Lucidity Challenge 46—Winner: obfusc8!

My normal dream tasks don’t meet your standards, Thorn? :tongue:
*obfusc8 flees

Last night - Medium LD and short LD. No tasks.

^ I marked the Megazord but forgot the classroom part. But if you want to be snarky, maybe I should hold you to a higher standard when you have nearly triple the score of your closest competitor!

The scores are updated.

Yeah. You totally should. But whether I’m in first or last place, my score is merely my target for next time, so at this point all I’m doing is making my (future) life more difficult… I have no exams to worry about, or kids to look after, etc etc… which is a huge advantage when you think about it. :content:

Medium LD. Asked to see a girl’s cooties. Erm. Yeah. Can’t think of anything appropriate to say about that, except I liked it. :whistle:

SPOILER - Click to view

LDs: Short 9, Medium 8, Long 4, Wondered if dreaming 1

Personal Goal

Task 1:
Get Drd to make you fly. Fly with a DC. Fly over a chosen setting.
Sprout wings and fly. Fly with Style
Fly on a non-living thing. Transform into something that can fly and do that.
Task 2:
Went to a party. Sang karaoke. Ate party food. Played a multiplayer game.
Team dream: Dinosaur transformation with James
Task 3:
Use a potion to transform. Perform magic in front of DCs. Use telekinesis.
Extended Task:
Ride a carnival ride
Task 4:
Disrupt a class. Play with toys in a dream like way. Moon a DC. Pick your nose and eat it. See Thorn as a dragon. See Scipio as a giant mech.
See a cootie

I’ve had some false awakenings, leading to one experience where I’m not 100% sure if I was awake or not: Was I awake, lying in bed, not moving, with my eyes closed and recalling the previous dream; or was I still asleep, in a false awakening, dreaming that I was recalling the previous dream? It can be very hard to tell where the real waking up point was.

In any case, no points scored. It would have been better if I’d tried to do one of the challenge tasks in the false awakenings where I was typing up my dream journal. (My ability to dream electronic devices now extends as far as dreaming a working Linux shell prompt and the vi editor).


obfusc8, I can’t stop laughing. I’m not sure if I feel bad for you or if I’m jealous!

The LC should end tomorrow, as that’s one week from when the previous task went up. Now, if people want it to run until Friday so that it ends six weeks from when it started (giving a little more time to earn points or just to have a go at fun subtasks), I’m all for it, and I know Scipio was pushing for a longer LC as well. If anybody wants the LC extended until that day, say so! Otherwise, we’ll end it as planned tomorrow.

The scores are updated.

Lucid dream, medium length (2-3 minutes).

While lucid, I sang at a party: The Agincourt Carol, all the way through, without instrumental accompaniment. Later on, non-lucid, I have an Ableton Live MIDI controller for accompaniment (but don’t get to hear the music).

Two long lucids. Finally, a great experience.

This morning I mooned a DC in… wait for it… ANOTHER short lucid dream!

Also I vote for the LC ending today because you already told me it’s ending in IRC and I already wrote my DJ entry out as if it were ending today.

Okay, all, that’s it! You have until tomorrow to post any dreams had before the time of this post.

The scores are updated.

There’s been more than enough time for last-minute dreams to be posted, so let’s look at the results!

Final standings:1. obfusc8 (1500)

  1. Mew151 (590)
  2. Susan_Y (480)
  3. En’enra (360)
  4. LDbc12 (345)
  5. Letaali (310)
  6. Oleg (190)
  7. stari_maga (165)
  8. James_UK2008 (160)
  9. Koal44 (140)
  10. eMander (25)

obfusc8 has won LC 46! He has the option to host LC 47, pass hosting ability to Mew151, or whatever he chooses. As always, I want to thank everybody who participated and hope that everybody had fun throughout!

Thanks for the challenge Thorn! Too bad that I didn’t manage most of the tasks. Congrats Obfusc8!

Thanks Letaali, and thanks to all the hosts. I had some very memorable lucids from the tasks you designed, even simple stuff like ‘take a dc flying’ resulted in experiences I probably wouldn’t have thought of or attempted by myself.

Well, I’m happy to host the next challenge… but… I hosted the one before this. So it’s only fair to give someone new the chance. (Though Thorn will probably mutter about winner’s privilege and giving up the prize… but I’ve stated my reasons.) So I pass.

*obfusc8 buys everyone celebratory drinks (or non-alcoholic beverage of your preference).:beer:

^ No, I have no intention of muttering such a thing, as I already know the second-place person wants to host (although I’ll wait for him to say as much). I only got angry once because hosting duty fell to me all the way down in fourth place, which kind of devalues the prize. Saying you’ve hosted recently and don’t want to host again so soon is another matter entirely.

Everybody, brace yourself for Pony DDR Residents LC. Mew151, would you like to host?

First off, thank you Thorn, drd, and Scipio for hosting such a wonderful LC! Also thanks to all the participants for making this LC that much more fun to participate in! And… apparently I’m up to host?!

Huh… well then. I’m not sure if I’m “ready” to host the LC… after all, I did more tasks through incubating non-lucid dreams than I did from actually getting lucid in the lucidity challenge…

Anyway, I have improved a lot since last LC. :happy: I did tasks, I got lucid, and completed some important lucid goals needed to progress as a lucid dreamer. I didn’t complete my personal goal, but I came closer than I thought at the beginning of the LC. And I completed several tasks through incubation, I didn’t just randomly get lucky all the way through the LC.

And with that, along with my known desire to host and the fact that it’ll probably be a while before this opportunity comes again, I happily accept the privilege to host Lucidity Challenge 47! :happy: