Lucidity Challenge 43: Winner - drd!

Same as before. Recall seems to have returned and the dreams seem to be more vivid than the day before… additionally more lucids! :happy: Still… even though I tried to incubate the tasks into my memory I still tend to be swayed by dream plot and utilize my lucidity to take on what’s going on around me. Can’t complain though; it’s fun. :razz:

Scales 1.0 ~ Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 10
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: 3
Chains: 7
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV | Part II
Task 2:-E Part II | Parts I & V
Task 3:-E Part I & Part VIII | Part II
Task 4:-E Parts III, IV, V, VIII

Personal Task: Spoke with Cardia.

Had a short LD last night.

Sadly I got close to a few tasks but didn’t complete any. I changed from a wolf into a human, and then later I didn’t fully transform into a bird, I just had wings. I saw a woman with a keyboard, but she vanished before I could play it… Sigh. Still… lucid again! Hurrah! :content:

Had a long LD with a chain. I turned into a golden statue. i exitted my body to observe myself, and then i was sitting on a bench. i then sat next to myself on the bench.

Router is up and running, new task is up soon. Post anything you’ve got! And again, please post by 11:30pm CST

@HeadInTheClouds: you were definitely rescuing citizens!

@Koharo: I might call some game consoles obsolete, but a PSP still uses current technology. Even if it’s been overshadowed by the Vita, I’d have a hard time calling it obsolete or out of widespread use. The bow counts anyway, so you still get the points. To answer your question, you just need to become an inanimate object. Like, unable to move unless you used dream powers to move. But if push came to shove, I’d say just a few seconds are fine. Let me know if I need to update.

@Thorn: come on, you’ve only got one Task left!

Scores are updated

Team Participation
Fun: 11.1% ( 1.3 tasks per member)
Mystery: 8.3% (1 task per member)
Super: 8.3% (1 task per member)

Medium LD with chain. Wore a party hat.


Task 5 - Fiction!
Fiction comes to life in dreams. Anyone who knows me knows my DG is that avatar you keep seeing in my posts. In fact, a lot of dreamers on LD4all love to explore the world of fiction in person. To wrap up this LC, let reality go and let the dream in. To quote Dr. Sidney Freedman: “Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice!”

…I’m not entirely sure what that has to do with fiction other than I wanted to throw in a MAS*H reference somewhere.

Oh yes, and welcome back to Creation, Investigation, and Transformation. As the Fun team no longer exists, its members are no longer eligible to claim an opposing Team’s task without penalty. Also, the other two teams no longer have to wear party hats to do team-voted teasks :razz:

The Tasks

Do something that defies the laws of physics +20pts: fly, walk through a solid wall, stand upside down on the ceiling. BASICALLY FREE POINTS!
Do something you would never do in real life +20pts: and I mean you specifically. Maybe it’s stabbing someone in the shin. Maybe it’s giving money to the homeless only to then rob them and take it back. Maybe it’s dancing naked on the White House lawn. Maybe it’s something I can’t even think of. Only you know what you wouldn’t do. Credit to Thorn as the basic premise is an unused idea from LC 42

Film or star in your own movie +30pts: BLATANT LC TASK THEFT ALERT!!! Credit to Wyvern for making up this task in LC 41 :razz:. Basically, either film a movie or be filmed while starring in one. And it has to be fiction, not a documentary!
Bring an elemental to life +40pts: this is a venture into the world of fantasy. Turn an element into a living being. You could make a fire beast, a water sprite… whatever!

Have a conversation with one of your favorite fictional characters +30:
yeah, just pick whoever floats your boat. I will not count fictional adaptations of historical figures unless they’re way off from the source material. Basically, no historical dramatizations. For example: Lincoln in the movie Lincoln does not count. Lincoln in the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter does.
Write the dream as it’s happening +40pts: what do I mean? Imagine you just found a typewriter. Everything you write actually happens as you write it. You write that there is a car crash 30 feet from you? It happens. You write your secret crush falls madly in love with you? It happens. Remember, with great power comes a hell of a good time.

Absorb the power of an element +30pts:
find an element and absorb its powers. For example, you might find a fire, suck it up, and then suddenly be able to shoot fire from your hands. And an “element” could be anything, such as rocks or trees or nuclear energy. You only have to absorb it from a source. Look up Infamous: Second Son if you need a better example.
Turn yourself and the world into an 8- or 16-bit video game +40pts for you kids, that means something like the NES or Sega Genesis. OK, fine, I’ll also accept things like the Super NES and Sega Saturn… but nothing more! I don’t care if the DCs transform, but I do want you to become a sprite.

Task 5 Ultra Team Task
And now for something different…

For this final task, each team will contribute something to a massive Ultra Team Task. To receive credit, you have to use all three parts of this task in your dream. However, you can complete this task with any other LC member, not just your teammates. Do not discuss what your team is choosing with any other team, and do not post in the topic when you have decided. PM me with your team’s decision and I will have the Ultra Team Task posted in its total.

In this Task that has never before been attempted, we will create a duel worthy of cinema that, if it were in a movie, would be talked about for all eternity!!! This will not be an easy task by any means. In fact, it’ll take a lot of control and good memory for what to do. Because of this, it is worth a TON of points.

What’s a ton of points? Can I hear +200pts? I think I can. Obviously this is is a significant number of points and could be game changing. Because of this, I will not award any partial credit. You have to complete all parts of the task at once in the same dream. No visiting the location and then having a duel somewhere else and then TFing in yet another place. All three parts much be present.

The Creation Team will decide how you will duel. Will it be a Jedi lightsaber fight? A wizard duel from Harry Potter? Turn three paces then fire? We’ll find out soon enough.

The Investigation Team will decide where you will duel. It must be a world or universe from a work of fiction. The world of Pandora from Avatar? The Island of Lilliput from Gulliver’s Travels? World 1-1 from Super Mario Brothers 3? It just keeps getting better.

The Transformation Team will decide who you get to duel as. Obi-Wan and Darth Vader? Sonic and Dr. Robotnik? Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty? You can pick which of the two you become, but you must become one and the other must be your teammate transformed.

Transformation Team Advantage

The advantage task will continue as normal. The task must include something do to with transformation and be inspired by the following word: KEY

And, just in case anyone asks,

Final Team Participation
Fun: 11.1% ( 1.3 tasks per member)
Super: 10.4% (1.25 task per member)
Mystery: 8.3% (1 task per member)

Good luck, everyone, and Happy Lucids! :tardis:


Alright cool.

Yea I morphed into a remote control car and took off like a bat out of hades. How I moved? I just moved/drove where I willed myself to go, so I believe I missed that one. I don’t believe I used an ability to move.

Edit: Man and I did some of these tasks this morning too haha [/color]

Question: For things we would never do in real life, does that also mean things we would never usually do while dreaming? Because the way I interpret it, simply flying would be enough to fulfill the task, as I’d never do that in real life. Could you please clarify?

@HITC: I mean things your personality, morals, or the general rules of society would not normally allow you to do. Check my examples.

Edit: here’s a better way to word this. I don’t care about things that are impossible to do in real life, I care about things you wouldn’t do in real life, even if you could.

Rhewin, I had a long LD, and had a conversation with a character from Silmarillion by Tolkien. (The elven captain) And, I teleported, of course.

I had this LD 4 hours after you posted the tasks, but…hadn’t read it yet. :sad:

I had a long LD with a chain last night. I flew with wings, did some naughty things with a random DC, and changed the way a song sounded while it was playing

@Siiw: ok it was kind of tragically funny at first but now I just feel bad :hugs:

Scores are updated

[center]Ultra Team Task[/center]
So, I have seen the results and I am amused. Some teams seemed a little undecided, so I went with what was PMed to me and seemed to have the most votes in your team. Again, highly amused. You have made Rhewin’s day. Thank you. Thank you all.

I will post this slightly out of order just… just to let it all sink in. Spoilers just to add tension.

First of all, you will be having your duel in:

[spoiler]Gotham City


You will have your duel in the forms of:

[spoiler]Mario and Bowser

And most importantly, your duel will be in the form of…

[spoiler][center] :slide: DANCE :twirl: [/center]


Man I would pay money for this.

Transformation Advantage

The final Advantage Task is to turn an object into a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. You don’t need to know the game, here’s a pretty gif of a bunch of different types.

Medium LD Last night

I flew (for the impossible in RL task), and narrated part of my dream:

[spoiler]My little finger is missing on my right hand. Definitely a dream… I rub my hands to stabilise and walk forwards a bit, clearing my throat for narration.

“I walk forwards and then with casual ease, float into the sky. Or not… Technical difficulties… This is embarrassing… One second, need to stabilise. Okay, right and with a little jump… I was flying. The old woman who had been walking along the path towards me stops and stares. I bet look rather strange… flapping my arms like a bird and moving steadily higher.”

“The forest has grown, it’s trees now monstrously large. The ground is covered in oversized roots that twist over each other as the trees fight to touch the sky.”[/spoiler]

I did something I’d never do IRL in a ND. I was crying and slapped my dad with a magazine over something really stupid. So yeah, I would go to say that this would likely never happen.

Here’s a medium-length LD. I performed the “defy physics” task the exact same way as everybody else, which is a shame, as I really wanted to either move something through a solid or violate the square-cube law and then try to goad you into awarding creativity points. I remembered my personal goal but didn’t get the chance to work on it.

I had a short LD, but didn’t do any tasks.

-Submitting a near miss, short LD where I met Rhewin in the form of his avatar in black and white/The Doctor. He takes me to something similar to a TARDIS and helps me find a few other contestants, (Letaali, Thorn, and Scipio), but I couldn’t remember any tasks.

-I take the form of Spiderman/a hero in a Long LD, but I wasn’t lucid.
-While lucid, I defy physics, using a new flight method that involved using raw energy and brute force opposed to using a more graceful style. (Defied physics on multiple occasions, but submitted this one because I was lucid then.)
-I do something I would never do IRL, threatening a close relative and saying things I would never say to him IRL (wasn’t lucid and completed this a few times throughout the dream).
-I meet and converse with Jimmy Neutron, Sheen, and Carl who help me out at the safe house.[/color]

Got two short LDs this morning by WILD(?), they were pretty much in a row.

I had a short LD last night.

In it, I asked a computer for the answer to life, the universe, and everything. It brought up a color selection window (like when choosing a font color in Word) and clearly selected white, which I took to be its answer. I was a bit disappointed, but whatever. I then tried to enter the Internet through the computer screen. I ended up in the computer screen, but then was pushed back out. I then took the computer and stretched it over myself into a sort of glass bubble and brought it down on myself, trying to enter the Internet that way, but it didn’t work. However, I think that qualifies as bending the laws of physics.

Also, not sure if this counts, but I had a dream about Arrested Development in a ND last night. George Michael was asking me about love and what he should do with Maybe (I got no clue if I spelled that right). Anyways, he was one of my favorite characters from that show, but I don’t know if that qualifies for the task from this week.

/me pokes Rhewin…Task 5 isn’t on the scoreboard!