Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

I had one long lucid dream, one medium lucid dream, and three short lucid dreams. I used telepathy to hear a friend’s thoughts and later to manipulated another friend’s thoughts. I correctly stated the date 7 days from the current date. It was April 20, so I said April 27. I attempted multiplication 12 x 17 = 194. I used psychokinesis to hurl large objects (dead trees and boulders) at some woman.

I also learned more about Umbras and Blitzerias and a town called Oakgrin. So a very good night for me.


^ It sounds like you had a lot going for you. I know that typing five lucid dreams must be a pain; I start getting impatient even if I only have to type two or three lucid dreams from one night. Keep it up!

The scores are updated.

Is it too late to sign up? i’d like to. but Lumessence won’t be signing up this time.

^ You most certainly can sign up! I just need you to give me the same information in a sign-up post as everybody else has, and you’re set.

Loah - 10m - action - simply walk into mordor!

Wooo! Finally! cracks knuckles Did some date math. :content: I’m in this! :happy:

Lucid Fragment ~ Short Lucid Dream
John Henry’s Paxel ~ Long Lucid Dream ~ Task 1 Part I LUCID CHAIN EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: ~ none ~
Long LDs: 1
Chains: 1

Task 1:-E Did some date math.

K im joining

drd - 2 min - action - have a real conversation with my sc

I’ve added the two new sign-ups and updated the scores. Best of luck to everybody!

Finally got some decent sleep last night, with a very vivid ND where I asked myself if I was dreaming and started performing an RC but got distracted midway :T

^ Hey, it’s progress! It also moves you out of last place and into 10th. :tongue:

A medium LD last night where I used some substances in the dream along with ian1 from the Traveler team and another friend and it brought us to the Astral Plane. Some trippy looking place with shadow people. :razz:

^ I’ve added your points, and you’re still 5 behind. Granted, I know you’re not counting every LD, but I figured I’d make a note of that for motivational purposes. :tongue:

OK, Tuesday morning there was one pretty epic long LD based on Attack on Titan. I telekineticaly there a giant boulder at one Titan and also swirled a bunch of gravel around the person who let the titans in to slow them down. He was a man in a purple suit with a top hat. I could hear his inner monologue, which is what tipped me off. The dream ended with me fighting him.

The other night I also had an ND where I was trying to do 12 by 15. Was not correct at all.

Finally, short LD last night, but again, I lost lucidity before I could do anything of value.

^ That sure is 200 points there. The scores are updated again.

[color=olive]…V2 will take a bit to update, but the LC has had a tendency to get me a fired up, and there are things to get done on the other side.
With that said…

Koharo - 5min - Action - *Pt1. Train Thorn in the art of fire Pt2. Successfully use the fire element

*My first goal is a two part goal to be completed in order. It can be completed in separate dreams, but must be in that order to get credit for my first goal.[/color]

^ Considering some naturals are competing this time, I think you’ll find tougher competition than that from your last time in the LC. Best of luck!

Had a pretty good night last night. Well, morning this morning, but I digress.

One long LD. I was checking my phone for the time when [LD] I realized I must still be in bed. I jumped out and immediately began rubbing my hands. Unlike normal, as soon as I was outside of my room, my apartment was nearly identical to RL.

I made my way past the cat, who looked amazingly uninterested in the dream, and walked outside.

Instead of seeing my normal balcony, I had a stone staircase covered in ivy. As I walked down them, I found my dream apartment was apparently several stories up. When I looked up from the bottom, I was apparently at the bottom of a stone tower.

I checked my phone and saw the date (4/23, which was the night before), and estimated that in one week it would be 4/30.

I hit myself on some kind of overhang[/LD] EDIT: I hit the overhang because I had changed the size of my head to make it larger. I ended up making it mostly wider, though I still felt the height.[LD] as I walked out and tried to think of other tasks. I remembered I should find a fortune teller and walked out. While the back of my apartment had the right lawn, the building itself looked like castle ruins.

I kept walking forward, clapping my hands and telling myself to stay in the dream. I saw a girl running toward a hedge and thought she might be a fortune teller, but she was gone before I could catch her.

The dream began to fade, but I kept it by looking at my hands. I found myself on an average street at sunset.

I then tried to do my team’s incubation by calling Wyvern. I told myself he’d be there when I turned around, but I saw nothing.

A black van sped past me. I willed the driver to stop and turn around. He pulled into a driveway and backed out, facing me. I was going to use the van to try to regenerate.

It sped toward me, but as it was about to hit me, it dodged out of my way. I was so frustrated.[/LD] I woke up.

I also had two short LD’s. In both of them, I WILD’ed in the same method as before. In both, I lost the dream but saved it by rubbing my hands. I actually did that 4 times in the second, but as I understand the scoring, losing and regaining only counts once.

And that’s it.

Edit tldr: 1 long LD, guessed the date, made my head larger, and two short LDs, both with losing and regaining.

^ Got it. The scores are updated.

I had been kind of lazy/distracted/busy the past few days, but today I managed to get my dream journal caught back up again. [

In that time, I had medium length lucid dream where DEILD was involved, another medium length lucid dream, and two long lucid dreams. In the most recent lucid, I visited the astral plane and visited a fortune teller named Magnia. Unfortunately I forgot to bring an LC teammate with me. I did learn and experience a bunch of new things though. It was a great trip.

12 * 12 = 144. In remainder of those ~2 mins i failed to remember any other task. As well as I was unable to remember right after woke up and tried to deild… i gotta suspicion that im gonna deild soon :3