Lucidity Challenge 46—Winner: obfusc8!

I normally fly by the sea or shore, so this time it’ll be a forest. Big expanse of trees.

I would like to fly over/through a canyon.

I will fly over or near a volcano/lava.

I choose to fly through a futuristic city.

I will fly through this city. I chose this location in a previous LC, but never got the chance to go there.

I choose to fly through space, in particular, the Galactic Sea from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Here, I had a decently long LD - I flew, too…

To be fair, the flying part is at the very end. I doubt that I flew before that, because it felt as if I was just jumping about rather than actually flying in the sky. Oh wells.

I’m not exactly disappointed with it, especially considering this is the third night of actually trying.

Erm, so, apparently I picked the wrong team… anyways, scored some points:

Short LD - Drd (somewhat ungraciously) made me fly.

Medium LD - Flew with a DC, over my chosen setting (forest/woodlands).

Full dreams posted here

As a host I found Scipio’s spoiler tracking-tag useful, so I’ve started my own:

SPOILER - Click to view

LDs: Short 1, Medium 1

Tasks: Get Drd to make you fly. Fly with a DC. Fly over a chosen setting.

Oleg, not a bad start!

obfusc8, you say you think you’re on the wrong team, but another host did that ungracious thing, so I don’t think he wants you on his team. :o Congrats on the early lead!

The scores are updated.

I flew in Pegasus Pony form in a ND this morning. I was transformed, but I don’t know if we actually have to witness or at least intend the transformation to get the points for “Transform into something that can fly and do just that”. I was a pony from the start of the dream scene. If I didn’t get those points then I flew with sprouted wings. DJ entry here.


Mew, my opinion is that transforming means actually undergoing a change, and it seems like things kept skipping back and forth between you being you and you being a pony with no definite moment of a change. Again, the other two hosts can always say otherwise and award the points, but I’m awarding points for flying using sprouted wings instead. Since there’s no overlap allowed, it’s only a five point difference.

The scores are updated.

“Ride a non-living thing for flight” done. Flew on a magic carpet in a non-lucid dream. Might also count for “Take a DC on a flight”, since I was with a girl.

Had a great lucid dream. Felt about 10 minutes long, so I think it’s medium.

I’m not sure if false lucids count as ‘wondering if you’re dreaming’. I knew it was a dream and did certain things because of knowing it, but wasn’t lucid. If they count for anything, 2 false lucids last night. :sad:

I had a short LD.

There isn’t a category for extra short, right? It was literally one second long, no tasks (or anything).

Letaali, I read your DJ entry and it sounds more like she took you for the flight. :razz: As always, if the other hosts have a different opinion, they can always award the points. You definitely got points for riding a non-living thing, though.

Why, I oughta… ahem …anyway, nice work getting so much done! In terms of how to imagine Scipio, I highly encourage using forum avatars when trying to picture specific LC participants and hosts. If you find a DC in the dream and have a strong gut feeling that it is the person and the person agrees, then that’s acceptable for the LC, but if you go into the dream imagining an avatar and happen to find it, then you’ll know immediately who you’ve found without having to rely on feeling or guesswork. Yes, I’m aware that means drd is a cat, but since he was a girl in obfusc8’s dream, I think he’s used to that sort of thing.
/me flees!

obfusc8, I’m sorry to say that FLD points were discontinued way back in LC 39 and no host has brought them back. They were introduced in LC 37 as a five-point dream, but LC 39 saw a surge in people that had FLDs nearly every night, which gave them an extra 200 points or so over the course of the seven-week LC. This seriously unbalanced the competition, since most people don’t train for FLDs and thus can’t simply induce them to catch up. Besides, the five points for wondering if you’re dreaming are a reward for increased awareness, when FLDs usually have no awareness of the actual state at all. :tongue: That said, FLDs are sometimes a symptom of increased lucidity and more dream-like thoughts, so keep on keepin’ on!

LDbc12, that used to be worth 10 points, but it was ultimately decided that some people’s idea of short is exactly that sort of thing, so it’s now just considered a short LD.

The scores are updated. Congrats to everybody who has scored so far! Don’t forget that the forum’s monthly quest is worth 75 points and is only running for another week before changing!

There, I flew again - this time over an ocean. I also took a DC with me. Not sure if he was willing, though. Didn’t really pay him any attention. Oh hey, look. This entire paragraph is one big hyperlink. Woo hoo. Uh, yeah. Happy Christmas?

Kihihi. :content: Thanks for the advice. Now that I recall, the first dream image I had of you was your avatar, and of Rhewin the gif of a doctor he posted. *En goes to memorize Scipio’s avatar

Had a short LD and rode a carnival ride (a carousel) last night.

Oleg, congrats on the jump to first place! It’s a shame finding drd didn’t work out for you. At the very least, you now have the power to become really tall? I’m sure you can find a use for that.

Mew, I don’t know what made you dream of a carousel outside of your LD, but it counts, so good for you. :tongue:

The scores are updated and the extended task has updated. Everybody can see the subtask he revealed, but you all still need to work in order (even if you work in order within a dream).