Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

I had a medium-length lucid dream, completed the personal task, smashed something sturdy (which I already did so that was pointless), and spent way too much time on a task that never existed. Yaaay!!

Oh, and what I assume to be… (what was his name again…?) The guy who… did something, I don’t know.

There. I can now finally leave the two-digits score behind me.

^ Don’t forget that you can pick a replacement personal goal for another 25 points. Congratulations on the LD! I’ve added your points to the scoreboard.

Uh, hey Thorn. I just checked the scores, and it told me I couldn’t view it because it extended the 5MB limit. You aware of this? If so, then a big whopping never mind.

^ Yeah, I noticed after I posted that Excel seemed to slow down, but I couldn’t figure out why. It seems that some formatting I did applied to every single row, even beyond what was visible, causing it to save data for 100,000+ rows. I’ve corrected the issue and it should now load properly.

I still need that second personal goal, though! :tongue:

[color=#F781F3]aawww. I should have been paying attention to this!
i had a long ld last night where I was kicking around big bubbles. if I had read the task I would have tried to hold one, or even play a game with another team member… gah so many potential points missed there :sad:

but anyway, i guess that’s one long ld.[/color]

:happy: Lots of points! Inflated and rolled (head over heels, mind you :tongue: ), as well as transformed underneath the moonlight. A Medium and a Short LD, a chain, and early points! Wooo! :happy: Though I still seem to have a knack for creating tasks in dream. :razz:

Tggtt Dream ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Task 4 Parts IV & VII EARLY LUCID Chain
When the Moon is Full ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Task 4 Part VI

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 3
Medium LDs: 3
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 3

Task 1:-E Did some date math. | Levitated a van and went to the Astral Plain.
Task 2:-E SUPER SAIYAN SCIPIO. | Smashed things. Ripped a tree out of the ground. Transformed via injection.
Task 3: ~ none ~
Task 4:-E Inflated and rolled head over heels. Transformed into a werewolf via moonlight.

Loah, points are points! The long LD still gets you closer to the next place and distances you from the person behind you.

Scipio, it sounds like you had lots of fun. I’m glad the “silly” transformations from this LC are getting just as much of an emotional response as the more serious ones. :tongue:

The scores are updated.

In last night’s dream an old lucid dreamer was asked on the tv “How fast have you moved in a dream?” He answered “Well, I actually tested that a few time. I could easily stop time in my dreams so I was moving at the speed of light after that, but I wanted to go faster. Cars didn’t work so well for me so I used a bike to move faster than light.”
After hearing that I wanted to try if I could reach the speed of light with a bike. I was suddenly on a highway with a bike and I was dodging cars and actually moving faster than them, but nowhere near the speed of light. I found myself suddenly on the other side of the planet, in Brazil. Anyway, that’s my exercise, biking at least 90km/h :tongue:

^ Letaali, that sounds like a fun activity. That said, I’ve probably reached that speed on foot while lucid; I’m not sure which would be more fun to do. I’ve added your points to the scores.

Ah. Finally. Got one. Hopefully.
“Stop time.”

Seems basic enough, I’d suppose. A bit more difficult compared to merely dropping yourself from a high place, though.

Yay semester is over. Dream dump time. I’ll note if any of these were on time for early points.

Short lucid dream where I did jumping jacks to stabilize dream.

Smashed through wall where I also grew muscles in and ND.

Ate some pizza in an ND, though not with team members.

And that’s it… so far.

Edit: was in a McDonalds in one long LD

Medium LD last night where I grew muscles via injection.
I also entered a bakery at one point… and ate delicious fluffy muffins :happy:, but yes, I already have the junk food points. They were just so good.

Rhewin, I’ve also added the fact that Task 2 was early, as you said in IRC. Please edit that in when you get a chance so that I have an accurate list of points earned. Good to see you’re not dead. :happy:

Wyvern, muffins are important information even when not worth points. :smile:

The scores are updated. Rhewin has been marked active again.

Smashing through a wall was current as per the task

I had a string of 3 short LDs yesterday. Didn’t manage to do any tasks.

^ I’ve marked those points, Siiw. They move you back into fifth place, but only by a small margin over sixth!

I am unsure whether the thing here counts or not.

And let me just complain a bit more.

Edit: And looking at the IRC chat’s definition of it, it seems like it was a ‘reverse FLD’? The behavior was of ND, but the consciousness was of a LD…? That’s the closest I can get, to be fair. :tongue:

:biggrin: Had an epic LD in which I did some task things while following the plot. Perhaps the best ending in all of my LDing history. :content:

Orbs of Badassery ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Task 3 Part I LUCID COMBO, Task 4 Parts I & II CHAIN

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 3
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 4

Task 1:-E Did some date math. | Levitated a van and went to the Astral Plain.
Task 2:-E SUPER SAIYAN SCIPIO. | Smashed things. Ripped a tree out of the ground. Transformed via injection.
Task 3:-C Took a bite out of my shirt.
Task 4:-E Inflated and rolled head over heels. Transformed into a werewolf via moonlight. | Held small metal marbles (slugs) as well as larger orbs of energy.

Oleg, I’m confused. Your dream journal entry makes it sound like you had a false lucid dream, which we are not counting for points this LC (and haven’t for a few LCs now). However, the heading of your DJ entry says it’s a medium LD or longer. Can you tell me which is the case? I didn’t award any points yet.

Scipio, I refuse to believe that was a NiGHTS dream; you’ve only played the game twice. :tongue: You moved up to fourth place with that, and unless Lucidis starts writing things in his dream journal, third is on the way.

The scores are updated with the exception of Oleg’s dream.

Short LDs connected by DEILD. I am claiming points for:
Long LD/chain
Eating clothes
Using injection as a transformation trigger
Growing muscles

SPOILER - Click to view

I at my cousins GFs house. We were inside the house. I remember someone was spinning a long metal object like a helicopter. I decided to walk through it, and let it go through my body, it worked. I looked out the window, and saw shadows moving under the door to the barn. It was her dad. I decided that I needed to hide, so I turn myself invisible/silent/non solid (common for me in NDs, I guess I like to hide from people). I wanted to go outside without opening the door, so I walk through the closed window to the outside. Then I became lucid. I decide its took dark, so I try to turn the lights on with failure.

I DEILED to the next dream. I was at my house where I grew up. I tried jumping to the top of the house a couple times. I jumped just high enough to grab the edge of the roof. I remembered that I wanted to sit and focus, so I tried. While doing so, All I could see was leaves on the trees, and my vision started to blur, so I stand up, and spin in order to regain lucidity. I then start to fly up in order to try to get to space, and end up waking up again.

Another DEILD! I saw a flash of light, and I was crawling on my knees like a baby. I stand up, and looked around, trying to think of LC things to do. I remembered the muscles subtask, so I reach for a needle on the table. At first, there was nothing in my hand, but after a second look, there was a large needle in my hand. I injected myself. and felt my biceps starting to grow. They started off looking pretty good, but then they became comically large, like balloons attached to my arms. I saw my dad, and hit him with my biceps, and the walked away. At that moment, they fell off, and I woke up.

This time, I had a FA. I was sitting in my bed. I quickly realize that I was dreaming, and then climb out my window, started running, and then jumped off into flight. I flew a little down the street and then landed. again I was looking for Lc stuff to do, and remembered the eating clothes subtask. I looked down, and all I was wearing was underwear, so I ripped off a little piece, which grew larger, and shoved it in my mouth. I was unable to swallow, because there was so much, and my mouth was dry, so I started pulling it out. I kept pulling more and more out of my mouth, until I was able to swallow. I remember seeing firefighters. Then I woke up again.

Another DEILD. I was in the same house that I injected myself. Looking for LC stuff to do, I remembered dodgeball. I quickly grabbed a dodgeball, and went outside looking for Wyvern. There were thousands of people outside. I was in a very large pit. I started calling for Wyvern, and I herd him reply “Here I am!”, but I could not find him. After while I gave up and started looking for Loah. I called out for her once, and then I woke up.