Lucidity Challenge 45 - Winner - Thorn!

YAAAAS… It feels so good to have more than one lucid in a week… especially when I just broke ALL MY PREVIOUS RECORDS. :biggrin: All in all, three tasks done, there may have been more, and my LONGEST LD SO FAR! :biggrin:

So yea… I raged and broke something (but that depends on if you take “Happy Raging”… I also phased through a wall (I believe more than once, but I only recall doing it in one scene), and I “spoke” telepathically with a DC.

Scipio does ALL THE THINGS - Longest Lucid Dream - Task I Part 4 & Task III Parts 2 and 5

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Lucid Moments: 2
Non-Lucids: 5
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 1
Longest Lucid Dreams: 1

Task I:-E WIZARD | DRUID | FIGHTER | Sat by a campfire, PALADIN, and ROGUE. | BARBARIAN
Task II:-E Teleported using a (magical) device. | Fired a lasergun. | Stargazing.

Thorn - Badass jump, man! I’m giving you an extra 10 ‘creativity’ points for leaping with style (and because the swapping to flight with wings then landing on your face part made me mentally face-palm in sympathy). Also, pretending to be part of the evil sonic tribe counts as being undercover, so I’ve added points for that too.

Scipio - Grats, that was a whole lotta lucid. :woot: But what on Earth is a ‘happy’ rage? :eh: Sorry, can’t accept that one. It’s got to be berserk out-of-control / anger / ‘seeing red’ to qualify as a barbarian.

New Week’s Tasks and Team advantage will be calculated in roughly 4.5 hours time, so post any other task points before then to be included.


I traveled in a spaceship similar to the Helios from Borderlands. It was orbiting Earth. I saw Earth from space but I couldn’t see stars from that window.

I questioned my dreaming state without becoming lucid again in an ND this morning.

The puzzle team wins this week and gets an extra sub-task.

Action 7 tasks / 4 members = 1.75 completions per member
Adventure 0 tasks / 4 members = 0 completions per member
Puzzle 3 tasks / 1 member = 3 completions per member
Current Standings

  1. Drd (725)
  2. Thorn (630)
  3. Scipio Xaos (510)
  4. Letaali (260)
  5. Mew151 (210)
  6. James_uk2008 (110)
  7. Stari_maga, Hodge_Podge (50)
  8. squoak, Loah 0 (INACTIVE)

Week 4 - Supernatural

The end of October / start of November marks Halloween and Bonfire Night in the UK. Kids dress up as scary monsters and go trick-or-treating. We watch fireworks and light bonfires. So in the spirit of the season, and also because I like scary movies, lets finish off the lucid challenge with some spooky themed tasks. :scared:

Scare a dream character. Sneak up on someone and make them jump. Or maybe you’ll transform into a monster in front of their eyes. Send them running in terror! 20 points.
Set off a firework. Time to light up the sky/room or wherever you happen to find yourself. No need for it to be night time, or even outdoors, but you could potentially grab the stargazing task points as well if the conditions are right. 30 points.

Slay a vampire. Time to unleash your inner Buffy and take out those blood sucking monsters. Fighting it isn’t enough, you must cause the vampire to suffer ‘final death’ i.e. stake through the heart, behead it, sunlight, fire, etc. 30 points.
Transform into a wolfman. (And then of course you should let out a blood-freezing howl at the moon.) The action team seemed pretty keen on werewolves during week one, so this time I want a proper eight foot tall, hairy, (wo)man-wolf, sharp-toothed vicious-clawed monster. Arrrrooooooooooo! (Here’s an example picture.) This transformation doesn’t count for the druid task. 40 points.

Meet a professional monster hunter. Scooby Doo, where are you? What about Van Helsing, Ichabod Crane or Sam & Dean Winchester? Mulder and Scully? The Ghostbusters? 30 points.
Enter a haunted house, tomb or graveyard. I’m afraid of no ghost! While you’re there, why not try to complete the monthly quest? 40 points.

Investigate a mystery. Preferably an X-Files / supernatural/paranormal themed mystery, but not essential. 30 points.
Banish a demon. I don’t mind how you get rid of the demon, this is the puzzle team so use your brains! You could try a full on Latin-chanting exorcism, a spell, a magical demon slaying weapon. Maybe you’ll just kick it in the shin and make it run away. No doubt your incredible lucid powers will do the job. 40 points.

Team Advantage Task
Frankenstein - Turn a DC into a monster. You could force the change on them with willpower, or maybe turn yourself into a vampire/werewolf/zombie and bite them. Create a virus and infect them ‘Resident Evil’ style, or raise a corpse from the dead with lightning… whatever works for you. 40 points.

LC Host Task - Trick or treat? I’ve got a bucket of sweets/candy that grant special powers and transformations - just the thing to help you finish the task of your choice. Are you brave enough to try one? Find me and ask for a treat, if you dare! 40 points

Good luck everyone!

In the second dream here, I fire a laser gun as in Week 2’s task.

Darn. I guess my avatar transformation from earlier in the LC into a proper seven foot tall, hairy, dracorn-wolf, sharp-toothed, vicious-clawed monster misses two details and can’t just be done a second time for the points. :tongue:

Just checking… you are talking about the current Quest, right? The Quest did involve ghosts at first but was changed at the last minute.

Aw man, it’s candy. I thought we agreed we’d meet for beers befitting whatever forms we take in the dream. :razz:

Good luck guys :happy:

Alrighty. It was berserk out-of-control, though. Was so happy I was lucid I couldn’t stop breaking things. :razz: Looks like I’ll just have to remember to be angry next time. That’s gonna be hard given lucidity has the opposite effect. :tongue:

Had an LD here this morning which at around 5-7 minutes long makes it a medium length one for me. I tried turning myself into a Werewolf but couldn’t quite get everything together. A nice highlight though was being able to change and freeze time for the first time in an LD for me. :smile:

Thorn - More wolf-human, less dracorn, and lose the wings… yeah that’ll do it!

Regarding the quest I did think it was summoning a spirit from the past to give you an item, I misread it. Still, my intention was merely to draw awareness to the Quest and potential points.

And we’ll have the beers to celebrate your LC victory. Now chop chop, earn more points! :content:

Scipio - ‘Berserk - Out of control’ is what I was looking for. In reading the entry that wasn’t clear, but now you’ve clarified that, I’ve added the points. I might call you ‘Scipio the Happy Barbarian’ from now on though. :smile:

James - Congrats on the new power. That’s pretty cool. I’m going to have to try that myself.

I had a normal dream in which I shrank to the size of an insect for a short while. Other parts of the dream were explicit, so I have no DJ entry to link with this one, but I’m more than willing to describe things to the TM if he feels it’s necessary.

I just joined the community and I’m assuming it’s far too late to sign up. I just wanted to tag the topic in question so I can hopefully follow it, and be ready to sign up at the next event!

The second dream here has me investigating something unknown related to a crime, although whether that’s enough to qualify as a mystery is up to the TM, and also has me scaring some DCs.

Hi dogcyn :wave: This challenge ends on Friday, so there will likely be sign ups for the next challenge sometime next week. Hope to see you there!

Scores are updated. Thorn takes the lead, but can he keep it?

I may have completed the banish a demon subtask in a ND.

So I may not have done any task things in this dream, but I did have a lucid, and I may have figured out how to have some regular lucids… Also, I now have a strong drive to want to win this thing so… here goes! :razz:

Magic Staff - Medium Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Lucid Moments: 2
Non-Lucids: 5
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 1
Longest Lucid Dreams: 1

Task I:-E WIZARD | DRUID | FIGHTER | Sat by a campfire, PALADIN, and ROGUE. | BARBARIAN
Task II:-E Teleported using a (magical) device. | Fired a lasergun. | Stargazing.
Task IV: ~ none ~

I’ll be there!

Latest Scores

There’s plenty of combo options, high scoring team dream possibilities and of course personal goals for big points. We’re not finished yet, make every dream count! :smile:

Last night I had a medium, and a short length LD. I scared some DCs, froze the ground to skate on it, and healed a DC. My DJ