Do their horns have any special powers?

well if you grind their horns and then eat them you will have only LDs that night you ate the grinded Unigon horn

What’s the oldest Unigon on record? Ifol he became 233 years old his female Lofi became 230 years old.
How many have been spotted? 42
Do any have spots? No
Stripes? No
Specks? No
Do they like mac & cheese? Nope
Can they use computers? Well, they don’t have hands so it must be a voicecontrolled computer
Do they like cats? Yes, they always protect cats in danger
How about dogs? They likes Dogs*

*for dinner

:lol: I saw the small print. :razz:

Do birds live with them as family or pets or not at all?
How about lizards?

Do they sleep upside down?
Can they balance on their horns?
What is the fastest they can run?
Have they experimented with genetic engineering?
Are their voice operated computers intelligent?
Do they have access to space?
If so do they have any generation ships?
If so what stars are they going to?
Will they take over the human race one day?
Are they interested in science?
Are they more advanced than humans?
Should I fear their existance?

Why can’t the unigons answers these questions for us?
Why are you such an expert on unigons?
Would unigons try to kill me if I chopped off their horns?
Do unigons have access to these forums?
If so whose signin have they stolen?
Have unigons infiltrated the CIA?
Will unigons take over dreams and frighten anyone that thinks about them?
If so can unigons actually kill people by entering my dreams?
If they can get into our dreams and they like a particular human will they help them become lucid?
Can I ask more questions if you don’t answer these?

Do unigons snore?

The use birds to clean their teeth
Well a unigon is a sort of big lizard so lizards are like family to them.
They are afraid of snakes

They stand up when the sleep.
50 km/h but the can fly at 3 times faster than the speed of sound
No (the are just voiceoprated computers not artificial intelligence computers)
No ( well the can fly to space but they wouldn’t survive)
No stars since they can’t survive in space
No ( well yes if you do something that turns you into their enemy)

Because they are not members in this forum
I have studied them
the haven’t stolen anyones signin
No they usualy don’t frighten people
No they can’t kill people in dreams.
Yes the love to help dreamers become lucid
Yes you can ask more questions if I don’t answer these

Some of them but not everyone and only those younger than 100 years

most recent discovery about Unigons;

They like to disguise themselves as squirrels*

*thanks to Wolf for this Info.

And they listen to too much rap music! :grrr:

I must correct you wolf the only reason Unigons listen to music is because they likes to dance, you could switch the rap music to classical if you want the Unigons just want some music so they can dance it doesn’t matter what type of music it is.

this is to wolf’s SC;

nice, but i can’t see the image:’(
oh and 3× speed of sound’s verrrrry fast:P
i wanna meet one (to help me become lucid:P)
and just to see it:P

I also want to meet one to make me Lucid and seeing one in a normal dream would also be fantastic.

sirius)(black if you visit this topic so often you can and ask questions about Unigons you will soon have a unigon dream

Too bad you can’t see the picture but the picture was showing a dracorn and not a Unigon, well maybe we should tell Q that we can’t see her picture of the Dracorn anymore.

I know the fly very fast when you meet the Unigon in your dream you could ask if you could fly on him/her.

yea, you could travel at extreme speeds, like… from dream to dream:p

Haha! Nice new avvie Mag! :wink:

Thankyou, I have it so your sc can remember to give you an unigondream :grin:

I can also see the small script in your sig!!! :eek: :lol: