Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

Koharo, I know brawling is what you do; you just have to do some other things for the LC too. :smile: I updated the scores with your points.

I had a long LD! I held a crystal ball, which was also a portal device and projected a white beam towards the sun. I then teleported myself to the sun and ended up in a chaos of light, movement and sound. It was one of the most beautiful LDs I have had, and will type it up properly from a computer later tonight.

So uh…
Okay, I dreamt a lot. My recall is back. It’s totally back. Hell, I think I even know where all the REM and non-REM fell.

I had 6 LDs last night. Claiming for 3 of them. There was a lot of misremembering tasks/what team members went where/team members not being cooperative!

LD #2515 medium

  • Ate a piece of clothing
  • Communicated with Floraiju peacefully
  • Be subjected to shrink ray and experience results
    (miiight PM this one for sensitive content, and not for the reasons I thought)

I shrunk Scipio to microscopic size in that dream but it ended before I reached that size myself… woke up mid-shrinking.

LD #2516, dream about band/failed attempt with Scipio again
LD #2517, wrong team member (Rhewin) even though I went microscopic myself
LD #2518, Some weird dream of Oprah’s book club, went to a jungle and TF’d into Floraiju with ian1 but forgot I had to ask the Floraiju questions with him and then it got awkward… And completely forgot there was a rampage against humans task! :ohno:

LD #2519 medium, chain
This dream took unusually long to stabilize. Was with Scipio in what seemed to be a mall. He was holding me in my Wyvern form and I kept having to tell him to wait around as the dream would go unstable again. Instead of getting the laser gun, I simply decided to do another transformation task that wouldn’t involve summoning skills at all… the dream just didn’t wanna cooperate. I turned into Mewtwo (or the Wyvern-mewtwo hybrid at first :razz:) and touched Scipio’s shoulder and he easily transformed as well.

LD #2520 Long
I think… team members were tired of me at this point…? XD I spent a good portion trying to summon or get Scipio to cooperate. Even tried summoning Rhewin for some pizza but he kept saying he wasn’t hungry and then leaving the area. And had some issues with the Dream Police. I eventually settled for things I could do myself.
I enlarged my head.

I also turned into Machamp… Could feel and move the extra arms. The fingers were like toes in feeling and movement though. The mirror revealed a perfect TF… and my aunt in the dream thought I was “cute”. :confused: Scipio had bolted somewhere before I could transform him as well.

/me will just have to take away the team members’ freewill if this keeps up.

Siiw, I don’t really see how it was a portal, although I have no qualms counting it as a teleporter. I’m also not sure if you’re claiming the sun as a foreign planet, although it doesn’t seem like you are. I’ve marked things to the best of my ability.

Wyvern: o_O… also, as we learned in Skype, you did not bite into a piece of clothing, so I have to deny those points. :sad:

It’s time to lock in the Team Dreams for the remaining two teams. The Action team wants to fire a laser that can change how gravity works for whatever/whoever it hits, and they want to fire a laser directly from their bodies without a tool involved. Action team members get 60 points for doing this with a teammate while other teams get 30 points for doing this alongside an Action team member. The Traveler team chose to create a portal to the moon with a portal gun (obvious reference is obvious), and its members will get 60 points for going with a teammate while other teams get 30 points for going alongside a Traveler team member.

I’ve updated the scores. Congrats to Wyvern for being the first to finish a Task in its entirety!

In one dream last night I was Ichigo, and I was trying to kill Aizen with a new ability of mine. A green bright light streamed out of my hand and turned into a chain that I tried to bind Aizen with. Looked pretty awesome. The chains killed two henchmen in an instant. The chains only scarred Aizen and he got fairly pissed about it. When he started to break out of the chains I ran with my buddy. Could that be considered firing a laser? :happy: (The chains that I hit the henchmen with went through their body like a spear)

^ I’ll count the directed beam of green light as a laser. Once it became a chain, it was no longer a laser, although you’d already earned the points. I’ve added your points to the scoreboard.

Lucid dream, again.

So, let me get this straight… based on the last few days, I try and I am guaranteed to get a LD, or I don’t try, and I’m not even able to get recall. Well, I guess it’s a fair… somewhat.

I’m going to be disappointed if I continue trying hard and stop getting LDs.

As for the actual tasks, I could not remember any tasks within the dream (didn’t think of it).

^ It’s more than “somewhat” fair; it’s literally the perfect situation! Can you share your ability with the rest of us?

I’ve updated the scores.

Mere coincidence! I say! [size=75]But if it’s not…[/size]

Nay! D: It is ALL mine… But, now I’m consciously thinking about it, maybe it’ll disappear. Hah… size=75[/size]

I think our Team Dream can easily kill floraiju and thus assist us with another subtask. Just increase the effects of gravity until the beast is crushed under the force. Almost any effect of the laser can be used to kill or complete another subtask.

^ We discussed this in chat, and it really comes down to intent. To do what you’re saying requires a certain amount of ingenuity that I don’t believe the voters had considered when agreeing on this laser effect; most of them were likely thinking of either lightening or redirecting gravity. If somebody does manipulate that intent to directly complete a subtask, then I will follow the guidelines previously set and award him/her 40 or 20 points instead of 60 or 30.

Greetings all!

I had a LD yesterday morning. I awoke to my alarm and went right back to sleep. I was walking in a hallway and said “I’m dreaming”. I went into the bathroom, and looked in the mirror. I tried to change my face, but was unable to. My body morphed and I had larger muscles, but I wanted to have “Hulk” size muscles. My face morphed into a famous celebrity, but that wasn’t my intent. My face went back to normal. That is all I recall.

My control is “slowly” getting better. I was shocked that I induced a LD. All I wanted to do was go back to sleep! Lol! :grin:

EDITO!: My LD lasted about 2-4 minutes.

^ Everybody likes the muscle task, it seems. We’ve had eight people do it, making it the most popular Shapeshifter subtask in the entire LC. Maybe we should all meet up in-dream and have a Hulk meeting…? What would that even entail? Weight-lifting? Collectively moving huge things?

I’ve updated the scores.

In a medium LD, I went to a strip club/cabaret thing that was also a restaurant with ian1 last night. :razz:

^ I’ve made my opinions on certain things about that dream known to you. :tongue: In any case, I’ve updated the scores with your points.

In an ND watched a fight between two aliens, definitely strength based, and it took place in a rainforest.

In a medium LD I turned myself into a beam of light and teleported around.

In a short LD, I completed the Quest.

^ That sure is some stuff you did!

The scores are updated.

Short LD, shot lasers from the Megazord.

^ From what I see in your journal, you shot lasers during a non-lucid part of the dream. You don’t get the “task while lucid” points, but you still get credit for the short LD, doing Task 6 while it was the latest task, and firing a laser. I wish I had a giant mech in my dreams! :tongue: I’ve added your points to the scores.

2 LDs, woke up in between them. One was short, and the other was very short.

Claiming points for:
2 short LDs
Firing a laser
Week 6 team dream

SPOILER - Click to view

I was at my friends house sitting on the couch with my cousin. I heard my friend coming down the stairs, and I told my cousin to move over, because we were sitting in my friends spot. This angered my cousin, and he started complaining. Well my friend heard his complaining, and when he got downstairs, he told my cousin to leave.

The outside scene was my childhood home (my backyard was a junkyard, so there was always random stuff in the back). I went outside, and saw some kind of big cooking thing, and started to use it, and made some kind of candy. My cousin was still inside. When my cousin walked out, I found a cell phone in the ashes inside this cooker, brought it to my friend, and went back outside.

I started to fly. I wasn’t able to go very high at first because the roof of the house I just left was pretty short, but I was eventually able to go higher. I looked up at the stars, and decided I wanted to go to space. I thought to myself “This will complete my second personal goal for the LC”, that’s when I became lucid. Two thoughts crossed my mind, “I should land and walk through a door to space”, and “You fool, this is just going to end the dream”. I went anyway, I focused on the stars, and felt myself going higher and higher. I started to sing a song to try and help myself get to space. “Going to space, going to space, going to space, cuz that’s where I belong!” Then I woke up.

In my next dream, I recall talking to my cousin about my friend being a dick.

I saw a loading screen similar to a video game, with a picture of Harley Quinn. I was in my hometown at night on the street. I started calling out for Letaali, and looking at all the people. I saw an older bald man wearing glasses wave my down. I assumed the was Letaali. I said “ok lets fire lasers!” I started to charge my laser Kamehameha style, and so did Letaali. When I fired, nothing came out. I looked back at Letaali, he didn’t fire one either.

I lifted my hand up, and started focusing on it, and it started to glow. I noticed a ball starting to form, and energy was forming around it. I looked for something to fire at, and noticed a truck. I felt my lucidity starting to fade the more I focused on the laser, so I tried to focus on my consciousness, and my ball of energy started to fade.

I said “Oh well, I got one chance!”, then fully charged my laser and fired. The beam was raw energy, in more of a cone shape, unfocused, and blue. I had never felt so much power! I hit the truck, and blue energy erupted everywhere! It also made a zapping sound. The truck started lifting up in the air as my dream started to fade to white. I tried to regain my lucidity, but all I could see was the truck. Then I woke up.

For the second dream, I don’t recall becoming lucid, or if I was lucid, I just assume I was because of the way I acted, and felt.

Wow. Such laser!