Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

Rhewin, I’ve also added the fact that Task 2 was early, as you said in IRC. Please edit that in when you get a chance so that I have an accurate list of points earned. Good to see you’re not dead. :happy:

Wyvern, muffins are important information even when not worth points. :smile:

The scores are updated. Rhewin has been marked active again.

Smashing through a wall was current as per the task

I had a string of 3 short LDs yesterday. Didn’t manage to do any tasks.

^ I’ve marked those points, Siiw. They move you back into fifth place, but only by a small margin over sixth!

I am unsure whether the thing here counts or not.

And let me just complain a bit more.

Edit: And looking at the IRC chat’s definition of it, it seems like it was a ‘reverse FLD’? The behavior was of ND, but the consciousness was of a LD…? That’s the closest I can get, to be fair. :tongue:

:biggrin: Had an epic LD in which I did some task things while following the plot. Perhaps the best ending in all of my LDing history. :content:

Orbs of Badassery ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Task 3 Part I LUCID COMBO, Task 4 Parts I & II CHAIN

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 3
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 4

Task 1:-E Did some date math. | Levitated a van and went to the Astral Plain.
Task 2:-E SUPER SAIYAN SCIPIO. | Smashed things. Ripped a tree out of the ground. Transformed via injection.
Task 3:-C Took a bite out of my shirt.
Task 4:-E Inflated and rolled head over heels. Transformed into a werewolf via moonlight. | Held small metal marbles (slugs) as well as larger orbs of energy.

Oleg, I’m confused. Your dream journal entry makes it sound like you had a false lucid dream, which we are not counting for points this LC (and haven’t for a few LCs now). However, the heading of your DJ entry says it’s a medium LD or longer. Can you tell me which is the case? I didn’t award any points yet.

Scipio, I refuse to believe that was a NiGHTS dream; you’ve only played the game twice. :tongue: You moved up to fourth place with that, and unless Lucidis starts writing things in his dream journal, third is on the way.

The scores are updated with the exception of Oleg’s dream.

Short LDs connected by DEILD. I am claiming points for:
Long LD/chain
Eating clothes
Using injection as a transformation trigger
Growing muscles

SPOILER - Click to view

I at my cousins GFs house. We were inside the house. I remember someone was spinning a long metal object like a helicopter. I decided to walk through it, and let it go through my body, it worked. I looked out the window, and saw shadows moving under the door to the barn. It was her dad. I decided that I needed to hide, so I turn myself invisible/silent/non solid (common for me in NDs, I guess I like to hide from people). I wanted to go outside without opening the door, so I walk through the closed window to the outside. Then I became lucid. I decide its took dark, so I try to turn the lights on with failure.

I DEILED to the next dream. I was at my house where I grew up. I tried jumping to the top of the house a couple times. I jumped just high enough to grab the edge of the roof. I remembered that I wanted to sit and focus, so I tried. While doing so, All I could see was leaves on the trees, and my vision started to blur, so I stand up, and spin in order to regain lucidity. I then start to fly up in order to try to get to space, and end up waking up again.

Another DEILD! I saw a flash of light, and I was crawling on my knees like a baby. I stand up, and looked around, trying to think of LC things to do. I remembered the muscles subtask, so I reach for a needle on the table. At first, there was nothing in my hand, but after a second look, there was a large needle in my hand. I injected myself. and felt my biceps starting to grow. They started off looking pretty good, but then they became comically large, like balloons attached to my arms. I saw my dad, and hit him with my biceps, and the walked away. At that moment, they fell off, and I woke up.

This time, I had a FA. I was sitting in my bed. I quickly realize that I was dreaming, and then climb out my window, started running, and then jumped off into flight. I flew a little down the street and then landed. again I was looking for Lc stuff to do, and remembered the eating clothes subtask. I looked down, and all I was wearing was underwear, so I ripped off a little piece, which grew larger, and shoved it in my mouth. I was unable to swallow, because there was so much, and my mouth was dry, so I started pulling it out. I kept pulling more and more out of my mouth, until I was able to swallow. I remember seeing firefighters. Then I woke up again.

Another DEILD. I was in the same house that I injected myself. Looking for LC stuff to do, I remembered dodgeball. I quickly grabbed a dodgeball, and went outside looking for Wyvern. There were thousands of people outside. I was in a very large pit. I started calling for Wyvern, and I herd him reply “Here I am!”, but I could not find him. After while I gave up and started looking for Loah. I called out for her once, and then I woke up.

drd, I should be strict and say “well you needed to grow muscles in more than one body part according to the task description”, but I’d just turn around and throw creativity points at your biceps falling off in that case, so I’ll credit you with the subtask points. :tongue: You acted in the spirit of the subtask anyway by putting such a focus on them as they swelled and by taking the time to use them.

The scores are updated. You’re creeping up on first place again!

@Thorn: Well, I’m unsure, myself. I suppose I knew I was dreaming, which is what I classify as ‘lucid dream’, but it was not something that changed anything fundamentally… so…

Yeah, go ahead and ignore everything I just said. I’ll even change the header to clarify things.

^ Okay, there you go. If you knew you were dreaming and weren’t just dreaming of this “knowledge” without consciousness, it’s a lucid dream. That’s all I needed to hear. You said it was “medium/long”, which isn’t a length category. I’ll assume it was long, since it was at least longer than medium if it made you wonder, and award points accordingly.

Had a long LD last night and in the second half I was riding in a flying car (like… a normal car that was floating somehow) and it was pretty nice and relaxing! Although I wasn’t originally planning on doing any tasks last night, I saw an easy opportunity in front of me. I changed the DC that was with me into Letaali with dream magicks and I controlled the car with psychic instead of steering.

Wyvern, congrats on 2500 LDs! I’ve updated the scores.

I wrote “Lucid crap” correctly on an Ipad in my last night’s dream. I told about this dream type to my brother and mother. It was a type of dream that was more significant than a ND. While talking with my mom I gave an example and I jumped to two different scenes: 1) Leaving earth on a spaceship and 2) Looking for earth from the night sky of a foreign planet, the frozen planet. It only lasted for a moment, but I felt the same sadness as I felt when I had that dream over a year ago.

^ I’ve added your points in, Letaali. The next task goes up in about 12.5 hours!

Long LD with a couple DEILDs last night. No subtasks completed.

My recall is pretty bad for this one. I do remember looking at myself in the mirror, and I saw a very clear/crisp image of myself.

^ drd, I’ve added that LD into the scores.

Okay, here are the results through Task 4!1. Wyvern (1225)

  1. drd (1120)
  2. Lucidis (735)
  3. Scipio Xaos (720)
  4. Rhewin (625)
  5. Siiw (575)
  6. HeadInTheClouds (515)
  7. Eterna (490)
  8. Loah (340)
  9. James_UK2008 (260)
  10. Oleg (235)
  11. Letaali (190)
  12. demented (160)
  13. Hodge_Podge (105)
  14. ian1 (50)
  15. Koharo (40)
  16. paual, Yev (5)
  17. mr_Block (0)
    I made mention of different groups of people with close scores during last week’s update. This week, people shifted around within those pockets, and I’m interested to see who will finally come out on top!

The Shapeshifter team averaged 1.67 Task 4 subtasks per member and gets a bonus 40-point subtask for Task 5! Just as in week 2, Scipio carried his team by himself, in stark contrast to last week’s win where only he didn’t score for the team. The Action team averaged 0.75 and the Traveler team managed 0.17. Where did the Traveler team go? I kind of miss them and hope they return soon. :cry:

Task 5 will go up in five minutes!

[title]Task 5: Kaiju[/title]

When you were deciding what team to join at the start of this LC, it was made clear that the Shapeshifter team would be given less points early on and difficult subtasks but would get to decide an important detail about a task late in the LC. Its members were given a survey last week about this task, which coincides perfectly with the release of the latest Godzilla movie. Behold a creature of their design, the Floraiju!


[size=75]Credit to Wyvern for this depiction of the Shapeshifters’ creature.[/size]

Name: Floraiju
Average height: 54’ 2" (16.51 m)
Average weight: 6.47 tons (5866.58 kg)
Habitat: Hawaiian tropical rainforests
Diet: Mostly other plant life, but is omnivorous[/center]
Once worshiped by native Hawaiians as peaceful, intelligent protectors of the islands, Floraiju were long thought to be creatures of primitive myths. However, as urban development in Hawaii continued, deforestation drove them out of hiding. Some of them have taken to venting their frustration at losing their habitats by destroying human cities, taking an eye for an cyclopean eye.

While not Godzilla-sized, 54’ 2" is a few stories high, so the destruction Floraiju leave in their wake is significant. The wing-like leaves protruding from their backs do not support their weight for flight but do serve to slow descents or to serve as extra limbs with which to hit things. Some have even picked up basic English in their interactions with humanity, although nobody has tried to communicate peacefully with one due to sheer fear.

The Shapeshifter team members will be appearing this week as these vicious things, and they are out for the Action team’s blood (how dare they have the most points available before now!). The Traveler team gets cut some slack and won’t be the target of the Floraiju’s ire, but will still need to interact with them for maximum points.

  • Encounter a Floraiju: [color=green]30 points[/color]
  • [color=red]You’ve seen enough movies to know that monsters never win. Take a Floraiju down by any means necessary (e.g., weaponry, giant mechs, superpowers, brute strength, etc.):[/color] [color=green]30 points[/color]
  • [color=#7030C0]Enter the Floraiju’s usual habitat (rainforest):[/color] [color=green]30 points[/color]
  • [color=#7030C0]It never hurts to try diplomacy. As a human, communicate with a Floraiju peacefully:[/color] [color=green]30 points[/color]
  • [color=blue]Become a Floraiju:[/color] [color=green]70 points[/color] (this cannot be used to earn points from past Shapeshifter team subtasks)
  • [color=blue]Do what kaiju do best! While in the form of a Floraiju, attack humans, destroy buildings, or assault society in any other way:[/color] [color=green]40 points[/color]
  • [color=blue](Bonus for winning Task 4) Floraiju can be vicious, but they can be fun-loving too! What’s it like to play hide-and-seek or tag with a human while you tower over him/her? What if you played baseball with another Floraiju by using a tree or skyscraper as the bat? Maybe humanity has giant mechs to pilot to join in your games? As a Floraiju, play a game or sport of your choosing with a human or with another Floraiju:[/color] [color=green]40 points[/color]
    Excluding Team Dreams and bonuses as usual, the Action and Shapeshifter teams have 710 total subtask points available while the Traveler team has 700. The team subtask totals will become equal next week and remain that way for the rest of the LC.

As always, I end with the Team Dream requirements for the week and the team’s incentive for winning the week.

  • [color=red]Action: Decide on how you’ll all take down a Floraiju. Join a teammate for your assault.[/color]
  • [color=#7030C0]Traveler: Decide on two questions that you and a teammate will ask of a Floraiju. The questions can be about the species as a whole, what it’s like to be one, if you can become a Floraiju somehow, or a particular Floraiju’s hobbies, or you can ask banal questions such as “How was your day?” and the like. You can ask more questions in-dream, of course, but I need two chosen ones to be asked and answered in-dream for points.[/color]
  • [color=blue]Shapeshifter: With both of you as Floraiju, coordinate in-dream with a teammate to attack humans or to destroy buildings. You need to name a specific action that both of you will do during your reign of terror, e.g., stomp a human flat, make a meal out of somebody, tear down a building, roar to scare people away, or any other action befitting a 54’ monster.[/color]
    The prize for the winning team is again the choice of next week’s task theme (or in this case, meme): Gotta Go Fast or Firin’ Mah Lazer. As before, consider what each theme could mean for you team’s subtasks and place your votes on the Team Dream discussion page. The winning team will have the majority vote chosen with a tie going to the trailing team members.

Have fun!

The Floraiju looks pretty cool. Good job Wyvern on drawing that.

I almost got lucid last night. I was in fact lucid, but I thought I was a different DC, so I guess I wasn’t actually lucid. It was a first for me though, being lucid as someone besides myself.

^ Ugh, those kind of near misses grate on me so much. At least you’re able to look at the bright side and say it was a first for you; I’d be fuming. :tongue:

The Shapeshifter team unanimously decided to tear down a building as Floraiju for their Team Dream. It’ll be worth 30 points for them to do that with a teammate and 15 points for any other teams that do it alongside a Shapeshifter team member.