Lucidity Challenge 47 - Winner Rhewin

Medium LD that I am increasingly forgetting. Though I did manage another elemental weapon. A giant spider that shot smaller spiders was attacking, so I held my hand out and summoned something made of rock. It was mostly round and fit in my hand. I could use it either to throw at things or as a bludgeon. I threw it at the spider.

Ok, it might have just been a rock. Buuuuuut it is of the rock element, I used it as a weapon, and I summoned it instead of just picking up a rock.

Hi there! :peek:

[spoiler]Wednesday Entry:
In a HLD, I got into a shop inside a space station. Besides being a space station and having cool views from the windows, it didn’t look like much special at first (but spacial). When the shop keeper offered me pokeballs I was mind blown and I bought lots of them… LOTS… (I have almost mistyped that by pressing the S before the T key)
Not sure if this is worth it. Decide wisely. I just thought it could help my humble team… :shy:

I am too busy and I haven’t got anything after Wednesday. I don’t see anybody complaining though.

Letaali: Interesting dream… awarded points. :happy:

Rhewin: The elemental weapons have to be related to the three teams… sorry. :meh: You still get points for the medium LD, though. :grin:

Tggtt: Do you need any more points? :tongue:

Updated scores.

New task should be going up in a bit more than 3 hours from now.

And here’s the belated actual text. :razz: Again, I exchanged items with a DC, and made a werewolf baddie explode TF2 style. :razz:

Magic Alchemy - Non-Lucid Dream - Task II Part 6
TF2 Like FPS - Non-Lucid Dream - ET I5

Stats so Far:

[spoiler][b]NLDs: 3[/b]
[b]Short LDs: 2[/b]
[b]Medium LDs: 0[/b]
[b]Long LDs: 0[/b]

Task 1:-E U̶s̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶n̶ ̶e̶l̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶a̶l̶ ̶w̶e̶a̶p̶o̶n̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ Breathed fire. | Grew a plant and summoned rain.
Task 2:-E Briefly visited an RPG town. | Traded with a DC.
Extended Task: C2 & L3 | I3 | I5
Original Post Contents

[spoiler][center]PLACEHOLDER POST[/center]
I don’t have time to type up my DJ all the way so I’ll just list briefly here the two things I did. Only one counts for advantage, but still. :razz:

Traded with a DC (NLD). Specifically we were exchanging items to be used in some kind of game.

Make something EXPLODE!!! (NLD) I fired a rocket launcher at many enemies… if that doesn’t count as making something explode I don’t know what will. :razz:

Full post in a few hours… or more. :razz: We’ll see. :razz:

It’s Friday! A new task goes up today! Wooo! But first, let’s do this score keeping thing again.

Here are the average number of subtasks completed by each team:
Fire team: 16 subtasks / 6 members = 2.667 subtasks/member
Water team: 10 subtasks / 3 members = 3.333 subtasks/member
Grass team: 8 subtasks / 6 members = 1.333 subtasks/member

The Water Team wins the advantage for this week… again! As a result, each team member received 5 points for each subtask they completed! Woo! If your team didn’t win this week, just make sure to try harder this week! Look at how close the other teams were to beating them! You can do this guys! Hey, maybe there will be a way to easily defeat the Water team next task? Anyway, here are the current standings for all you people who don’t want to view the scoreboard or want to be official or something:

  1. Tggtt (730)
  2. Rhewin (615)
  3. Wyvern (605)
  4. obfusc8 (560)
  5. Koharo (460)
  6. Dragoon (355)
  7. Thorn (210)
  8. prose42 (200)
  9. drd (160)
  10. eMander (155)
  11. Scipio Xaos (140)
  12. Siiw (135)
  13. Eilatan (90)
  14. Letaali (70)
  15. james_uk2008 (20)

And… for myself… well… :sad:

  • Mew151 (-50)

And with that out of the way, stay tuned for Task 3, coming incredibly soon! Until then, have some story:

[i]You enter town and look around. The vaguely medieval buildings, the dirt roads, and the peaceful background music all catch your attention. As you take your first step to begin exploring this quaint little town, you feel a poke at your shoulder. You jump and turn around to see the old strange man from earlier behind you. “Quite the jumpy one, aren’t you, traveler?” he says to you. You glare at him. “An adventurer like you should really explore town and find out what exciting things are going on…” he says. You nod with a “Yeah, I know, I was just about to do that” expression on your face. He smiles at you in a kind of warm and kind of creepy way.

You explore all over town, finding that the Tavern, Inn, and Store are the main areas that the townsfolk like to gather and exchange gossip and tell wandering travelers gameplay information. You decide to enter the Inn, as it looks like it houses weary travelers who would know more about the surrounding area. You approach the inn and look at the sign. It has a wolf howling at the moon on it. There’s also the slight silhouette of a bird flying through the moon, but you’re not sure if that was intentional, or just a scratch in the paint. You try to read the sign, but the text is heavily faded. You think the title has something to do with a Wolf doing the WILD technique?

You enter and find a small lobby. You’re slightly disappointed, since you expected it to be bigger and more… bar-like, but it’s just a simple inn. You see some interesting characters chatting at a couch. You sit down with them and explain that you are an adventurer, wondering about any interesting places in the area. They look at each other, and after some silent deliberation, begin to tell you of a special area beyond the forest… They don’t go into much detail, almost as if they’re avoiding it. “Just beyond the forest lies the path to elemental mastery…” one of them says. You try to ask for more information but they just repeat the same vague things over and over again. You nod and thank them and set off for the forest…[/i]

Task 3! Wooo! Watch out for some NEW MECHANICS!

Task 3: Forest!

Now our adventure is really kicking off! PREVIOUSLY in the LC, we explored around town, gathered information, healed up, and stocked up on some items! Now, let’s explore the forest!

For this task only, we’ll be introducing some special competitive mechanics! A generic subtask and normal team subtasks are available for all participants, but you’ll also notice the MEGA AND ULTRA TEAM TASKS. These tasks will only reward you points if you are on the assigned team. In addition, they will also subtract from a specific team’s advantage calculation. MEGA TEAM TASKS will subtract one subtask from the specified team’s calculation, while ULTRA TEAM TASKS will subtract three! Crazy!

Explore a mysterious forest20 points: The mysterious forest! It’s bound to appear in any adventure you embark on. For this subtask, you must spend a dedicated amount of time exploring and interacting with a mysterious forest. “Mysterious forest” in this case meaning a forest you’ve never seen in waking life before.

Again, these next subtasks don’t have to be done in a forest, but why not combine points?

Study wildlife in its habitat20 points: Animals! They live in the forest! For this subtask, you need to peacefully study whatever creatures you might find in your dreamworld in a natural habitat. It doesn’t have to be a forest, but just make sure it isn’t the zoo either. Or pigeons in a city.

Fight a pack of wild creatures30 points: The forest is home to many kinds of wild creatures! Especially in fantasy scenarios, you’ll be sure to run into some kind of horribly dangerous creature that could kill you easily… and are you going to stand for that?! Take on a pack of wild creatures and show them who’s the real tough one around here.

MEGA FIRE TASK: Light a plant on fire20 points + Grass Team Penalty: Grass is weak to fire, so use your element to show who’s the strongest! For this subtask, you need to just light a single plant on fire. That’s it. Yep.

ULTRA FIRE TASK: Singlehandedly burn down a large patch of plant life50 points + Grass Team Penalty (x3): So, destroying one plant is cool, but let’s try wiping out a whole ARMY of plants! (This is elemental war, so YES, it’s an army!) Burn down a patch of the Grass Team’s precious plants and maybe laugh maniacally whilst doing so? This may seem a bit harsh, but don’t worry. Forest fires make the soil more fertile?

Visit a forest shrine20 points: Forests can be very mystical places in waking life and dreams! For this subtask, you’ll need to find some kind of shrine in a forest. Basically, any kind of mystical structure in the middle of a forest will count, whether it be a simple memorial or a giant star gate.

Meet and interact with a “spirit animal”30 points: The forest is also home to many kinds of mysterious creatures! For this subtask, you need to meet up with any kind of “spiritual” animal. By that, I mean one that’s more of the ethereal and mysterious nature. One that seems to be incredibly wise and almost human in behavior. This one’s a bit subjective, but as long as you meet and interact with some kind of mysterious spirity animal, I’ll award you points.

MEGA WATER TASK: Extinguish a fire with water20 points + Fire Team Penalty: Fire is weak to water, so for this subtask you’ll be the ones responsible for extinguishing the Fire team’s mess. Just extinguish a fire with your element for points, and to subtract a subtask from the Fire team’s advantage calculation.

ULTRA WATER TASK: Singlehandedly extinguish a forest fire with water50 points + Fire Team Penalty (x3): Alright, extinguishing a small fire is cool, but what about a bigger one? Find a forest fire and use your elemental excellence to extinguish it completely! This one’s going to take quite a bit of water to do the job!

Eat wild Fruit/Berries20 points: Plants! They grow things, and sometimes they are edible! For this subtask, simply find some exotic and wild-growing fruit or berries and eat them. Hey, if they’re poisonous, it’s just a dream, right? Also you stocked up on plenty of antidotes in town, right? RIGHT? :razz:

Build a treehouse30 points: The forest is full of trees! Or rather, the forest is full of potential AWESOME TREEHOUSES?! Demonstrate true mastery of your own domain by building an awesome house in a tree! For this subtask, you just need to build a treehouse! And optionally have fun in one! Invite your friends and play some board games and eat snacks and stuff! Honestly, how can you build a treehouse and not have fun?

MEGA GRASS TASK: Absorb water20 points + Water Team Penalty: Water is weak to grass, so let’s do what plants do best, which is… uh… absorb water? Yeah. Drinking water will not count, you’ll need to absorb it some other way. Just plant yourself into the ground and absorb it through your roots, perhaps?

ULTRA GRASS TASK: Summons plants to block/absorb a body of water50 points + Water Team Penalty (x3): Absorbing a bit of water is cool, but let’s do some serious damage! Find a river and use the power of PLANTS to absorb the power of the water team! Let’s see them waterbend THEN!

Oh yeah, you might notice that there are no team dreams this week, even though in the last few LC’s they occurred every other Task. Also I told someone that Team Dreams would be in Task 3… well… I changed my mind! Team Dreams will come next task!

In last night’s dream I may have been lucid for a medium length. I created a few weapons made of fire, and I spit a fireball.

This isn’t worth points, but it does contribute to clearing my bingo board.

I dreamed that I had built a coaster in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 last night, as posted here. Here is a recreation of it in the actual game, and here is the same recreation with see-through surfaces. What caught my attention in the dream was the vertical ascension in the center-left of the pictures that exits the underground section. I also have no memory of seeing the lift hill at the top of the picture in the dream, but one would of course be necessary.

The scenery in the dream was entirely forested save for the clearing in which the coaster resided, but the only park I could find in the game IWL that allowed me to build a vertical tracked coaster from the outset was not nearly as forested as in the dream, so the picture’s off here. The small pool of water was in the dream, however. While I did have this dream after the task went up—I awakened from it about an hour after the task was posted—I hadn’t seen the task first, so I’m not sure if exploring the forest by following the track is allowed to count for points. I leave that for you to decide.Grass team pity party plz?

drd: Neat! Hopefully that burned off some of your dream rage and you can have some calm dreams now. :smile:

Thorn: Nice! I also counted the forest you explored as a mysterious forest. Yay points!

The scores are updated

Had an LD here this morning which at 2-3 minutes makes in medium one for me. Tried to turn myself into a Lizardman for my personal goal but it wasn’t to be. I did eat some berries as per the “Eat wild Fruit/Berries” task but do they have to literally have to be picked off of a bush/tree to count towards points? (I summoned them)

In an early dream I was down the pub drinking with mates for the tavern task. (Knew it wouldn’t be long before that common dream-sign showed up. :tongue:)

In a short lucid dream, while lucid, I crawled through a miniature forest that had sprouted where my back garden normally is. It was foggy and filled with weird noises.

In a later non lucid, got attacked by about 4-5 crows (is that enough for a pack?), which eventually stopped pecking me and flew off, so… I won? :yes: I also watched a crow on a rooftop, but that’s not really a natural setting so not sure if that counts as anything.

Link for the above.

Had a long LD. I made it rain, and I healed a DC.

obfusc8: Nice! I loved the miniature forest, it sounded so cool! Counted all of that, except for watching the crow.

drd: Sweet! Added the points.

Scores are updated!

One short LD, no tasks

^Got it. Scores are updated

Well done Mew151!

[spoiler]In my latest Medium Length LD, (Sunday Entry).
You made me light a forest in fire just to extinguish the fire… However I have failed at extinguishing it. Good job balancing the teams.

I met Mew in his human form in a non-lucid dream and in another dream a DC did some firebending underwater to torture a guy. Neither are worth points I assume. I just wanted to share. :tongue:

I did a bingo task yesterday: I found a treasure chest and looted it.

Long LD which features my second attempt at the monthly quest. This time was successful. :content:

Tggtt: Thanks, I try my hardest! :grin:

Letaali: Sweet! What did I look like? Did I look cool? :happy:

Siiw: Got it. And I’m not counting it three times just because you accidentally triple posted! :tongue:

obfusc8: Nice! Those points managed to launch you into first place! Woo! :woo:

Scores are updated