., not just in one or two body parts) or transform into a strong creature: 30 points
  • Sci-fi films, horror movies, and even Major League Baseball teach that the fastest way to gain strength or supernatural powers is an injection (sanity not guaranteed in the former two settings). Use an injection to initiate a transformation for any other subtask in this LC: 10 points
    Not counting Team Dreams and not counting the bonus for the Action team, which was up for anybody to grab and doesn’t factor into my calculation, there are now 340 total task points for the Action team and 320 for the other teams. One of the teams will catch up to the Action team next week, and remember that by Task 6, everybody will be even in terms of available points.

Lastly, here are the Team Dream requirements for the week.* Action: Decide on something heavy and anchored to the ground to lift/move with a teammate or decide on a sport to compete in that is won or lost based on staying inbounds.

  • Traveler: Decide on a strength-based sporting event to view with a teammate.
  • Shapeshifter: Decide whether you’ll grow muscles via injection or transform into a stronger creature with a teammate. If the latter, specify what creature and remember that you cannot use this creature for points for any other task.
    The winning team this week will have the highest-scoring subtask from an opposing team next week (which will be worth 40 points) also count as its own, effectively avoiding the half-credit stipulation for that task. Remember, only subtasks and Team Dreams from this week will count for this; going back to Task 1 is fine for individual points but will not help the team. As always, best of luck to everybody!

Siiw, if i win ill make you hostess. ^^

had some nice zombie movie dream. again… have no idea why i get those relatively often…

Had a ld this morning that lasted about 5 minutes.

 I was at my church in my hometown, it was night. Then I questioned if i was dreaming, and became lucid. I grabbed a signpost out of the ground and started hitting cars on the road like baseballs, they went flying. Walking down the sidewalk looking for stuff to smash, I started saying "turn the lights on!' to make the sun come out, and after a few times it finally worked. Not thinking the object I grabbed was big enough, I ripped a streetlight out of the ground, and tried to hit more cars, but it was took big. I grabbed the signpost again and hit a couple people. Next I walked into a building,  picked up three people using pk and then threw them. I then broke a window and went back outside. I found a dumpster and picked it up and threw it using pk. I heard someone say "you dont have much time left, the sun is out", I knew this was referring to the real world. 30 seconds later I woke up.

^ It sounds like you had fun. Congrats on getting part of the task done on the first night and for getting points from the previous task! I’ve updated the scores, and you’ve moved up to fourth place. :smile:

A question was raised last night about the Traveler subtask. If you participate in the event in question, you will still earn points unless you were somehow so blinded that you couldn’t view what was going on around you. I do stand by using the word “event”, though, so wrestling with a random DC will not be enough. I also made slight edits to the wording of two other subtasks; any sport won or lost based on going out of bounds will work for the Action team’s bonus subtask, and I clarified “throughout your entire body” for the Shapeshifter team’s first subtask.

Finally, the Shapeshifter team has settled on using another Pokémon for their Team Dream this week. You’ll earn Shapeshifter Team Dream credit for becoming a Machamp alongside a Shapeshifter team member. It’s worth 30 points if you’re on the team and 15 points if you’re not, and will of course get credit for the “strong creature” subtask as well.

Another LD! With another task! :biggrin: Let’s hope things keep up. :content:

Super Saiyan Scipio ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Task 2 Part 6 LUCID EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 1
Chains: 1

Task 1:-E Did some date math.

^ It sounds like you had fun too. :smile: I expect that everybody will have fun with this, honestly, and I look forward to reading the dream journal entries. The scores are updated, and you’ve moved from sixth place to fifth place.

[color=#F781F3]I had a short ld where I looked around for something to pick up, and was near train tracks. I picked up the railroad block tower thing out of the ground (wow, it weighed as much as a foam bat, it seems. But then again, i have thrown a frozen sun across the galaxy!)

A train was coming down the tracks, so I swung it at the train. I don’t remember what happened to the train though… I think it just disappeared… There was a helicopter that came after me shortly after, in which I hit with it like a baseball… what are those train… stop… blocker things called… where the arm comes down to block the road.

I also asked someone to tell me where mordor was, and they just said “it’s north of here” but i didn’t go looking for it, because for some reason i felt like it didn’t exist… I should have looked though… does that still count as attempting?

Also… for some reason I had twin tails, like i do in my avatar…[/color]

Loah, I’m unsure from your post if you’re claiming points for smashing something sturdy with pure strength, so I haven’t marked those points unless you clarify. Your personal goal also says “simply walk into mordor!” rather than to ask where it is, so it doesn’t sound like you’ve done it; again, tell me if I’m wrong. I’ve updated the scores, and you’ve moved up to 7th place.

Had a long LD last night where I picked up a boulder and smashed a tree. Actually misremembered the picking up something heavy subtask and forgot it had to be anchored, but I did manage to smash something at least!

^ The scores are updated for this as well. You’re still trailing, though!

[color=#F781F3]I want to claim points for smashing a sturdy object. i just wasn’t sure if when you said “smash a sturdy object with pure strength” meant to include the use of something else. more so just your fist, or something… and i won’t claim points for attempting, since i didn’t actually try to walk in. I usually can’t really tell if somelthing qualifies for points or not unless they are straight forward. grey areas kind of confuse me, so maybe i was posting with the idea that you would decide that.

oh! maybe i misunderstood. i thought we got points for attempting our personal goal, but i’m not sure anymore. either way, i didn’t really attempt it anyway :tongue: [/color]

^ My original intent was to make it so you had to use just your body to do the smashing, but such a large number of people have interpreted it as using another object that I’m basically stuck letting that count. :tongue: The requirement I’ll make in that case is that the assisting object should require incredible strength to wield. A baseball bat would not count, but the things done so far, such as ripping a streetlight out of the ground or hurling a boulder, do count. I’ve added in those points for you.

I’m double posting, oh noes.

Four people on the Action team want to do a tug-of-war for their Team Dream, one has said that he is indifferent to all Team Dreams (which is fine!), and one didn’t make any comment at all. Given that, the Action Team Dream will be having a tug-of-war with an Action team member. Likewise, the Travelers has three people interested in viewing and/or participating in a mixed martial arts event and five people without comment, so I’ll set being present at a mixed martial arts event (not just fighting a random person on the street!) with a Traveler team member as the Traveler Team Dream. The Shapeshifter Team Dream was already set as becoming a Machamp, a particularly strong Pokémon, with a Shapeshifter team member.

Remember, each of these is worth 30 points if you’re on the corresponding team and 15 if you’re not. You’ll also get points for the subtask they each address, so they’re worth a fair bit!

I can still not access the team documents, but I was hoping for martial arts. Please count me in on that vote. :cool:

I briefly wondered if I was dreaming yesterday, and performed a physical exercise last night. It wasn’t lucid.

^ Definitely talk to another team member or to me if you want information from there. I wasn’t requiring anybody to use the online documents to set up Team Dreams, but was just providing them because they were convenient for many. I’m sure that your team members would have no problem relaying some information for you, and I’m happy to do so as well.

I’ve updated the scores, and that just sent you from sixth place to fifth. Even if it wasn’t lucid, it meant something!

Had a medium LD last night where I lifted a giant candy cane out of the ground. That was a thing.

^ Many things are things. In any case, I’ve updated your score.

Had a short LD. No tasks done.


Another dream, this was a long one.

I was in a gym class, playing dodgeball, the gym was dark, my professor Guy Hembroff was the teacher. Moved some small things that resembled cigarettes around on the floor with pk. I showed Hembroff he said “Oh thats cool” clearly unimpressed. Moved a couple dodgeballs with pk also. I remember thinking “If we had like 20 people, we could move a car this way”. Not lucid. Next I was in some kind of warehouse I guess there were chemicals there, because I put on a hazmat suit (my friend was telling me about chemicals blowing up the other day, and I remembered what he said).

Next I was at a school in the hallway, people were there. Started flying (not lucid) but it was slow, I imagined greasing myself to fly a little faster, it worked, them I imagined less air resistance, and flew a little faster, then I imagined flying like ironman with something pushing on my feet and hands (with sound effects) and flew faster. Suddenly I was flying in the warehouse, towards the big doors. Outside was some godzilla creature in the water. I stopped flying and fell in the water. To get out of the water, I held my arm out and imagined something pulling me to get me in the air, once I was high enough in the air I then flew back into the warehouse ironman style. Once inside I landed and put on the hood of my hazmat suit, i remember seeing eye holes from the inside of the rubber helmet/hood. There was a regular size door to the outside nearby and I went out, some kind of war was going on, plus I think the godzilla was there. I saw a helicopter and blew it up with my mind, started throwing some small objects to blow something else up. Looking for more stuff to blow up, I saw a couple floating ambulances, but I did not blow them up.

Then I had a false awakening, I was at my friend erics house, and it was time to go to bed, the floor was carpeted. I fell back asleep, and I was in the warehouse…AGAIN! Then I became lucid, and started to look for a rope and people. I started walking down the halls of some school, trying to get outside. I saw sunlight, and a door. I said “this door lead to the outside”, then opened the door. I was outside, it was bright and sunny, the grass was very green, and there were people everywhere. I saw a few girls with what I thought were ropes, but they were necklaces/hair pieces. I asked if I could have their rope, but they said no. This lasted about 2-5 mins.

Then I had another false awakening. I was at my friends house again. It was 6 in the morning, him and his wife were cleaning, I was sitting on the carpet and they were using a dust mop, trying to make me move by sliding the mop on the floor and hitting my butt. I moved, and fell back asleep. I was in the warehouse again, and became lucid. I found a ball and chain, pulled on it to make it long, and started to look for people. I walked into a room with a bunch of stalones. They started chanting “TUG OF WAR, TUG OF WAR!”. I said “I need my man Wyvern, hes a little red guy about this big” (pointing at my fingers about 3 inches apart). Then I saw a little round red guy about 3 inches tall, with one eyeball, long teeth, and wings among all the grey, there he was. The stalones started chanting again, I was holding onto the makeshift tug of war object, then I said “not until I turn into MACHAAAAAAAMMP!”, and I flexed my arms in a downward pose. I started to imagine arms at my shoulders, then I woke up for real. The second instance of lucidity lasted another 2-5 mins.

So my question is whether or not a subtask counts if I’m not lucid. If so I’m claiming points for moving small objects with pk (which I was not lucid for), along with both instances of lucidity.