Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

King Worm from Adventure Time! He uses a mental power to trap people in lucid dreams so he can suck their life force! :happy:

Here’s a picture:

HeadInTheClouds: You were in the last LC, right? Do you remember the Pokémon task? :tongue: Continuing with games, I can think of a psychic character in Sonic games as well. There’s plenty of examples, but these two come to mind for me quickly.

Lucid in the first 2h 29 minutes of sleep. No tasks yet. I had focused on my intention to become lucid for 15 mins before falling asleep. To the point that I was angry if I didn’t. This transferred to a dream nicely, but I guess I started waking up, it didn’t last long :sad:

SPOILER - Click to view

A dream started with me in a small bedroom. I recalled wanting badly to become lucid. I couldn’t move out of the bed, I probably felt my WL body. I REFUSED that and forced my limp body out of the bed. I saw faint light in the room. The light was coming from behind me where there was a window. For a second I collect my thoughts and I’m just amazed how easy it was to suddenly be in a lucid dream. I try to memorize the moment. Desk on the right, bookshelves on the left and stuff on the floor. I yell “lucidity times 1000” and nothing happens, it scares me. I look down and see my legs. Good, now I can run. Without thinking I run forward through the door into the next room. A dark hall where I see the rest of the rooms in the house. I now know the whole layout of the building but it’s not familiar. I wake up.

Congrats to Letaali for getting the first points of the LC!

The scores will be hosted here, and I’ll keep the link for scores in this topic’s first post. I’ll update the scores in text at the start of each task for the people that can’t see the linked spreadsheet.

Had a minor LD here that was probably no more than one minute long. I was able to remember the LC as well as the form I had set myself the night before but it didn’t really get very far due to lack of focus.

Sneakily swaps fridays LD with this one :stuck_out_tongue:

The Action team has decided to move a car. :cool:

james_uk2008: I’ve updated the scores. Good attempt, and enjoy your tie for first place for the time being. :smile:

The Action team has locked in its Team Dream as moving a car with psychokinesis and can earn 30 points for doing it with a teammate. Other teams can also meet an Action team member and perform this for half credit (15 points). Get your teams’ ideas sorted quickly to set up your own 30-point subtask!

Had a short LD this morning where I stated next Saturdays date. I’m so relived, I was worried that my LDs would suddenly stop! :content:

Team Shapeshifter has decided to take on the form of Mewtwo for the LC.

2 medium LDs with tasks done, false memories got in the way of my personal task.

LD #2463:

  • Stated the date a week from now
  • Did a multiplication problem
  • Read a DC’s mind
  • Moved a small object with psychokinesis
  • Made Rhewin appear (didn’t materialize for personal goal though) and we looked for a car to move… not sure if partial group incubation points.

LD #2464:

  • Moved a large object with psychokinesis
  • Possible DC flight? Not sure… Whipped him out of a bus.

Couldn’t get to the fortuneteller in time…


There’s always tonight. :razz:

A hearty “congratulations” to Eterna for her early point gains, and a hearty “well, that was expected” to Wyvern for his points. :tongue: No partial Team Dream points are being given due to the idea of “half a subtask” not working well with deciding the winning team and not wanting to award 7.5 points to people partially completing other team’s dreams.

As james_uk2008 said, the Shapeshifter team has settled on becoming a Mewtwo with a teammate for its Team Dream. Remember, they’ll get 30 points for doing it, and anybody on another team can earn 15 for doing it with a Shapeshifter team member. I’ll accept any of the three canon Mewtwo forms from the Pokémon games because I’m too lazy to be picky.

The scores are updated.

I had three medium length lucid dreams and a non-lucid fragment.

In those dreams I shapeshifted into an Umbra, which apparently has psychic abilities. Using those psychic abilities, I moved small objects (knives and keys) with psychokinesis. I also moved hurled people around a room with psychokinesis.


^ Cool stuff! The scores are updated with those points. It’s awesome that we have five people who have scored already!

If it isn’t too late, please count me in. I don’t have a computer now, so I can’t copy/paste, edit, read spoiler tags or take part in team discussions of any kind. I have arranged so i can use a computer daily to post dreams with.

My average LD length is 3 minutes, my personal goal right now is to copy a work of art from a dream, and I belong to the traveller team (since there is no creation team :tongue:)

^ Welcome aboard!

I was reading more closely about how scoring works, and I think I should have less points. DEILD apparently changes how dreams are scored and I used DEILD to get the second lucid dream. So I guess it’s like one long dream (40 points) + 10 points for DEILD? Then another 30 for the third lucid dream. 40 + 10 + 30 = 80

^ That sounds correct, yes. If you got out of bed, wrote down your last LD, or otherwise took some significant amount of time between the dreams, then it’d count as two separate ones. If you woke up, decided “I want to go back in”, and then did so, then it’s one longer dream for the sake of the LC (else skilled DEILDers could easily sweep the competition). Thank you for clarifying that!

I force pushed someone in an ND last night. That is all.

^ Got it. The scores are updated. It looks like everybody on the Action team scored something on the first night, although they haven’t all done subtasks yet.

I had a lucid dream. No tasks completed.


I lost and regained lucidity several times. I also woke up between lucid periods, but I wasn’t lucid right away when I reentered the dream, so I’m not sure whether it counts as chaining.