CryptoZoo is the branch of animals that are unknown.
Like the Sasquatch, Long ness monster, chupacabras etc.

Yes they are part of the cryptozoo :grin:

Does unigons have scales like a dragon or fur like an unicorn? Or do i have to dream about one to find out?


A 2-meter horn is pretty darn long! Poor thing.

:lol: atheist

well, they are huge, so 2m would not be so long in comparison :razz:

we have also found out magnus likes to kick them around and they can look like little people :grin:

/me suspects that unigons live in Kenai’s dream forest

that possible Unigons can live in many places

Scales like a dragon

I found this unigon impersonating a stuffed unicorn in a shop window today!

oooooooooooooooooh winged unicorn! :happy:

(lol siiw :happy: )

Hehe, nice Siiw. :content:

Is this a unigon?

that looks like an unicorn it doesn’t seem to be half-dragon

:love: a winged unicorn!

elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/j/e/j … n.jpg.html

That is a unigon. It says it itself :smile:
(I don’t really like it that much, It so … unfriendly. I prefer unigons, but I love dragons too :content: But I prefer friendly looking dragons :smile:)

/me wants to fly on a unigon or a winged unicorn.

guess what is my wallpaper right now :grin:

BA, me too, i like friendly dragons as well, i used to draw dragons. It is hard to find a friendly dragon, they are always depicted angry and fearsome looking. Or they are too cute. Ah well. I guess I have to draw it myself :wink:

About time, I got a unigon dream, now I just need to find some bigger ones, and maybe actually fly on one :happy: I got it during a nap, I will nap more often.

Little Unigon
Following on from the previous dream, I was back home and looking in the mirror. My hair came all the way down to my collar bone. I was sure when I went to the hairdressers I got it cut shorter than that. [LD]I did the nose RC, and I found I was dreaming. My eyes didn’t feel very open, but I figured I wouldn’t try to open them more just incase I woke up. I found some spoons and picked them up. Then I went to the window and started tapping it.

I remembered I should go find those elusive unigons. I left the house I was in and walked around the house. There it was a real live unigon. I was a little disappointed. It was like a very small horse with a horn and some small wings. In fact it was suspiciously like my sister’s black miniature horse. I tried to get closer to it but then it flew away.[/LD]

Yay, Unigon dream! :happy: Maybe that was a baby, you should capture it in your next LD and make it grow. :wink:

I got a christmas card with an unigon on it … it was disguised as a red squirrel :yes:

:lol: For the past few days, whenever a reference to unicorns is made, I automatically think of Unigons. :content: