Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

I was in a setting based around gigantic food. Massive rye bread slices formed a circle that was floating in the air above a mountain range. I was climbing it with invisible rope. The slices were several hundred meters tall.

^ The massive bread is supposed to feed the massive dragons that you keep killing in your NDs. Now we have too much bread, and it grows to hundreds of meters tall. Way to go! :tongue: I’ve updated the scores with your points.

It’s been 48 hours, so let’s confirm the remaining Team Dreams. The Traveler team has two votes to visit Venus out of three votes total, so Venus it is! Cue jokes about where men and women come from. Travelers can get 30 points by taking a teammate to Venus, and other participants can get 15 points for taking a Traveler team member to Venus.

The Shapeshifter team needed to lock in two aspects of their subtask this week; what to be filled with and how to move after being filled. For the former, I received one vote for helium, one for “It doesn’t matter to me”, and didn’t receive a third vote, so helium it is. For the latter, I received one vote for floating, one for rolling, and didn’t receive a third vote. Since the same person that voted for helium also voted for floating, I will maximize fairness and choose rolling as the movement method so that both voters get some say (this also maximizes LC points if they roll head over heels!); you can always float after getting the LC points. :tongue: tl;dr: Shapeshifters each get 30 points for filling himself and a teammate with helium and rolling around as spherical balloons, and other participants can get 15 points for filling themselves and a Shapeshifter with helium and rolling around as spherical balloons.

Had a short length ld 2-3mins. Im claiming points for reading someones thoughts.

SPOILER - Click to view

I was in someones house pushing the floor down to make the room bigger, and i became lucid. I went outside and started running. I tried to start rolling like sonic, but i ended up on my back. I saw someone, and said hello to them telepathically. He responded and said “Hi my name is xxxxx” (I dont remember his name, but it started with an x). When he spoke to me, i saw the form of another person for a second.

I also remember flying somewhere in there.

drd, I know for a fact that Wyvern has points to claim, but he hasn’t done so yet. I updated the scores with your points, so enjoy your short stint in first place. :happy:

Alrighty then. I do indeed have points to claim from 2 nights ago.

Had a long LD where I played some American football and then realized the ball wasn’t spherical, so I quickly switched to dodgeball with some DCs. (No team members present and this was before the team task was decided on anyway)
Another part of the dream I was on another planet… but that was kinda lame because I just appeared there by chance. I’d prefer to willingly travel there… or at least explore more, so I won’t count it.
There was some archeologist person digging about the sand on the planet and found a mask… which promptly turned into some Metroid/facehugger like creature and clamped onto his face. This caused a freaky alien transformation for him. It also reminded me of an RP character of mine, for whatever reason, so I turned into this:

Which I’d consider to be a strong creature. :razz:

Welp, there’s those points. Is it wrong if I was excited when I saw drd pull ahead of you for a bit? It wasn’t anything against you, Wyvern, but rather watching somebody new take the lead that made me excited. I’m sorry! :tongue:

The scores are updated.

At one point stuff happened.

Said stuff… well, I suppose that videogame-elements got mixed into the fray, and that’s where some of the strength came from (it was armoured plating, kay? ._.). Mostly, I attacked robotic enemies, and I caused large damage on the exterior metal plates. The interior’s remained okay, though. Still, though, it was more than what could be done in real life…

… does that count for ‘smash something sturdy’? If not, that’s okay. I still have a fail-safe prepared, I believe… :>

I had a short LD. I tried to eat my clothes, but failed.

Oleg, I’ll count that.

HeadInTheClouds, I have to imagine what it looked like to fail that. :tongue: I assume you were either trying to gnaw at it but couldn’t take a bite, or you physically couldn’t swallow whatever you put in your mouth. Better luck next time.~

I updated the scores with these points. A new LD4all Quest is available; give it a go for 75 points!

Greetings all!

I had a dream 2 nights ago about being in a classroom. The teacher had a mini refrigerator next to her desk that had an assortment of candy bars. I distinctly recall 2 different types of candy bars. The first was a normal Hershey milk chocolate bar, but the second was like a white Hershey milk chocolate bar with very tiny flakes of different colors like a rainbow. The flakes could have been M&Ms, but oddly enough I didn’t eat the “rainbow” candy bar. I only ate the regular Hershey bar. The taste was normal, and it didn’t make me question my reality. I regret not eating the “rainbow” Hershey bar. :cry:

^ I’ve updated the scores with your points.

I had a medium-length lucid dream, completed the personal task, smashed something sturdy (which I already did so that was pointless), and spent way too much time on a task that never existed. Yaaay!!

Oh, and what I assume to be… (what was his name again…?) The guy who… did something, I don’t know.

There. I can now finally leave the two-digits score behind me.

^ Don’t forget that you can pick a replacement personal goal for another 25 points. Congratulations on the LD! I’ve added your points to the scoreboard.

Uh, hey Thorn. I just checked the scores, and it told me I couldn’t view it because it extended the 5MB limit. You aware of this? If so, then a big whopping never mind.

^ Yeah, I noticed after I posted that Excel seemed to slow down, but I couldn’t figure out why. It seems that some formatting I did applied to every single row, even beyond what was visible, causing it to save data for 100,000+ rows. I’ve corrected the issue and it should now load properly.

I still need that second personal goal, though! :tongue:

[color=#F781F3]aawww. I should have been paying attention to this!
i had a long ld last night where I was kicking around big bubbles. if I had read the task I would have tried to hold one, or even play a game with another team member… gah so many potential points missed there :sad:

but anyway, i guess that’s one long ld.[/color]

:happy: Lots of points! Inflated and rolled (head over heels, mind you :tongue: ), as well as transformed underneath the moonlight. A Medium and a Short LD, a chain, and early points! Wooo! :happy: Though I still seem to have a knack for creating tasks in dream. :razz:

Tggtt Dream ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Task 4 Parts IV & VII EARLY LUCID Chain
When the Moon is Full ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Task 4 Part VI

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 3
Medium LDs: 3
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 3

Task 1:-E Did some date math. | Levitated a van and went to the Astral Plain.
Task 2:-E SUPER SAIYAN SCIPIO. | Smashed things. Ripped a tree out of the ground. Transformed via injection.
Task 3: ~ none ~
Task 4:-E Inflated and rolled head over heels. Transformed into a werewolf via moonlight.

Loah, points are points! The long LD still gets you closer to the next place and distances you from the person behind you.

Scipio, it sounds like you had lots of fun. I’m glad the “silly” transformations from this LC are getting just as much of an emotional response as the more serious ones. :tongue:

The scores are updated.

In last night’s dream an old lucid dreamer was asked on the tv “How fast have you moved in a dream?” He answered “Well, I actually tested that a few time. I could easily stop time in my dreams so I was moving at the speed of light after that, but I wanted to go faster. Cars didn’t work so well for me so I used a bike to move faster than light.”
After hearing that I wanted to try if I could reach the speed of light with a bike. I was suddenly on a highway with a bike and I was dodging cars and actually moving faster than them, but nowhere near the speed of light. I found myself suddenly on the other side of the planet, in Brazil. Anyway, that’s my exercise, biking at least 90km/h :tongue:

^ Letaali, that sounds like a fun activity. That said, I’ve probably reached that speed on foot while lucid; I’m not sure which would be more fun to do. I’ve added your points to the scores.