Lucidity Challenge 46—Winner: obfusc8!

At one point last night, I really hoped I was dreaming and did an RC, but it failed and so instead convinced me everything was real. :neutral:

I’ve marked all of the points above down. Now, by popular demand, here’s Task 4!

Task 4: Acting Juvenile!

I’ve thought about running a Task like this in the past, but I never thought I had a crowd I could trust enough with it. Now that the crowd of people interested in the LC has become pretty stable, I think I can pull it off without issues. Since there’s a team with only one member, the potential Team Dream for this task has become a normal subtask as well.

It’s time to cast inhibitions aside and partake in some juvenile antics. Toilet humor and disgusting actions are the name of the game this week. Just pretend you’re in third grade all over again and do what comes naturally!

Perform any action associated with babies/toddlers20 points: Throw your food off the table. Wear a diaper and dirty it. Smear something on the walls or draw all over them… with permanent marker if you’re feeling cruel. Eat something disgusting. Cry your eyes out for no logical reason whatsoever. Vomit right where Mom just cleaned. Anything that isn’t included anywhere else in this Task is fair game.
Moon a DC20 points: I can’t remember why anybody ever found this amusing, but it was. Drop the back of your pants and let the moon shine!
Pick your nose or ear and eat the contents20 points: Back when “gold digger” wasn’t a comment on a person’s role in a relationship, it meant doing this. See if it’s as delicious as you remember.

See a cootie30 points: All girls have them. Perhaps it’s something that gets coughed up, or perhaps you can see them coating girls if you turn on your special cootie-vision. Perhaps you can only see one via a magnifying glass or a microscope, or perhaps you need to shrink to see it. Perhaps it’s not actually a sickness at all, and “girls have cooties” just refers to something girls own that boys don’t.
Disrupt a class in session30 points: Bad news, guys; you’re going to have dreams about school for the rest of your lives. Take advantage of this in your dream to easily find a class to disrupt.
Eat non-finger food without utensils30 points: Manners in dreams? They’re more effort than they’re worth! So pick up that steak and bring it right to your face… or move your face to the steak!

Play with toys in a dream-like way40 points: Shrink and explore a dollhouse. Enlarge a dinosaur toy and bring it to life to scare DCs (and get a wicked sweet ride). Pilot a giant mech action figure. Ride a Hot Wheels car around a plastic city. Eat a Stretch Armstrong to gain its power. There’s tons of possibilities; surprise us!
Pass gas in a surreal way40 points:Remember back when you found belching and farting hilarious (or maybe you still do)? For this subtask, you need to let out the biggest, nastiest, smelliest belch or fart you can muster. Of course, anybody can enter a dream and make a lot of noise, so I want you to decide on a reason for all of the gas. Maybe you eat lots of dream tacos that create potent dream gas. Maybe you drink an entire liter of Coke and then eat an entire pack of Mentos . Maybe you inflate like a balloon and then let all of the air out; you’ll finally have a use for that bicycle tire pump you never use! Come up with a way to get the gas churning in your gut as only a dream stomach can handle, enact it in your dream, and let it rip!

Lastly, here’s the subtask that was going to go into the gigantic spot on the far right side of the Extended Task board. As you might expect, it’s not easy, but it’s worth a lot of points and will be awesome to do!

Enact a battle from superhero cartoons and Super Sentai shows with the hosts250 points: When I was a kid, Power Rangers was still considered exciting, and I can still picture the cheesy effects used to create the battles of giant mechs and colossal monsters. Other kids my age likely have memories of other shows based around people or other beings with superpowers. The three hosts’ themes for the LC put them firmly in one of those three roles should we ever fight, and your job is to team up with your host to take on the other two in a gigantic showdown! You’ll get points for doing bits and pieces of this subtask (e.g., fighting only one host even if you can’t summon the other two) and can break the subtask up over multiple dreams, but you’ll want to get everything happening at once for maximum points and maximum fun! The points are broken down as follows:* Meet a superpowered drd30 points: drd’s emphasized willpower throughout the LC, so if he’s joining the battle, it’ll be with willpower. If you see him do anything impossible beyond simple flight, it counts.

  • See Scipio’s giant mech30 points: The technology theme that’s run throughout Scipio’s subtasks comes to a head here. It’s fairly reasonable to assume that if you see any giant mech, it’ll be his, so don’t try to confirm his identity unless you like wasting dream time.
  • See Thorn as a gigantic dragon30 points: I’ve lost count of how many times LC participants have done this of their own accord, so I’ll just make it an official LC subtask because somebody has to be the giant monster for this fight. If anybody wants to be really specific about it, I have a picture similar to how I transform in my own dreams, but any big dragon will do.
  • Team up with your host using his method40 points: You’ve had all LC to practice your team’s theme, so now it’s time to show your stuff! Team drd members should acquire their own superpowers to help them fight, Team Scipio members should also summon a mech, and Team Thorn members should transform into something inhuman and huge. Alternatively, if that seems like too much effort, you could merge with your host to become one doubly-powerful being/mech—bigger, stronger, faster, etc.
  • Fight a host besides your team’s host40 + 40 points: The setup for this subtask is immense, no pun intended, so once you have it set up, start the fight without delay! You’ll earn 40 points for each host besides your own that you battle.
  • Celebrate your awesome dream with your host40 points: After having the fight (whether in the same dream or a later one), celebrate your clear dream control prowess with your host. Do it while still using your fighting method, i.e., still superpowered, in a giant mech, or transformed into a giant monster, but otherwise celebrate however you want. Whether that means a superpowered celebration, fun stomping around a city in a giant mech, two giant monsters enjoying giant beers, or whatever you like, celebrate your abilities and the end of the LC!
    After reading this, how many of you notice that the Task 3 Team Dream Host Subtask was designed as a warm-up for this? :tongue:

Thanks to everybody who’s participated and stuck with this the entire time. I hope that being made to approach subtasks in different ways based on the designing host gave some insights into your own dream control strategies—not just into what works when, but also what method is most fun in different situations. Hopefully the last week goes well for everybody!

I briefly swapped bodies with Scipio in a non-lucid dream from this morning.

^ Back into second place Mew goes. DDR and Pony LC is nigh, people (or is it neigh?)!

The scores are updated.

I had a long lucid dream and did “Disrupt a class in session” task. Dream control sucked this time around. I couldn’t will a portal to appear and I had trouble with doors…

I’ll write the dreams to my DJ soon. The non-lucid one was frustrating as well.

^ Your DJ entry doesn’t really describe the disruption, but I’ll take your word for it.

The scores are updated.

I randomly went into a classroom full of students. They were doing a test and I started charging bottles of washing agent to power a portal. It made noise. I then talked to a girl that wanted to focus on the test. That’s all that happened. If it doesn’t qualify for those points, I’m fine without them.

Hi everyone,
I needed some motivation to LD again so here I am for my first LC: I hope I can still join :smile:
I chose DRD mainly because I saw that other teams were full ^^ but I actually really like to use willpowers in my dreams (Eating enemies is my speciality though)

Oleg - DRD’s Team - Travel to a different planet.
James_UK2008 - Thorn’s Team - Transform myself into Lizardman
Mew151 - Team Scipio - Play DDR Dream Mix
eMander - Thorn’s Team - Bring an inanimate object to life.
stari_maga- Team DRD- fly with wings
Obfusc8 - Thorn’s Team - Street race in Tokyo
En’enra - Team Scipio - Explore Castle Never
LDbc12 - Team Scipio - explore the ocean
Susan_Y - Thorn’s Team - shapeshift
Letaali - Team Scipio - Move with willpower
Koal44 - Team DRD - Summon a DC with willpower to do all of the job for me :smile:

I believe I disrupted a class in a non-lucid dream from this morning. I didn’t complete an assignment and then the teacher had to stop class to confiscate the 3DS I was playing.

Koal44, you’re free to join, but know that we’re ending the LC on the 29th, and a new one will start a week or two after that date. You’re at a serious disadvantage joining in the eleventh hour, but if it keeps you motivated, then good for you!

Mew, it figures you’d disrupt a class so easily and non-lucidly. Does this hint at anything about your real life tendencies?

The scores are updated.

Wow it really help me to write you yesterday evening I have been on fire this Morning with more or less 4 LD!:
2 Normal length (3-5min) and 2 really short

Koal44 Dream Journal

In the first LD I started to play video games with a DC (well the game started and I was in, I didn’t really play, I just thought I did it and wanted to do my next task)
I don’t know if it counts as the Task was from the “Task 2” part.

Then I tried to summon the big Fight of Task 4 and failed… :sad:

I m really happy to play with you anyway guys :smile:

In a normal dream, I disrupted class by setting Megazord on Jeremy Clarkson… The Megazord was a toy that changed into a full size robot with stapler jaws.

Then another long lucid dream (thanks to DEILD). I saw giant mechs fighting dragons. Thorn and Scipio must have been in it, but obviously brought their armies for a proper big showdown. I flew up into the battle but didn’t really take part so will have to try again for that. I also mooned a DC, then picked my nose and ate it.

Here’s the link

EDIT: Oh and, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! :xmas:

SPOILER - Click to view

LDs: Short 8, Medium 6, Long 4, Wondered if dreaming 1

Personal Goal

Task 1:
Get Drd to make you fly. Fly with a DC. Fly over a chosen setting.
Sprout wings and fly. Fly with Style
Fly on a non-living thing. Transform into something that can fly and do that.
Task 2:
Went to a party. Sang karaoke. Ate party food. Played a multiplayer game.
Team dream: Dinosaur transformation with James
Task 3:
Use a potion to transform. Perform magic in front of DCs. Use telekinesis.
Extended Task:
Ride a carnival ride
Task 4:
Disrupt a class. Play with toys in a dream like way. Moon a DC. Pick your nose and eat it. See Thorn as a dragon. See Scipio as a giant mech.

Non-lucid dream where I attended a party with a guest of honour (task 1 subtask): Brian Cox, physicist, television presenter and former member of boy band D:Ream. (My unconscious possibly going for a pun there).

No other challenge tasks done, though I tried a personal experiment I’d wanted to do: what colour is the sky? In this dream, the sky is a deep blue - deeper blue than typical daytime, but not as deep or dark as the twilight after sunset. No clouds or stars. I get vertigo looking at the sky.

This seems very cool :razz:

Koal44, I’m glad your night went so well!

obfusc8, augh, that scene seemed awesome, so of course your dream would fade away and make you DEILD back in right then. Typical dream nonsense.

Susan_Y, it was Task 2, actually, but I’ll mark the points anyway. :smile:

The scores are updated.

I think I played with toys in a dream-like way in a non-lucid dream from this morning. I shrank down into a dollhouse and found myself in a bouncing jelly world filled with giant doll accessories.

I had a short LUCID dream this morning. Tried to do my personal goal but failed. No tasks done. But still, Lucidity!

^ Noted. Mew having a lucid dream truly is a Christmas miracle. :tongue:

The scores are updated.

Short LD, no tasks. Gah the mid-LC dry spell

^ My dry spell’s worse!

The scores are updated.