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The full name is actually unicorndragon but most people say unigon.

A unigon is usually white (females are blue and kids are usually lightblue) and it can fly and breathe fire.

It looks like a big horse with wings and of course a unigon also have a long horn in the head

the horn grows 1 cm every year so if you measure the horn you can find out how old the unigon is

Unigons usually eats;
Karrots and Cabbits sometimes also wolves

No unigon has been sighted in Lala land yet but scientists believe the exist there because there they can find their favourite food; Cabbits and Karrots

:rofl: It’s official now! I dunno about that ‘eating wolves’ part though… :tongue: (though maybe WGers would like one :mrgreen: )

Here’s some questions…

How long does it live?
Do they live in heards or alone?
Is it friendly or shy?

omg this is from another dream of yours wolb? :lol:

i believe i have a pic of one too :grin:

goes look it up

edit: hmm no it must be a dracorn since it looks like a dragon :tongue:

goes post it anyway

edit: post, it is large though


© Q :tongue:

(drew that about 10 years ago for an animation)

Very nice Q. :clap:

Unigon wasn’t in my dream, but Mag keeps trying to get it into my head. It started when I said that I didn’t like one LD that had a poofy unicorn in it. He said that they were cool, and I mentioned that I liked dragons better. So we combined the two and came up with the Unigon. :grin:

Of course the dracorn is completely different. :razz:

How long does it live? about 200 years
Do they live in heards or alone? often in heards but some live alone
Is it friendly or shy? They are very friendly but sometimes they can be a bit shy.

Nice pic, Q, sorry but I don’t know anything about Dracorns.

Unigons have dreams up to the age of 100 but then the don’t dream anymore because when they are 100 years old they never sleep again.

It’s against their religion to sleep when they have becamed 100 years old

What religion do they have?

Can they have LDs?

They have polytheism (many gods) and the religion is called Kaslam

Yes, they can have LDs.

Is there a BIG God to them? (like Zeus?)

Well, they have one BIG God like zeus, but there is an election every week deciding who it’s going to be,

They Gods has to say why they want to be the BIG God
and then they believers vote

What language do they speak?

Swedish and English

Ahhh… how many babies do they have at one time? (and is it eggs or live young?)

Eggs of course just like puppies

3-7 per time

How big are they?

When they’re fullgrown they are about the size of an grey elephant and the width between the wings are very large.

The females are a little larger than the males

How do they defend themselves?
How many Gods are there?
Do they believe in the Astology kinda stuff?

They’re a peaceloving species but if they have to defend themselves they uses their horns and breathe fires and kick with the legs and so on.

There are at least one god per believing Unigon.

They don’t believe in Astology but some of them believe in Astrology.

What’s the oldest Unigon on record?
How many have been spotted?
Do any have spots?
Do they like mac & cheese?
Can they use computers?
Do they like cats?
How about dogs?