Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

^ You sound so dejected despite all of those dreams you recalled and two LDs. You’re having a great amount of LDs! Heck, you picked up a car and caused an awesome explosion, and you’ve realized a new power of yours that you can use in future dreams. That all has to count for something! I’ve added in the points you did earn and updated the scores.

I sound dejected? Oh, well… um… yes, actually, but not as much as you think. :tongue:

…I guess I should also get a new Personal Task.

  ...Um... Let's go with growing wings.

^ I wish I could take a third goal from you, as I love winged flight, but you’ve already done two out of two. If I just accepted new personal goals nonstop at 25 points a pop, there would be little reason to do the Tasks, eh? :tongue: That said, I encourage you to grow wings the next time flight crosses your mind anyway. It’s fun and easy; I’ll probably keep my dream wings on my dream body forever. :smile:

Well, never mind, then. :o

I had a short LD last night. I’m not sure what will count for task points and I’m also not sure whether I already completed some of them before.

I became lucid in a maze of shower curtains. Eventually I found my way out, and even though I was originally on earth, the area I came out into was alien. I think it would be fair to say that it was a foreign world, especially because the buildings were weird and because there were plump green aliens walking around in space suits. The area I was on had a huge building in the center with tinier buildings attached to it. The rest of the place was kind of like black tarmac and may have been some sort of dock for spaceships. I think there was also a tree or two, but I’m not sure.

I transformed into the Hulk and proceeded to smash one of the tinier buildings, damaging the large one in the process. I then picked up part of the large building with my large hands. I planned to fight one of the floraju as the Hulk, but the dream faded before I could find one.

As far as tasks: For task 2, I smashed something sturdy, I transformed into a strong creature, and I lifted a heavy/rooted object; For task 4, I visited a foreign planet.

I don’t think I’ve done those tasks before. Also, not sure if it counts for anything, but I did pick up a couple of the aliens and toss them aside while I was the Hulk. They were short and plump, but I doubt I can get away with them counting as spherical.

HeadInTheClouds, I was actually reading through LC 39 recently and realized that I’d inadvertently set up more adventure of HulkInTheClouds. It’s nice to know that he comes back when needed. :smile:

I’ve updated the scores. If anybody has any Task 5 things to claim for his/her team, do it now. If I start writing out the task only for a different team with a different vote to win a second before I post, I may start screaming at people. :grrr:

No task 5 things, but I have a Task 2 thing. I went to and watched a mixed martial arts competition.

^ Got it, Siiw!

Here are the results through Task 5! They include the next post as well, as that was done this morning.1. Wyvern (1680)

  1. drd (1380)
  2. Rhewin (1035)
  3. Scipio Xaos (1025)
  4. Lucidis (735)
  5. HeadInTheClouds (730)
  6. Siiw (655)
  7. Eterna (650)
  8. Oleg (380)
  9. Loah (340)
  10. James_UK2008 (320)
  11. Hodge_Podge (305)
  12. Letaali (265)
  13. Koharo (195)
  14. demented (160)
  15. ian1 (70)
  16. Yev (45)
  17. paual (5)
  18. mr_Block (0)
    The Action team took the top three spots as of last night, but Scipio’s been poking into the top three briefly before falling back out. HeadInTheClouds just scored many points today too; perhaps the Shapeshifter team can turn things around?

The Shapeshifter team averaged 1.00 Task 5 subtasks per member and gets its Task 6 vote of Firin’ Mah Lazer. Scipio again carried his team by himself, but it was by a narrow margin. The Action team averaged 0.88 subtasks, losing by one member doing one more subtask, and had voted for Gotta Go Fast as the Task 6 theme. The Traveler team managed 0.00 subtasks per member and didn’t vote for a Task 6 theme. As I said before, where did the Traveler team go? I really do miss them. :cry:

Task 6 will go up in fifteen minutes!

I had a short LD, and a medium LD last night I woke up in between them.

SPOILER - Click to view

When I became lucid, I tried to summon the floraiju, and instead summoned a bunch of godzillas. There were rampaging through my town. I woke up shortly after.

The second one, I was hiding from ym father from some reason. I remember I wasn’t scared or anything, I just like hiding i guess…I went into a room, and changed my clothes, or maybe I took all of them off, I can’t remember. That’s when I became lucid. I went outside and tried to summon the floraiju again. I saw a giant beast, which may have been a floraiju, I don’t remember. I walked up to it, and made it shrink into the pal of my hand. When it was shrinking, I remember seeing wings on its back, and I saw an image of a 4 legged creature.

When It was in my hand, it was a 2 legged grass creature. I asked it if I could take a selfie with it, but it did not respond. I them summoned Wyvern, because I wanted to complete week 5 team dream. This time he was a short bald man wearing a white t-shirt. I asked him to do his rawr, but it didn’t sound right. I reached into my pocket for my cell phone, but it was not there. I also tried to make it appear, but I failed. Wyvern said “it’s ok I got this”. I remember resting my chin on his shoulder when he took the picture. I was standing behind him. I told him that I wanted to take the picture, and he gave me his cell phone. I couldn’t find the camera app, and I gave up. I remember looking at the creature in my hand when I woke up.

^ drd, I’ve added those in and will retroactively add them to the previous score post.


Task 6: Firin’ Mah Lazer

Everybody’s favorite meme makes its way to the LC! Beyond that, one of the subtasks will come from a certain video game that’s spawned countless memes, so perhaps this is more of a pop culture task than a laser task. :tongue:

  • Shoop Da Whoop! Fire a laser from a weapon or from your own body: 40 points
  • There may or may not be cake. Use a portal gun to shoot and create two linked portals, then enter one: 40 points
  • Beam me up, Scotty! Use a laser as a teleporter by getting enveloped by it: 20 points
  • You’ve probably seen a shrink ray in some work of fiction. Be subjected to a shrink or grow ray and experience results: 40 points
    At this point, with Team Dreams and bonuses set aside, all teams have 800 points available from subtasks. The teams will stay even throughout the end of the LC, of course.

Does Task 6 feel a bit under-weighted compared to the other tasks? No worries; there’s some extra point opportunities in the Team Dreams as follows.* Action: Decide how your laser will be fired. Will it be from a portable weapon provided by a team member? Will you all be able to summon one from within your body? Is there another way? You and a teammate must both fire a laser for points. Earn an additional 10 points for picking an effect of the laser that fits another subtask besides shrinking/growing (no point farming here!) or 30 points for an effect that does not fit any other subtask and for having that effect occur in the dream on whatever or whoever your two lasers strike.

  • Traveler: Will you use a portal gun or a teleporter with your teammate? Decide this, and for an extra 30 points, decide on a “real” location (e.g., not a fantasy setting, but you can treat it in an unrealistic manner) to access that would be impractical or impossible to reach without such a device.
  • Shapeshifter: Decide on whether to shrink or grow with a teammate via a ray and to what relative size. You’ll earn extra points according to how radical the size change is that you choose; more extreme changes will earn more points but may take longer and may lead to a less stable dream. It may be helpful to think of a desired dreamscape to explore to assist in choosing the best size.[list][*]Sizeshifting via a ray at all will satisfy the Team Dream conditions if the team chooses to make the change small.
  • Get to Godzilla sizes (this is taller than a Floraiju, mind you!) or shrink down to under a foot (30 cm) tall for a bonus 10 points.
  • Grow beyond that to the point where you could simply step on an entire city or shrink down to mere millimeters tall for a bonus 20 points.
  • Outgrow Earth and float in space or shrink down to a microscopic size for a bonus 30 points.
    [/*:m][/list:u]The winning team this week will get a 40-point bonus subtask next week, which other teams can do for only 20 points. Now, go fire some lasers! :happy:

This double post is because the Shapeshifters worked fast. There’s already a two-thirds majority for using a shrink ray to become a microscopic size. To be clear, microscopic means exactly that. You’re not just seeing the dreamscape enlarged; you’re seeing dust, dirt particles, and bacteria. As this scale was a conscious choice by the team for extra points, I will be strict about this. Shapeshifters earn 60 points for doing that with a teammate and other teams earn 30 points for doing it with a Shapeshifter team member.

Had a medium LD (#2511) last night where I was racing both Thorn and Rhewin in what seemed to be a Sonic level. Thorn was in his unigon/dracorn form and Rhewin was a more Sonic-esque version of his Rhecoon form. I was just Sonic.
So my spindash would be “rolling head over heels”. :tongue:

^ You were the only one that was “just Sonic”? We need to fix that! Quick, fan artists! Sonic-ify the Wyvern! He’s really short, has wings on his arms, and can eat anyo-

/me is truited.

I’ve updated the scores. Don’t forget to set up Team Dreams by Monday at 2 PM EDT!

Had a tiny LD here that was probably no more than 10 seconds long.

^ Tiny LDs are better than no LD! I’ve added in your points.

[color=olive]Heh darn beat me to the spindash.

This time I used telepathy…Then sparked an underwater brawl in the antagonist’s underwater sanctum, allowing my friend to escape for air. It may be poorly written, but it was a pretty decent dream. I enjoyed myself.[/color] :cool:

I’ll count my RC leading to lucidity even if it didn’t really lead to a lucid dream. I was surrounded by darkness, the void, and counted 7 fingers several times. No recall after realizing that I really had more fingers than I should. Probably entered a new dream without lucidity. (Or forgot a lucid dream)

3 LDs last night/this morning. Only counting the second long one (#2513).

It’s a real shame the Travelers haven’t decided on a team dream yet. (Yeah, I know, it’s still pretty early. :razz:) I used a laser teleporter along with ian1 to enter a “virtual world”. Some game he was telling me about.
I also shot lasers at puppies there… >.>

Koharo, enjoying yourself is really what matters, although I think you might be a little too hopeful with that made-up LC task in your dream. :tongue:

Letaali, as I said in chat, I’m glad you can brush off that sort of “fleeting” lucidity without getting frustrated; you’re a better man than I am for that.

Wyvern… just, Wyvern. I’m going to pretend the lasers were Magical Happy Beams™ and that you weren’t trying to kill puppies so that we can remain friends. I don’t want to have to commit you to the asylum. Please don’t make me. With respect to the Traveler Team Dream, I fear that it may be about if they set it up rather than when. If they don’t, I’ll act on a comment from Siiw in chat about passing through a portal to the moon, as it fits the subtask perfectly if you get the reference.

I’ve updated the scores.

Heh picking a fight with the antagonist? Brawling is what I do :cool: :lol:

Long LD, went to a hotdog stand for a bite to eat while lucid here.

I also failed epically when it came to trying to find and train you. It was a ridiculously sad attempt, but a good dream. A decent cluster of LD4all members were there too.
Would’ve completed a Gotta Go Fast task too if we won.
…I should try finding Cyclops, Iron Man/Tony Stark, or Havok for the current task…[/color]