Lucidity Challenge 45 - Winner - Thorn!

LC 45 Signups (Name - Team - Personal Goal)

  1. Letaali - Action - Reach the Frozen Planet
  2. James_UK2008 - Action - Shapeshift into a Ninja Turtle
  3. Scipio Xaos - Puzzle - SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
  4. Thorn - Action - Become my avatar
  5. Mew151 - Adventurer - Play DDR Dream Mix
  6. Rhewin :tardis: - Adventurerererer - regenerate
  7. squoak - Adventurer - Meet a dream character I met previously.
  8. drd - Action - Pick up a building with my hands
  9. Loah - Action - turn everything into crystal!

just like that time i started turning the world into an iceball!

First time not rely sure how this works but id love to play :smile:

Hi Jrizzla and welcome :smile:

To get started you need to pick a team, either Action, Adventure or Puzzle. The descriptions of the teams are in the first post. Basically when the challenge starts, the tasks for your team are worth more points although you can still complete the tasks for the other teams as well.

Second, please choose a personal or dream goal, something tricky or new that you would like to acomplish in a lucid dream. This is worth 100 points if completed during the challenge! :happy:

Things seem a bit quiet lately, so unless anyone has strong objections, I’m going to start the challenge this Friday. :content:


And by that I mean carry on.

Task 1 - Dungeons and Dragons

When I was a kid my dad read The Hobbit to me as a bedtime story. Since then I’ve been obsessed by fantasy worlds filled with danger, dragons, elves and epic quests. It’s pure escapism, which is surely what dreams are all about. So even if you’ve never rolled anything other than a standard six-sided dice in your life, here’s a chance to experience the magic of one of the most iconic roleplaying games…

Use a candle or flaming torch, or sit around a roaring campfire. There’s nothing quite like a real campfire when you’re off on an adventure and out in the wilderness at night. No, modern battery powered torches don’t count. (Please light dream fires responsibly!) 20 points.
FIGHTER - Wear a piece of armour or protective gear. If you’re off delving dungeons and fighting dragons, it’s a good idea to get some defensive gear first. You could go for full plate / shields in true DnD style but I won’t object to futuristic battle / mech suits or more mundane; hard hat, steel toe cap boots or sports gear i.e. shin pads, helmets etc. 30 points.

MONK: LEAP - Perform an impossible (IRL) leap between rooftops. Remember the jump program from The Matrix? Or the rooftop chase scene in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? No cheating and using flight! 20 points.
BARBARIAN: RAGE - Enter a ferocious berserker rage and break something. ‘Something’ can be furniture - you don’t have to hurt anyone unless you want to. 20 points.
DRUID: WILD SHAPE - Transform into an animal. The most awesome thing about druids is their ability to turn into beasts. There are so many to choose from… but if you can’t decide, how about my personal favourite: polar bear. 40 points.

PALADIN: PROTECT - Defend a DC from an attack. Standing up for those weaker than yourself and being a hero is what it’s all about. ‘Attack’ in this case could be verbal or physical. 20 points.
BARD: PERFORM - Give a performance. Bards are masters of lore and legend, and informing everyone else how fantastic you are! Performance is a broad term so I’ll accept any of the following - tell a story, sing a song, do a dance, give a speech, play an instrument. 20 points.
CLERIC: HEAL - Channel divine energy to heal an injured DC. Everyone loves the healer! I’m looking for more than a bandage/band aid here - use magical / mystical (or lucid hacks) forms of healing to complete this task. 40 points.

WIZARD/SORCERER: FIREBALL!! - Cast an offensive spell. What’s that? You thought I’d give the Action team all the fighting/power related tasks? No way! Physical prowess isn’t the only way to win a fight. Those clever wizards have a few tricks up their sleeves. 20 points.
ROGUE: LARCENY - Commit a larcenous act. Rogues get so many fun skills that you shouldn’t try in real life! Larceny is a broad term so I will accept any of the following; steal something, disarm a trap, pick a lock, pickpocket a DC, trespass. 20 points.
RANGER: TRACK - Follow a set of footprints/tracks to hunt down a person or animal. No one escapes from the masters of survival. 40 points.

Team Dreams - 40 (solo) + 40 (with member of team) points.
Action Team: DRAGONS! Or monsters in general! DnD is full of weird and wonderful creatures. Pick a fantasy monster to confront. Fight it with a team mate for double points. e.g. Dragon / Ogre / Storm Giant / Mindflayer / Beholder / Pit Demon.

Adventure Team: DUNGEONS! Pick a fantasy ‘dungeon’ (and by that I mean anywhere with loot and monsters) to visit. Go there with a team mate for double points. e.g. LOTR:The Mines of Moria, Neverwinter: Castle Never, Warcraft: Scarlet Monastery, Blackrock, Onyxia’s Lair etc.

Puzzle Team: GNOMES! Those crazy tinkerers are always inventing insane things. Decide on a type of device to construct (cobbling together any two or more random components is enough) and then use it in your dream. Test it on/with a team mate for double points! Death Ray? Battle Chicken? Mechstrider? World Enlarger? I’m asking you to decide on the device’s effect rather than it’s appearance.

@Scipio - As you are the only member of the puzzle team, you can get the extra 40 points by completing the task with me the LC Host, or by summoning your ‘Evil/Good Twin’. :tongue:
Anyone else wishing to complete the Puzzle team dream for the full 40 points must summon Scipio Xaos.

Once your team has come to a decision, please post it here. If no agreement has been reached, I’ll pick whatever seems to have the most votes. Team dreams will not be valid until 48 hours after this post, or once all teams have posted, whichever comes first.

Best of luck and happy lucids everyone.

?. Hodge_Podge - Adventure - Talk to Einstein

Yes, the great Hodge_Podge is back! I had a lucid dream last night were I knew I was dreaming and kept attempting to make a pistol appear by closing and opening my hand. Not sure if I get points since I just signed-up?

Welcome Hodge_Podge!
I think it would be unfair to the others to count pre sign up points, especially if the dreams occurred before I posted the task?

You should have a private message with a link to the adventure team workspace to join in the discussion for the team dream. I’ll add you to the scores and sign ups tomorrow, can’t do that on the tablet.

Welp… an hour before the task went up I had a dream that accomplished the DRUID subtask… Too bad that doesn’t count. :tongue:

Had an LD here last night after the task went up. At around 1-2 minutes long, this makes it a short one for me. As per the LC task that I incubated, I summoned a potion to try and turn myself into an Alligator but the LD ended before I could fully make the transition.

Grats James on scoring the first points.

@Scipio - Unlucky. That was a cool dream, just a bit too soon. Repeat tonight, with extra lucidity! :content:

Had two LDs, one was short, and the other was long. I created fireballs in my hand, tried to fire them at a car, but they didn’t go very far.

Greetings all!

I had an epic LD last night w/ possible task points!

I dreamt I was lucid and flew to a “Tron” like city (buildings were lite up). When I landed I told myself I want to defend (thinking about the task). I grabbed a weapon, and a swat team/terrorist group appeared. I started firing my weapon. The dream switched to third person. After awhile I noticed I was playing a FPS, and I was back in my room. The dream continued. I attempted to summon a Ferrari 458, but failed. I did summon Selena Gomez, but she didn’t talk to me. :smile:

This LD was long. I kept thinking “I wonder when I’ll wake up!” :grin: I am getting much better with control; I would rate my control this time at 7/10.

I’m not sure if I get task points for defending; Unless defending myself counts, or defending the city from an attack counts. . .

@Hodge_Podge nice work! If you were defending/protecting other characters from being attacked then that would count for the Paladin task, but it does need to be another person, not yourself or ‘the city’. During the FPS bit, were you providing covering fire for team mates or jumping in the way of bullets to save them? If you were then let me know. :smile:

I’ve updated the scores with the recent posts.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t providing cover for anyone. I was just being Rambo-ish; shooting whatever moves. It was still pretty fun. :smile:

Okay team dreams are now locked in.

The Action team want to fight a dragon.

The Puzzle team opted to create and test out a fearsome battle chicken!

…And the adventure team didn’t post. Trouble accessing One Drive folks? So I’ve picked something for you… where only the bravest of adventurers dare to tread: A scenic spot near the Pass of Cirith Ungol in Middle Earth - Shelob’s Lair!

Well I suppose it’s about time I claim something! I wondered if I were dreaming this morning! Sadly before I could try to RC I woke up!

Credit Card Laptop - Non-Lucid Dream - Lucid Moment

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Lucid Moments: 1
Short LDs: 0
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 0

Task I: ~ none ~

Hi! I can still sign up, right? I’m trying to get back into lucid dreaming and always do better at things when I have goals to work for… not that I’m expecting to win or anything.

stari_maga - Adventurer - fly with wings

Even if I’m too late, I’ll probabally still be playing along.

The more the merrier, stari_maga. I’ll add you to the sign-ups and score sheet etc when I get my lunch break. :smile:

I had a short LD, posted here, that did not earn any other points.