I’m an addict but don’t tell anyone
/me shows everyone what was hidden in magnus’ sig…

/me wants an unigon dream
if they can go dream to dream, i can visit friends while they are dreaming and we can have a big shared dream :smile:

/me wants a unigon dream too.

/me will fly around the whole world and wake everyone into his dream.

Moogle; Unigons can go from dream to dream and make people having a shared dream

Inch: The unigon will certainly help you with that

Moogle: It is “I’m not an addict” don’t spread false rumours :tongue:

Okay here are the names of the unigons you’re going to meet in your dreams;

Wolf you’re going to meet the unigon Tyur he is still young so he is lightblue and only the size of an horse and he really want to visit you in Lalaland and he has your personality so I think you will like eachother

Moogle you’re going to meet the Unigon Ruyt She is an adult that means she is blue and a bit larger than a grey elephant, she is looking forward to help you with the shared dream (she is an expert on shared dreaming)

Inch the unigon Juuig will visit you soon he has just become an adult so he is white and the size of a grey elephant and he would love totake you on his back and fly with you

/me thinks magnus should put a link to unigon topic in his sig.


/me thinks that is a good idea :grin:

Maybe Q also want a Unigondream?

My new LDgoal is to meet a Unigon :grin:

All that knowledge and you haven’t had a dream of Unigons?

according to this site:
Desired food and habitat:
Berries and fruit,

lives in forests or mountains
Europe, Asia, and South America.

And you forgot to say that they also breathe magic ice.

their eggs:(i think)

/me is going to re-read some of this topic
/me would like a unigon dream

since unigons can disguise themselves as squirrels. they must have magic powers to make them grow little or large.

can they transfer that magic to me, so I can have an adventure as a little person?
what other magic powers do they have?

/me is off on an expedition to find one of these unigons, maybe clipclop was a unigon disguised as a horse.

News Flash

An unigon was sighted in the waking world today!!

As moogle was walking to the shops. She started to day dream … then at the edge of her vision she saw the unigon! It was in squirrel disguise!!
This must mean that unigons visit the waking world to bring people day dreams!! :happy:

That is very possible, I will set someone to ivestigate this further

Yes they can do that
For example they can disguise themselves as other animals using magic.
Unigons are the most magical race in existence

So are unigon part of the cryptozoo?

I don’t know if you’re told us yet, but how is unigon pronounced, like unigin or uni gone?

like the first part of unigon and the second part of dragon

What is a cryptozoo

And I haven’t mentioned this before but Unigons are from another Galaxy

I thought you said they didn’t have spaceships.

that’s why they meet us in our dreams