Lucidity Challenge 46—Winner: obfusc8!

Medium LD last night. Sprouted wings and also did the fly with style task by changing the colour of my wings.

Here’s the dream.

SPOILER - Click to view

LDs: Short 1, Medium 2

Tasks: Get Drd to make you fly. Fly with a DC. Fly over a chosen setting.
Sprout wings and fly. Fly with Style

I wondered if I was dreaming.

obfusc8, I personally feel that gold was more stylish than black, but I can’t withhold points for taste, especially considering mine are a stereotypical white unless I’m transformed into something. :tongue: Congrats on getting your wings, and best of luck managing that raven transformation and the other subtasks!

LDbc12, consider the points noted, and hopefully you get more soon.

The scores are updated.

Mh… recall has been bad for past several days. Grumble. Gruuuumble.

Same here. I recall fragments everyday, but nothing LC related or interesting. Had a few bad dreams even.

Short lucid dream with no tasks.

In a later non-lucid dream, I climbed a long ladder to the top of a building and then slid down a long spiral slide like a helter-skelter. Is that close enough? It wasn’t a fun/carnival themed dream, it was an apocalyptic end-of-the-world style one. :neutral:

Here’s the link

SPOILER - Click to view

LDs: Short 2, Medium 2

Tasks: Get Drd to make you fly. Fly with a DC. Fly over a chosen setting.
Sprout wings and fly. Fly with Style
Ride a carnival ride

Last night I finally had a short LD, no tasks.

Had a short LD here that was probably no longer than 30 seconds this morning. No tasks completed

obfusc8, I’m not really sure if I should count the helter skelter given that it really wasn’t positioned to be a carnival ride, but it does seem to be designed as one in the dream given that I can’t think of any other reason for such a slide to exist. The question is which factor is most important for declaring something a carnival ride; does the proper design (which your dream had) matter more than the location and purpose? I will not declare either way; I’ll leave it up to the other hosts. To clarify for them since the rides are rare in the U.S. (our carnival slides are taller but usually don’t curve), a helter skelter is exactly how obfusc8 described it; riders climb a central tower, usually via a spiral staircase, then ride a spiral or snaking slide down to the bottom while sitting on a mat.

EDIT: The other hosts have decided to award the points.

LDbc12 and james_uk2008, congrats on becoming lucid! Now just get some task points!

The scores are updated. The next task goes up tomorrow afternoon; remember that the team leading in Task 1 subtasks completed per member will get a small reward to help its members out. As it stands, Team Thorn and Team Scipio have 5 subtask completions and 4 members each for a rate of 1.25 subtasks per member, and Team drd has 2 subtask completions and 2 members for a rate of 1.00 subtasks per member. If every team completed one subtask tonight, we’d have a three-way tie; it’s very close! Post subtask points in this topic by 2:00 PM EST to have them count toward that rate!

Well, there were no changes in the scores since my last post, so we have a tie between Team Scipio and Team Thorn for this week. Scipio had decided in advance that the reward during his task for the winning team would be an extra subtask themed for it, so there will be a subtask worth 40 points for our two leading teams but only 20 for the trailing Team drd. That said, with only two members, it’s easy for Team drd to win each week if its members all participate!

Team drd: 2 subtask completions / 2 members = 1.00 subtask completions per member
Team Scipio: 5 subtask completions / 4 members = 1.25 subtask completions per member
Team Thorn: 5 subtask completions / 4 members = 1.25 subtask completions per member

Current standings:1. obfusc8 (320)

  1. En’enra, Oleg (190)
  2. Mew151 (105)
  3. Letaali (50)
  4. LDbc12 (45)
  5. James_UK2008 (20)
  6. eMander, stari_maga, Susan_Y (0)

Task 2 will be posted shortly; stay tuned!

As a reminder for new LC participants, Task 2’s appearance does not mean Task 1 is no longer worth points. However, we’ll always consider only the latest task when calculating which team wins each week.

This week’s Task is designed by Scipio, and everything not tied to a specific team was originally typed by him; team-specific subtasks were typed by the respective hosts. I tell you this so you know which host should be asked which questions if you’re unsure of something; we’re each best at clarifying our own subtasks. The only edits I have made are to some of the subtask titles that did not adequately describe the subtasks and to the point values so that they align with the other tasks; the descriptions and even most of the formatting have not been changed.

You will be PMed links to online workspaces to set up the first Team Dreams of the LC this week! You’ll have 48 hours to set things up.

Task 2: Party!

So… There seems to have been a lot of action-y and “busy” tasks lately. I think it’s been a while since we’ve all just sat back in our dreams and had a real good time. And what better way to have a good time is there than to throw a party? No need to call out of work nor wait for the weekend. Where we’re going it’ll be a Holiday in your Head! So clean up the room, set out the chairs, and break out the snacks; it’s time to party!

Go to a party10 points: Obviously you can host one yourself, or you can crash your neighbor’s. Maybe there’s a block party happening down the road. Whatever you choose just get there!
Eat at a party20 points: As I said, break out the snacks! Gorge yourself on junk food like potato chips or fried pork skins, find your way to the punch bowl, or maybe there are waiters serving sandwiches on silver platters.

Play a board game with DCs30 points: Every once in awhile, it starts raining and the power goes out. Play a board game with your friends instead.
Enter a multiplayer videogame40 points: Everybody loves playing videogames with their friends. Join them on the battlefield by jumping though your screen.

Sing karaoke in front of DCs30 points: Get on stage and sing your favorite song! It doesn’t matter how good or bad you sound; we’re all here to have fun!
Have a private band play40 points: Maybe instead of singing yourself you could get your favorite band to sing for you! Have them show up and play something!

Attend a party while wearing a costume30 points: You can wear whatever you want, but you may consider something that fits your goals or your favorite subtasks so that you already have tools available.
Blow out a candle and have a wish come true40 points: Happy lucid birthday to you! Place your faith in those that grant wishes to finish that LC goal that’s eluded you for ages.

Summon a Guest of Honor (Task 1 Winner’s Subtask)40 points: Parties in general are fun and all… but maybe this is more of a celebration! And whom are we celebrating? You can pick anyone you want except for a fellow team member. In order to earn points you must meet the person at the party and engage them in some way. Maybe you offer a toast to their health and success? Maybe it’s a surprise party and you jump out and scare them! Whatever you choose, make it a night they won’t forget any time soon! (In order to prevent overlap the Guest of Honor subtask cannot count for the Private Band subtask.)

It’s finally time for the first Team Dreams of the LC! Read the following subtasks and then head to your workspace to make the requested decision about your team’s subtask. Come to a majority decision within 48 hours. You’ll earn 40 points for completing the subtask and incorporating the majority decision and another 40 points for having a DC of a member of a subtask’s designing team complete it in your dream. As always, these values are halved for off-team subtasks. This week, you’ll be tasked with designing some aspect of your party.

Will a party item into existence: Not every party is fully stocked for the people attending. Sometimes people need to bring something with them to contribute to the party, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Decide on a snack or celebration item to will into existence, and bring it to the party. You could choose to bring drinks to the party. Or maybe you want to make some noise? You could bring something that explodes!
Receive a gift bag: More magic and technology! My team will have to decide on a piece of technology or magical item to receive at the party in the form of gift bags! Will you be doling out laser guns or a magical potion of invisibility? You must decide on the item to receive as well as what it does. (I.e. no generic “potions” or things of the sort.) Finally, to earn points you must receive the item at a party as some form of gift and try it out!
Transform to fit the party theme: Let’s take the costume subtask a step further. My team needs to decide on a setting (time and/or place) for a party. However, you don’t earn points for going to the setting, although you can go there if you want! You earn points for turning into a creature or creature/human hybrid befitting the setting while at a party (wherever it may actually be hosted). For example, you can decide to have a beach party and show up as a human/shark hybrid, a seagull, a crab, etc., whether or not it actually takes place at the beach. Think of a fun theme and roll with it; I’ve had experience with a “dinosaur party” in the past and found it to be a blast. :smile:

Recall still shoddy. Mhm.

Short lucid dream with no tasks.
Followed by a long lucid dream. I went to a party, sang karaoke and ate some party food.

In a later non lucid dream, I played a multiplayer game but didn’t enter through a screen - not sure if that is a requirement.

Here’s the link

SPOILER - Click to view

LDs: Short 3, Medium 2, Long 1

Task 1:
Get Drd to make you fly. Fly with a DC. Fly over a chosen setting.
Sprout wings and fly. Fly with Style
Ride a carnival ride
Task 2:
Went to a party. Sang karaoke. Ate party food. (Played a multiplayer game ? unconfirmed)

I played a board game in an ND.

Entered a multiplayer video game in a ND.

obfusc8, I don’t actually know if it’s a requirement, but I’ll try to get drd’s attention to get an answer. That affects if LDbc12 gets points as well.

EDIT: " I originally wanted people to go into the game, but I’ll accept play a multiplayer video game as long as they are playing with someone else." Given this, I assume you both get points.

The scores are updated.

To be clear, in order to receive points for the LAN party task, you must play a video game and have another person with you. It does not matter, if your are part of the game, or sitting in front of a TV with your friends. I may have originally wanted people to be part of the game, but this but this is supposed to be a party, and you are not really at a party if you are inside a game.

I sang karaoke and went to a party and ate at it in some non-lucid fragments last night.

^ I’ve read it and updated the scores.

Had a short lucid dream a few nights ago.