Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

Had a short LD last night where I went to get beer… and arrived in a location with large candy canes and large towering beer bottles.

^ Were there large pretzels to eat after drinking the large beer? I’ve added in your points.

I’m more of a quality person rather than a quantity one…

Also, had no recall last night, so there’s that. :I

I had a short LD last night and transformed into a Floraju, although I failed to sprout the wings or tail.

Oleg, if you have the quantity, you can use it to spend time investigating your LDs. How do they feel compared to waking life? Do any particular actions cause a change in stability? Once you have these answers, you can acquire quality.

HeadInTheClouds, I’ll take that. I started kaiju-ifying myself in a lucid dream this morning too; I guess we think alike. :smile:

Here’s the results through Task 6!1. Wyvern (2170)

  1. drd (1710)
  2. Rhewin (1360)
  3. Scipio Xaos (1065)
  4. HeadInTheClouds (870)
  5. Siiw (815)
  6. Lucidis (735)
  7. Koharo (690)
  8. Eterna (650)
  9. Oleg (450)
  10. Hodge_Podge (380)
  11. Letaali (365)
  12. Loah, James_UK2008 (340)
  13. demented (160)
  14. ian1 (70)
  15. Yev (45)
  16. paual (5)
  17. mr_Block (0)
    The high end of the rankings didn’t change much compared to last week, nor did the low end, but the players in the middle shifted around a bit. Make the last week count!

The Action team averaged 1.00 Task 6 subtasks per member and gets a bonus 40-point subtask in the upcoming task. The Shapeshifter team averaged 0.67 subtasks, losing by one member doing one more subtask; this is the second week in a row the Action and Shapeshifter team differed by one subtask. The Traveler team managed 0.40 subtasks per member and was carried by Siiw alone. As we’re going into the final task, there will of course not be any team rewards next week; it’s all about what you can do from here on out!

Task 7 will go up in seven minutes!

Task 7: Dragons! RAWR!

For some reason, lucid dreaming sites tend to attract a lot of interest in dragons, and LD4all is no exception. Given the ability to be anything or meet anybody in dreams, the idea of a magical, mythical, and powerful creature becomes very appealing, and dragons often embody all three of these characteristics, whether in the air, on land, or underwater. Several LD4all users have used dragons as their online identities, so if you don’t see the fascination, why not find them in your dream and ask directly? Even more directly, why not be a dragon and find out? Coming in all shapes and sizes, there’s sure to be one that fits you perfectly.

As per recent LC tradition, there’s a large number of points available in the last week, although there is no single “golden snitch” subtask. Make this week count; it’s your last chance to secure your lead over somebody… or lose it!

  • Ride a dragon through the air or through water: 60 points
  • Expel a force of nature from your body, e.g., breathe fire, shoot lightning, create gale-force winds by moving your body, etc.: 50 points
  • (Bonus for winning Task 6) Hatch an egg and see a baby dragon come out: 40 points
  • Meet an LD4all member other than your LC host who uses a dragon or half-dragon persona or avatar in his or her draconic form: 60 points
  • Visit a setting associated with Eastern dragons (e.g., a Chinese village, mountains, a parade, etc.) or Western dragons (e.g., a castle, caves, etc.): 50 points
  • Become a unigon or dracorn (as described here) or a dragon of any style and size you desire other than a kind you frequently become in dreams (if you frequently become one at all): 60 points
  • Controlling wings is common for dreamers, but what about other limbs? Use a prehensile tail to grab something you would otherwise pick up with your hands: 50 points
    With respect to the Team Dream, it’s the final week; any Team Dream conversation runs the risk of being self-serving instead of team-serving, and the only remaining reward in the LC is the individual reward of getting to host the next LC, so making Team Dreams could be a bit difficult. We also have had issues with the Traveler team all but disappearing and with the Action team getting Team Dreams decided with less than half of them agreeing. With these things considered, there will be no Team Dreams this week. :sad: That said, there’s one DC that can be summoned for points in most LCs, and this LC hasn’t had those points available yet! It’s time for…

Task 7½: Obligatory Host Self-Insert Task

Note that there are no lucid or early/combo points for this task; it is meant to accompany other tasks.

I’ve actually been a bit sad that I couldn’t get involved as a participant; it sounds like people have been having a lot of fun! :happy: Also—and this surprised me—some participants were trying to involve me in their LDs for personal reasons throughout the LC, whether for help with a personal goal or simply as a DC-friend, and I found that heartwarming. Luckily, it wouldn’t be an LC if the host didn’t shamelessly throw himself into the fray at the last minute!

[center][/center]* Meet your host: 10 points (I’ve provided my two most recent avatars for reference, both of which I’ve used in some way in dreams, but I’m not requiring you to see me with a certain appearance)

  • During the final week of the LC, participants often ignore fun just to string together subtasks in bizarre ways for maximum points. For Task 7½, I’d like to try to subvert that and also make up for the lack of Team Dreams in Task 7. Talk to me in IRC, in forum PMs, or however you like, and we’ll set up two different Task 7½ incubations that we’d both enjoy because they’re fun or important to you, not just because they earn maximum points (although there may be overlap :tongue:). You’ll earn 40 points per incubation as you complete them. I feel that the most appropriate way I can end an LC is to really get to know what participants enjoy in their dreams instead of simply acting like a SUPREME LC OVERLORD, and I’m interested to see how this pans out.
  • While the above subtask is meant to be the one on which you should focus, you can also earn a smaller number of points just for doing some task-related things. Your host gave a sample sign-up as a Shapeshifter. Make his DC undergo a transformation from each of the seven tasks, doing only one per dream (no point farming here via crazy combinations!), for points.

[list][*]Task 1 (Brains): Enlarge his head or turn him into a psychic creature: 10 points

  • Task 2 (Brawn): Look at him; he’s scrawny! Bulk him up with some muscles or turn him into a strong creature: 10 points
  • Task 3 (Obligatory LC Eating Task): Again, he’s scrawny! Fatten him up or turn him into a fat creature: 10 points
  • Task 4 (Spheres): Make him a sphere filled with air or liquid: 10 points
  • Task 5 (Kaiju): Turn him into a Floraiju: 10 points
  • Task 6 (Firin’ Mah Lazer): Use a ray to shrink him down or make him gigantic: 10 points
  • Task 7 (Dragons! RAWR!): The dracorn transformation option is already done in his avatar, albeit in a Sonic style. Transform him into a full dragon: 10 points (dragons will only count for this part; using a dragon for any other Task 7½ 10-point subtask will not earn points)
    10 points is not much for summoning somebody and performing a transformation, although you could possibly combine the preceding subtask with these 10-point ones. If you want to focus more on these 10-point earners instead of the preceding subtask, then be sure to complete past LC subtasks alongside your host for maximum points!
    I’m scared of how cruel some of you may be with these transformations… :confused:[/:m]
    ]Let’s not forget the tasks that didn’t get voted into the LC! Your host’s avatars and dream abilities actually fit these two tasks already, so instead, accompany him for the tasks. These are also only 10 points; the second subtask truly is the focus of Task 7½.
  • Unused Task 4 (Altitude): Join him for a flight: 10 points
  • Unused Task 6 (Gotta Go Fast): Join him for a high-speed run or compete with him in a high-speed race without flight: 10 points
    [/*:m][/list:u]Honestly, this LC has been a lot of fun for me as well. Watching everybody else get excited over some of the tasks has given me things to do in my lucid dreams, and I’ve always enjoyed having the ability to be a motivating force for people, which I was able to do many times over the course of the LC. Some people had amazing improvements in their rates of lucidity and their dream control abilities as well, and some people have found each other to be pleasant recurring dream characters; who would have thought the LC could kindle friendships? Whether you’re gunning for first place, just aiming to overtake a rival, trying to finish a still-uncompleted personal goal, or even just trying to have some fun before the LC concludes, I really do hope that you enjoy the last week of the competition and I appreciate everybody’s participation. I hope that some things you’ve discovered in your dreams during the LC stick with you even after it’s over, whether it’s something crazy (such as an ability to transform into a plant-based kaiju at will) or something small (such as a realization about how to stabilize your dreams). While it’s not my place to say how the next LC should be run, I feel that—coincidentally or otherwise—this LC has affected many participants in positive ways, and I hope that the next host keeps the same feelings of competition, cooperation, and motivation in his or her LC or even makes them stronger. This LC has turned out better than I could have possibly imagined.

As I said at the end of the LC’s first post…


May the best dreamer win![/center]

Whoops? It’s already task 7?

Say, how long does it usually take for the next task to start up? I don’t want to start several tasks late like this time, so… :v

^ This is the last task; another one will not start up this LC. The next LC will probably start two to three weeks from now, which will let this task finish, give the new host time to prepare properly, and allow time for people to sign up.

I’ve usually posted unused task bits in the team workspaces other weeks, but those mean nothing this week, so I’ll place them here. Had the Traveler team won, it would have had a bonus subtask to find a whole brood of LD4all dragons instead of a single member. Had the Shapeshifter team won, it would have had a bonus subtask to fuse its dragon/unigon/dracorn-transformed body with another DC to create a two-headed dragon/unigon/dracorn and to talk with the DC with whom it joined.

I should mention that I’ll be occupied throughout much of the day tomorrow. If you have an incubation idea and don’t see me in chat, drop a forum PM and I’ll get back to you. You can assume I’ll accept anything that fits the subtask as written.

Mega recall this morning. I had a medium LD in which I thought I did a task, but, sadly, no dice. :razz:

Fabri-task ~ Medium Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 5
Medium LDs: 7
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 5

Task 1:-E Did some date math. | Levitated a van and went to the Astral Plain. | Became Mewtwo (Not Team Dream)
Task 2:-E SUPER SAIYAN SCIPIO. | Smashed things. Ripped a tree out of the ground. Transformed via injection.
Task 3:-C Took a bite out of my shirt.
Task 4:-E Inflated and rolled head over heels. Transformed into a werewolf via moonlight. | Held small metal marbles (slugs) as well as larger orbs of energy.
Task 5:-E Transformed into a Floraiju, Encountered a Floraiju and held a conversation with him.
Task 6:-E Fired a laser from my hands.
Task 7: ~ none ~

^ Man, we have got to get your memory sorted out. That’s, like, made-up task number kerjillion from you. :confused:

I’ve updated the scores.

I briefly wondered if I was dreaming, then later, I had a lucid moment. There were LD4all members, but they were anons and didn’t have dragon forms.

Saw Thorn at the end of medium LD #2526. Dream ended there.

My dreams were largely related to something personal (not bad) that happened yesterday. A bit of a distraction. Also recall shaky now. LD #2529 I turned into Cockatrice for one of my task 7 1/2 incubations… and I think I picked something up, but don’t know for sure now. Dream was cut short by a highlight in irc. In any case, nothing counts there.

LD #2531 (medium) Found myself in a warzone… dragons against humans. It took place at a castle. I was also a Kuvrahk for some reason, which is apparently a type of dragon.
Probably related to looking up Mason’s character… but I unfortunately did not encounter him. :razz:

[color=olive]I didn’t get to submit yesterday’s entry, It was before Task 7 was posted…
Chained LDs: Short LD > FA > Med LD > FA >Long LD
Do correct me if it isn’t the proper method.

-Regained lucidity once in the long LD

-Monthly task: Took a selfie and actually looked at it this time :lol: (While lucid)
-Levitating objects smaller than smaller object, along with everything else out in the city in a telekinetic rampage. (Multiple times while lucid)

-Couldn’t find Letaali
-Did almost everything, except the required tasks
-Multiple nearmisses
-Couldn’t find and train Thorn
-I failed epically when trying to lift an anchored object
-Handled myself recklessly, but don’t recall breaking a sturdy object while doing so even when the opportunity presented itself so many times.

Had even more fun this time around though

Edit: I do not want this nearmiss entered
5/31/14 Short LD & FLD(Combined brief spoilers)

[spoiler]-Vampire swarm/none stepped to me, so no one was hurt
-Saw a small Khezu, a faceless Wyvern (not the LD4all Wyvern) -Shape shifting into a wolf then a werewolf multiple times at the Salvator’s mansion (3rd person/No moon)

Siiw, I’ve added in your points.

Wyvern, there’s always tonight to try again. I’ll be waiting. :o

Koharo, we count chains as one LD for the total length of the chain. I’ve marked the first dream as a chained long LD. As you told me in chat not to count the short LD, I will not do so.

I’ve updated the scores.

Restaurant in a dream university had desserts and ice cream.

I had a short LD last night.

I brought back a song! (my personal goal, i consider music to be art) The wandering people’s song is completely stuck in my head now. Do I need to record it in order to gain points?

Letaali and HeadInTheClouds, I’ve added in those points.

Siiw, as you just told me in IRC that it was not from a lucid dream, I unfortunately cannot award points. :sad:

I’ve updated the scores.

No fabricated tasks this morning… instead I couldn’t remember the current task. :razz:

Lucid Fragments (2) ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Task 6 Part I LUCID
Lucid Fragments (2) ~ Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 7
Medium LDs: 7
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 5

Task 1:-E Did some date math. | Levitated a van and went to the Astral Plain. | Became Mewtwo (Not Team Dream)
Task 2:-E SUPER SAIYAN SCIPIO. | Smashed things. Ripped a tree out of the ground. Transformed via injection.
Task 3:-C Took a bite out of my shirt.
Task 4:-E Inflated and rolled head over heels. Transformed into a werewolf via moonlight. | Held small metal marbles (slugs) as well as larger orbs of energy.
Task 5:-E Transformed into a Floraiju, Encountered a Floraiju and held a conversation with him.
Task 6:-E Fired a laser from my hands. Fired another laser.
Task 7: ~ none ~