Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

^ My original intent was to make it so you had to use just your body to do the smashing, but such a large number of people have interpreted it as using another object that I’m basically stuck letting that count. :tongue: The requirement I’ll make in that case is that the assisting object should require incredible strength to wield. A baseball bat would not count, but the things done so far, such as ripping a streetlight out of the ground or hurling a boulder, do count. I’ve added in those points for you.

I’m double posting, oh noes.

Four people on the Action team want to do a tug-of-war for their Team Dream, one has said that he is indifferent to all Team Dreams (which is fine!), and one didn’t make any comment at all. Given that, the Action Team Dream will be having a tug-of-war with an Action team member. Likewise, the Travelers has three people interested in viewing and/or participating in a mixed martial arts event and five people without comment, so I’ll set being present at a mixed martial arts event (not just fighting a random person on the street!) with a Traveler team member as the Traveler Team Dream. The Shapeshifter Team Dream was already set as becoming a Machamp, a particularly strong Pokémon, with a Shapeshifter team member.

Remember, each of these is worth 30 points if you’re on the corresponding team and 15 if you’re not. You’ll also get points for the subtask they each address, so they’re worth a fair bit!

I can still not access the team documents, but I was hoping for martial arts. Please count me in on that vote. :cool:

I briefly wondered if I was dreaming yesterday, and performed a physical exercise last night. It wasn’t lucid.

^ Definitely talk to another team member or to me if you want information from there. I wasn’t requiring anybody to use the online documents to set up Team Dreams, but was just providing them because they were convenient for many. I’m sure that your team members would have no problem relaying some information for you, and I’m happy to do so as well.

I’ve updated the scores, and that just sent you from sixth place to fifth. Even if it wasn’t lucid, it meant something!

Had a medium LD last night where I lifted a giant candy cane out of the ground. That was a thing.

^ Many things are things. In any case, I’ve updated your score.

Had a short LD. No tasks done.


Another dream, this was a long one.

I was in a gym class, playing dodgeball, the gym was dark, my professor Guy Hembroff was the teacher. Moved some small things that resembled cigarettes around on the floor with pk. I showed Hembroff he said “Oh thats cool” clearly unimpressed. Moved a couple dodgeballs with pk also. I remember thinking “If we had like 20 people, we could move a car this way”. Not lucid. Next I was in some kind of warehouse I guess there were chemicals there, because I put on a hazmat suit (my friend was telling me about chemicals blowing up the other day, and I remembered what he said).

Next I was at a school in the hallway, people were there. Started flying (not lucid) but it was slow, I imagined greasing myself to fly a little faster, it worked, them I imagined less air resistance, and flew a little faster, then I imagined flying like ironman with something pushing on my feet and hands (with sound effects) and flew faster. Suddenly I was flying in the warehouse, towards the big doors. Outside was some godzilla creature in the water. I stopped flying and fell in the water. To get out of the water, I held my arm out and imagined something pulling me to get me in the air, once I was high enough in the air I then flew back into the warehouse ironman style. Once inside I landed and put on the hood of my hazmat suit, i remember seeing eye holes from the inside of the rubber helmet/hood. There was a regular size door to the outside nearby and I went out, some kind of war was going on, plus I think the godzilla was there. I saw a helicopter and blew it up with my mind, started throwing some small objects to blow something else up. Looking for more stuff to blow up, I saw a couple floating ambulances, but I did not blow them up.

Then I had a false awakening, I was at my friend erics house, and it was time to go to bed, the floor was carpeted. I fell back asleep, and I was in the warehouse…AGAIN! Then I became lucid, and started to look for a rope and people. I started walking down the halls of some school, trying to get outside. I saw sunlight, and a door. I said “this door lead to the outside”, then opened the door. I was outside, it was bright and sunny, the grass was very green, and there were people everywhere. I saw a few girls with what I thought were ropes, but they were necklaces/hair pieces. I asked if I could have their rope, but they said no. This lasted about 2-5 mins.

Then I had another false awakening. I was at my friends house again. It was 6 in the morning, him and his wife were cleaning, I was sitting on the carpet and they were using a dust mop, trying to make me move by sliding the mop on the floor and hitting my butt. I moved, and fell back asleep. I was in the warehouse again, and became lucid. I found a ball and chain, pulled on it to make it long, and started to look for people. I walked into a room with a bunch of stalones. They started chanting “TUG OF WAR, TUG OF WAR!”. I said “I need my man Wyvern, hes a little red guy about this big” (pointing at my fingers about 3 inches apart). Then I saw a little round red guy about 3 inches tall, with one eyeball, long teeth, and wings among all the grey, there he was. The stalones started chanting again, I was holding onto the makeshift tug of war object, then I said “not until I turn into MACHAAAAAAAMMP!”, and I flexed my arms in a downward pose. I started to imagine arms at my shoulders, then I woke up for real. The second instance of lucidity lasted another 2-5 mins.

So my question is whether or not a subtask counts if I’m not lucid. If so I’m claiming points for moving small objects with pk (which I was not lucid for), along with both instances of lucidity.

So, I finally got lucid last night. I had a long LD and accomplished multiple things from the first task.

I calculated the date a week ahead as May 5th. I multiplied 12 * 12 and got 144. I levitated a nightstand looking thing. I also successfully enlarged my head.

I could have finished many more things, but there was too much to remember to do. I did ask a DC my question for my personal goal, but I can’t remember the response. The DC was a tiny, half-human half-wookie and I think he gave me a roar, but I just can’t remember.

Had a medium length LD today where I watched a boxing match. It was boring lol! :tongue:

ian1, I see you woke yourself up thinking you needed to talk to me and Wyvern. If it helps, remember that we’d rather let you dream. :smile:

drd, according to the last LC, the Wyvern avatar is about two feet tall, not three inches, but you can check on that one with him. :tongue: You got so close to more points; you were ready to have a tug-of-war, you had an audience to make it an “event” for the Traveler team subtask, you found Wyvern for the Team Dream, and you were ready to transform for another subtask too. It honestly sounds like you bit off just a bit more than you could chew, as if you didn’t attempt one of those things, you’d’ve had time to actually have the tug-of-war or transform and would’ve brought in a huge amount of points! It was really painful to see you get so close and then wake up before starting anything! That said, I can give points for one long lucid dream and for regaining lucidity after losing it. You do get points for doing a subtask in a non-lucid dream as well. Best of luck next dream!

HeadInTheClouds, don’t think that you need to remember absolutely everything! Part of the reason I weighted points towards what each individual desires is to prevent that boring feeling that comes from point farming; target what you like and have fun! Out of curiosity, what was it like having a large head? Rhewin told me it was pretty unpleasant, and while I don’t think it’s at the top of anybody’s to-do list, I figured somebody might find it amusing at the very least. :wink:

Eterna, I’m sorry to hear that boxing was boring. Perhaps you could have looked for something more exciting, such as a fight on a balance beam suspended over a pit of fire.[/bad_idea] In any case, you earned a lot of points for it! Make your next lucid dream something fun to make up for it. :smile:

I’ve updated the scores with all of these points. drd is gunning for the top three, it seems! Also, here’s a quick update on this week’s team standings: The Action team has 6 Task 2 subtask completions and 6 members for an average of 1 per member, the Traveler team has 2 completions and 8 members for an average of 0.25, and the Shapeshifter team has 1 completion and 3 members for an average of 0.33. There’s still four more nights, so this could change quickly!

Oleg - 1.5 minutes - Action - Drop myself from somewhere very very very high.

Now I think about it… is there even space?

^ There’s always space for more lucid dreamers. Stick with it this time; I feel like I ever only see you for a week at a time! :tongue:


It didn’t really do anything for me. My head kind of looked like a bubble, almost like a comment bubble in a comic book, but more vertically oval. In my dreams, I don’t really have too much of a sense of my body normally. I used a mirror and my hands to stretch my head, and once I noticed it was larger and bubble like, I went about other things and forgot about it. One of the reasons I like mirrors is because I can do transformations using them rather easily, but the minute I try to feel something on my own body everything usually goes back to normal. Sorry that I don’t have a more detailed version of it.

I think it was the machamp that messed it up for me, this was my first attempt at transformation while ld. This is how I saw wyvern, but he was red.

Yay! Points! A ton! :razz: So, yea… I:

  • Transformed into Machamp (Actually… see question below…)
  • Smashed some things
  • Ripped a tree out of the ground and tossed it
  • Picked up a van with psychokinesis
  • Visited the Astral Plain
    So… I just realized that I transformed into Machamp without James or HITC present… if I’m correct, I think that means that doesn’t count… :sad: Let me know if this is right when you get a chance, Thorn. I’ve “commented” the Team Dream out below. :razz:

(And I’m gonna apologize to Wyvern again in advance. XD You’ll see. :tongue: )

Wyvernita ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Task 1 Parts V, VIII & Task 2 Parts II, III, VII & Task 2 SHIFTER Team Dream LUCID CHAIN

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 1
Chains: 2

Task 1:-E Did some date math. | Levitated a van and went to the Astral Plain.
Task 2:-E SUPER SAIYAN SCIPIO. | Smashed things. Ripped a tree out of the ground. Transformed via injection. Turned into Machamp.

1 min ld. successfully added 7 to couple of dates of this month. could have keep adding 7 to all the possible dates, but didnt wanned to waste LD time for that. I didnt knew “todays” date. nor did i knew before i went to sleep or when i woke up. nor would I likely know at any point, even if its my birthday. coz the date for me is useless information, in most cases. so yeah, u decide if to add any points.

HeadInTheClouds, you don’t have to apologize; it was just a curious question I had. :tongue:

drd, I think it’s hilarious that you saw Wyvern that way. :happy:

Scipio, can I just say that that all sounded really, really fun? It makes me so sad that I can’t give you the Team Dream points without them there and that you summoned Wyvern after doing the Task 1 Action Team Dream. It sounds like you had a blast, though, and it sounds like the injection was a very good passive dream control trigger! I suspect you wouldn’t mind doing it again with a team member (perhaps a four-arm tug-of-war or strength-based Pokémon battle in front of an audience?), or maybe you could use Mewtwo next time, since you lack any of your team’s points for Task 1. You catapulted your team into the lead for Task 2 as well, giving it an average of 1.33 Task 2 subtasks per member. Keep on keepin’ on!
I like how you said Astral “Plain” as well, and actually saw a plain in it. Homophones are funny.

demented, you can tell me about how today’s date means nothing to you, but it does mean something for points. Was one of your chosen dates April 28th → May 5th or April 29th → May 6th? I’m assuming “no” for now, but if one was, then tell me and I will add the points. You get points for the short LD no matter what.

I’ve updated the scores with Scipio’s dream and demented’s dream.

  1. Hodge_Podge - 2 minutes - Action - Summon a Ferrari LaFerrari!

I threw cars off a cliff and smashed boulders against each other. I wasn’t lucid.

I didn’t sleep well enough to have proper dreams last night.