Lucidity Challenge 46—Winner: obfusc8!

eMander, I’ve read your dream and updated the scores too.

Had 3 LDs here this morning. The first one was short at around 1-2 minutes long. The 2nd/3rd ones at around 2-4 minutes long would be around medium for me. Tried to complete my personal goal but too much willpower disrupted the stability of the LD. A nice highlight was that I think this might be the first time that I’ve awoken from an LD back to WL and have then gone back into not one but two LDs as a result. :smile:

^ Congrats to you; keep it up! Yet another score update today.

Remember that Team Dream discussion will be checked later today—you get 48 hours from the Task post to make them—and if no decision is clear, we will take whatever one seems to be the most agreeable. You have about 13 hours left to speak your mind if you have not done so already!

Lucid dream: party with vampires

For scoring, I think that’s:

  • Longest ever lucid dream
  • Ride a living thing for flight (another team’s subtask)
  • Take a dream character for a flight (another team’s subtask)
  • Go to a party

And maybe “attend a party while wearing a costume”, if you’re going to count manga/anime style hair extensions (or changing my hair colour to blonde).

Didn’t achieve “eat at a party”. Probably as just as well, as this was a party with vampires…

UPDATE: Thinking some more about that dream, I looked a bit like one of the characters from Frozen. My unconscious has been Disneyfied…

Susan_Y, congrats! That pushed you from last to second place, which is a great LC accomplishment, and it was your longest lucid dream, which is a great personal accomplishment. Keep it up! I’m also happy to see that everybody who signed up has scored points; that’s surprisingly rare in LCs!

It’s been two days since Task 2 went up, so it’s time to confirm Team Dreams! Team drd was tasked with willing some item for a party into existence, and the one team member that offered a suggestion wanted to create cupcakes. Delicious! This can easily be combined with the “eat at a party” subtask, so take advantage of this! The cupcakes could also be coated with pure dream control powder, allowing you to sprout wings or transform for other subtasks!

Team Scipio was tasked with picking a magical or technological item to receive as a gift at a party, and its members collaborated to come up with a crystal ball that augments one’s dream abilities. This could be used for some excellent passive dream control, so be sure to scoop up lots of points with it! Attack a subtask or dream goal that seems elusive and place all of your faith in the crystal ball!

Team Thorn was tasked with creating a setting for a party and then becoming creatures befitting it while in attendance, and its members decided on a prehistoric party. Technically, they followed a provided example a bit too closely and decided on dinosaurs, but dinosaurs are not a setting. :tongue: As with the other teams, there are some possible subtask combinations here; perhaps you wish upon a candle to become or turn somebody else into a massive pterosaur for Task 1 flight? My dream party saw me becoming a T. rex, so I’m curious to see what the LC participants do!

Remember, Team Dreams are worth 40 points if done by yourself and an additional 40 points if you have a DC from the designing team do it as well. That’s 80 points if you do your own Team Dream with a teammate, plus any lucid dream and early/combo points, plus any subtask points from related subtasks if you chain them together. Dream hard!

The scores are updated.

Flew in a not living thing (a blimp) in a non-lucid dream from this morning.

I remember wondering if I was dreaming last night, and doing hand and nose reality checks. I can’t remember whether I actually became lucid as a result.

Mew151: Frozen or icy landscapes always look really cool in my dreams. Nice places to explore when you’re looking for something shiny. Dream read and points awarded. :smile:

eMander: Aww, that sucks. I hate it when the RCs “fail” like that. Still, I’ve given you five points for wondering if you were dreaming.

As Thorn would say, I’ve updated the scores! :tongue:


Short duration (2-3 minutes). I realise that I’m dreaming, but no tasks accomplished.

^ That’s two days of lucidity in a row for you; I’m jealous.

As Scipio would say, “As Thorn would say, I’ve updated the scores! :tongue:

Medium LD last night here. I went to a party, nothing else.

LDbc12, augh! You had a ridiculous amount of Team Dream points just waiting to be picked up! :’( Not that there’s anything wrong with the points you did get, of course, but it was painful to see that opportunity pass you by.

The scores are updated.

Non-lucid dream where I try to do a Rubik’s cube. No points scored, but it was interesting.

(And this would be a really mean subtask for someone to set in a future Lucidity Challenge, because it needs good visual-spatial memory).

Short LD with no tasks

Then a LD chain (I know there are no points for chaining anymore), so I’ll call that a Medium LD. I made my motorbike fly for the fly on a non-living thing task. Then I struggled with the team dream but Susan helped me transform into a raven for the week one transformation sub-task.

Here’s the link

SPOILER - Click to view

LDs: Short 4, Medium 3, Long 1

Task 1:
Get Drd to make you fly. Fly with a DC. Fly over a chosen setting.
Sprout wings and fly. Fly with Style
Fly on a non-living thing. Transform into something that can fly and do that.
Task 2:
Went to a party. Sang karaoke. Ate party food. Played a multiplayer game.
Extended Task:
Ride a carnival ride

^ Nicely done! Am I right in thinking that was your first complete transformation? I have to admit to being envious, since right now I’m finding turning into large things somewhat easy but turning into smaller things difficult. That said, I’m not so envious that you find dogs when you look for people. :tongue:

The scores are updated.

It’s my second full body transformation but the first one in a lucid challenge, also the first one I’ve actually changed size too, so I was really happy with it. (Thanks for the help Susan!) :smile:

And I’d be surprised if the transformation team showed up as regular humans… In fact that would make me question if they were the right people! :tongue: Shame we didn’t pick a team dream setting involving dogs somehow…

P.s I think you might have forgotten to hit ‘save’…
*obfusc8 flees the wrath of thorn

^ The scores are showing up as updated when I check the link. I think you might have forgotten to hit ‘refresh’…
/me flees obfusc8 and actually uses “/me” to get this text formatting :tongue:

Well, this will seem pretty familiar. Both Team Thorn and Team Scipio completed subtasks at the exact same rate as the week before and both outpaced Team drd again, so both of them win the week again! Since drd did not include a reward in the next task, I will make one up on the spot right now! The two winning teams will each be given the option to skip over one black arrow on the Extended Task board. Each team will need to decide as a whole which to skip and can do so within its Team Dream space for Task 3. You can choose to skip one you already know to get to a subtask you can see just out of reach, or you can skip to reveal one you haven’t seen yet; it’s up to you.

Team drd: 1 subtask completion / 2 members = 0.50 subtask completions per member
Team Scipio: 5 subtask completions / 4 members = 1.25 subtask completions per member
Team Thorn: 5 subtask completions / 4 members = 1.25 subtask completions per member

Current standings:1. obfusc8 (600)

  1. Mew151, Susan_Y (215)
  2. En’enra, Oleg (190)
  3. LDbc12 (155)
  4. James_UK2008 (100)
  5. Letaali (50)
  6. stari_maga (50)
  7. eMander (25)

Task 3 will be posted in just a bit!

This week’s task theme was created by drd! As usual, the hosts wrote their team subtasks, and drd wrote the generic subtask. I re-titled the task, as the task’s theme started changing throughout development, and also cleaned up some wording.

Task 3: Magic and Technology!

What’s that? There was a task with this exact title seven LCs ago? Too bad; we’re doing it again!

Perform in a magic show30 points: Have you always wanted to be a great magician? Well now you can be in your dreams! Gather some DCs, and perform a magic show. Show off your skills. Amaze them. Do any of this weeks subtasks in front of a group.

Use telekinesis30 points: Move something with your mind. ANYTHING! I usually like to use it against my enemies, throwing objects at them, or moving objects to confuse them when I am sneaking.
Create an elemental weapon40 points: One of my favorite things to do with any element using it for weapons. Specifically I like to make a lightning whip to destroy my enemies! Create any weapon using any element, or enchant a weapon. You could create a fire sword, or enchant an axe to freeze your enemies when it hits them.

Perform “technomancy”30 points: Come on… you knew this one was coming. :razz: Honestly, though, I have been wanting to try this. Magic… and science! Magical science! Think of the possibilities! You could summon defense turrets. Or maybe open a portal to the Internet. Perhaps you could try using a buff that rewrites someone’s “code” to make them stronger. To gain points for this subtask you must cast a magical spell that in someway manipulates technology. That being said you won’t gain points for things like shooting lightning at a computer. The lightning has to make the computer do something (other than short out).
Create a magical aura40 points: One of my favorite types of magic spells are AoE spells. Getting more than one target with a single spell can be useful. Whether it be a buff or a nerf (or something entirely different) for this subtask you need to create an aura spell. Specifically it has to be an aura centered on you. It can have any effect you want, but the effect must move with you as you walk around. Be sure to observe how it affects the world around you and report back on your wizardry!

Swap bodies with a DC30 points: I remember the first time I did this… I and DC-Scipio stood on two small platforms, and I lifted out of my body as a DO before moving over his body and settling in while he took my body. The awe I felt at having his voice and stature is still memorable to me. The DC needn’t be human; swapping with other living things is fine if you’re okay with a squirrel’s brain in your body. I want you to actually move into an existing shape, not to change shape, so this will not count as a transformation. You’ll have to think of a different way to combine subtasks. :tongue:
Use a potion to trigger a transformation40 points: It’s a common dream control method to assume a pill or potion is pure dream control, and potions are considered the more magical of the two. Note that while you can use it on yourself, the subtask doesn’t say you must, so feel free to torture an innocent DC or to use it on a teammate or host if you need points from those subtasks.

You’ve had a task with host subtasks, where you received 40 points for interacting with the host in a set way, and you’ve had Team Dreams, where you received 40 points for doing a team-decided subtask alone and another 40 points for doing it with a DC of a team member. Now we’ve put the ideas together! When you create the following Team Dreams, the scoring methods from last week will apply, but you’ll also earn points for doing it alongside the host. That’s 120 points for a perfect completion (60 off-team)! This is a big opportunity!

Pray to a deity and receive a power: My team needs to decide on a power to receive other than flight. We’ll meet in dream for group prayer receive the power.
Pilot a giant mech: Who likes giant robots? Well… everyone likes giant robots! We’ve had other giant robot subtasks before, but this one will be quite different! My team will need to decide on a giant robot mech – perhaps something from Power Rangers or Gundam – to pilot as a team! Specifically, they’ll need to pilot it with myself and another member from Team Scipio to earn full points! So hurry up and get your Megazord ready; we’ve got a giant robot to fly around!
Perform a dark ritual and shed your humanity: My team needs to decide on some magical or mythological creature that exudes power and strength. When we join hands, we will be performing a dark ritual to become such a creature (either three separate instances or one combined one, whichever sounds better to you) and leave those pitiful human DCs behind. Whether or not you do anything with that power in the dream is up to you.

Had an LD here this morning which at around 3-5 mins long makes it medium for me. Came really close to completing the potion task but it didn’t work out due to lack of clarity/focus. :cry: