Lucidity Challenge 43: Winner - drd!

Task 1 Team Tasks
Alright, these are the tasks you’ll need to iron out with your team. Your team must agree on whatever variable I give you. In addition, you must complete the task with at least one other member of your team (or at least a DC that represents your team member). If you do another team’s task, you must do it with a member of their team.

All team dreams are worth 40pts for your team, and half points for another team’s. None of these can be combined with the above.

Creation: This week you’re going to stage a musical performance with another member of your team. It’s up to you to decide what kind of music and where you will perform it. It could be a giant classic rock concert in a concert hall, or you could just play drums in a park. Surprise me.

Investigation: You know what sounds nice? Going to a concert with friends. You’re going to take another team member to see a performance. Where and what type of music? That’s up to you. Have a nice time.

Transformation: Why bother working your way up from the bottom? You and at least one other team member need to transform into a famous music group. Now, your group only has to be from a specific genre, you don’t have to choose a specific group. You don’t have to perform, but DCs should at least know who you are. You decide who you’re going to become. I wonder what it feels like the ride a wrecking ball… and possibly be insane. You tell me.

EDIT: Transformation Team! Pick a specific genre, not a specific group. That was worded poorly.

One or two tasks done today! So if these can’t be combined… what does that mean? In my dream, I did them separately. I listened first, then changed the music, then listened again. I don’t know if that counts for both tasks, and I think a number of us are confused.

[spoiler][02:53.35] So this part : Cannot be combined with the generic listen to music task… I have to get the two different tasks in seperate dreams?
[02:57.01] Oh shoot, I forgot that
[02:57.10] Edited my post to say one task done instead of two >.>
[02:57.15] <@Thorn> no, it just means you can’t use one task as part of another
[02:57.47] Blah
[02:57.53] <@Thorn> we were telling Rhewin on Mumble last night about it being a bit confusing :confused:[/spoiler]

So, depends on what you decide, I guess, Rhewin. Other than that, below is the relevant part of the dream. :smile:

[spoiler]I’m in a living room with a bunch of people, some on a couch behind me, and one or two at a stool to my left but more in center. The person actually sitting on the stool is Rhewin. I don’t know when the music started, but a few people were playing music, including Rhewin himself. I listen for a bit, knowing that this is part of the task I need to complete. I know I’m in control of the music ultimately, but I let it go for now. I have sheet music in my hand for another song, so after a minute or two, I start directing the musicians, mainly Rhewin, to transition into the new song. It’s the same key and time signature, so it’s easy, but since I’m mainly changing only Rhewin’s part, the others follow to transition properly into the new piece.

I walk around Rhewin and the stool as I listen, and once I’m facing the other way, everyone is on the new piece. I think to myself that it mixed very well between pieces, and I think “Don’t I need to be lucid?” I ponder for a second and determine that of course I’ve known I was dreaming this for all that time. I walk behind the couch and lean on it to listen and watch some more, and think about how I’ve been lucid for a few minutes, which is pretty decent for me considering how things usually go.[/spoiler]

I’d say it was medium length for me. I’ll also note that I did not write the sheet music in my hand. In the dream, I thought I was playing an instrument myself at first, but I don’t actually remember doing so. I remember attempting to make actual music with random objects later, but it didn’t work so well. I just ended up banging plastic cups together and that was it. :tongue:

PS: Do I get extra points for Rhewin participating in my dream? :razz:

Congratulations on getting the first points, ZRVera :happy:. I hope you enjoyed listening to the smooth tones of Rhewin and the TARDISes (I assume if I had a band that I would call it that).

You listened to the music first and then changed it as a completely separate action, so I can count that. Like Thorn said, I’m just trying to avoid people claiming multiple tasks for a single action.

This goes for everyone: as long as they’re two separate actions, you don’t have to worry about the combination disclaimer.

I had a ND in which I listened to music. I actually listened to it and reacted to it by being creeped out!

Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to do the other subtasks while lucid!

The second and third dreams from this morning are NDs in which I listen to music. While the latter of the two had me listening as a DO, the former had me in the scene and having emotions due to the music in the scene.

So… I take it I can claim both the listening points and the changing points in my dream then? I’ll claim that as such and await your ruling. :razz:

Sooo!!! A wonderful start to this LC! :biggrin: Didn’t expect this, but, hey, I did a task. :smile: Specifically, I listened to some music and then made alterations.

Intelligent DC ~ [LD]Short Lucid Dream[/LD] ~ Task 1 Parts I & VII [LD]LUCID[/LD] [color=green]EARLY[/color]

Stats so far:

[spoiler][LD]Short LDs:[/LD] 1
[LD]Medium LDs:[/LD] ~ none ~
[LD]Long LDs:[/LD] ~ none ~
[LD]Chains:[/LD] ~ none ~

Task 1:[color=green]-E[/color] [LD]Parts I & VII[/LD]

Scipio, as long as you did them as two separate things. For example, if you noticed music and just changed it immediately, that wouldn’t count. If you take the time to listen to it first and then change it, I’ll go ahead and count that.

@ZRVera: like I said above, way to go!

@Mew151: Incubate. Incubate for all eternity.

@Scipio: Lol. I love the loss of words in Spanish.

Scores are being kept here

A few extra notes.

One, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are fairly passionate about the type of music they want in their dreams. A couple of teams are having issues picking a genre because of that. I won’t just open it to any genre because I do believe there has to be some kind of challenge, but I’ll make a compromise. Teams can now pick two genres to use as possibilities in their dreams.

Also, people seem to be confused about the combination restrictions. It’s simple: listen to the music before you do anything else. Once you’ve listened to it, it’s fine. As for the DC’s favorite song, that one in particular cannot be the music you count for listening to. Finally, you need to play one instrument and invent a separate instrument. If anyone is still confused, please PM me.

When I say team dreams cannot be combined, I mean basically two things. One, the creation team can’t claim their performance with their team as the “play an instrument task”. They need to be two different performances. Two, the investigation team cannot count their concert for listening to music. That’s it. Once you have done the team task, you can go on to do whatever else you want in your dream.

Short LD
-Listened to music, but I wasn’t lucid at the time.

Long Story Short…
After jumping this guy who was insulting me and my friends our theme begins to play, cueing our victory the way they would in WWE. Pacing around the ring with a steel chair in hand, I hear enough of the song to know it was Motorhead playing, but I was too caught up in the moment to identify which song it was. It was either The Game, Line In The Sand, or a mashup of both.

I’ll link the entry when I update tomorrow.[/color]

-Linked entry

Listened to music being played at a beach wedding in a ND. It was actually a song from RL surprisingly.

I played an instrument in a ND last night! It didn’t sound that great, but I played an instrument!

The second dream posted here is a long LD that has me inventing a new instrument and playing an instrument. I thought about making an original piece of music, but I erroneously concluded that these parts of the task could not be combined due to the constant discussion of such issues in chat, Mumble, and Skype IWL.

Egad! More lucids! This time I created an original instrument and composition… I envy the Wyvern’s skills, here, to pull such creations out of a dream… mine will have to remain in my mind. :sad:

“GuiBar” ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Task 1 Parts III & IV LUCID CHAIN

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: ~ none ~
Chains: 1

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV

The Creative team has pretty much all agreed to stage a musical in a park. :happy:

That’s right we’ve gotta report back to the thread with the results don’t we…?
If so, the Investigation team has decided to attend a rock concert on a floating island with metal as our alternate genre.

Likewise, the Transformation team has to report; we seem to have settled on pop and rock given the new the two-genre option.

Ok, team challenges are set. I’m on my way home and will update scores. Remember that you can also set a back up genre as well, but at least we have the main ones in.

Had two LDs here. Both were around 2-3 minutes a piece. (short)

A few nights ago I did get a task done while lucid. That night came with a few other interesting dreams which I might type later.

[spoiler] I was in my High School, in Math Class. The teacher of the class looked almost like all my least favorite teachers from high school (including my math teacher) averaged together; I’ll call him Evil Professor. Evil Professor was lecturing the class about poor performance and had created a new probation-style system based on homework completed and scores from the last test. Essentially if those on probation didn’t get every point for the rest of the semester they would fail the class or something. Evil Professor then proceeded to take out a list, and from it declared that just about every person in the class including myself was on probation. Then one particular err… slacker… Who shall be named Misguided Youth, piped up about how he was trying his hardest and that the new system wasn’t fair (out of character). The teacher responded by saying “You’ve got some kind of [profane] mental issues, don’t’cha bud?”. This almost started a fight between Evil Professor and Misguided Youth. As this was happening, I was trying to figure how hard it will be for me to pass the semester.
I was running down a corridor from my Middle School, and almost instantly became lucid. I stopped in the hallway and felt an urge to do something drastic and impressive, but I remembered the music challenge and so I swung left at the junction of the halls in front of me and ran to try and find music. I checked about three or four classrooms along the hallway before finding my 7th grade lit. teacher watching a music video on the wall-mounted television that my middle-school classrooms had. I listened to that for 5 or so seconds, then lost lucidity and the dream.[/spoiler]

So essentially, a short LD where I listened to music.

Had a normal dream last night with background music -