Lucidity Challenge 47 - Winner Rhewin

Tggtt: Aww… well I don’t think you’ll have any difficulty flying the next time! :smile:

Thorn: Aw, no lucids? Well, points are still points! :happy:

Wyvern: Neat! I guess I’ll have to thank the Time Demons some time! :tongue:

drd: Nice, but where are the task points?! Has the mighty drd finally fallen due to school? :sad:

Scores have been updated!

On an additional note, I’d like to remind everyone that they have up until 24 hours after the LC ends to post any dreams. And to prevent people from stalling, last minute point dumps are not allowed during this period, only dreams that were genuinely unable to be typed up before the LC actually ends. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Rhewin!

And, while we’re on the subject of the LC ending…
Since a lot of crazy stuff was tried out this LC, and because it’s my first time hosting and I’m eager to hear how everyone’s experience went, (AND because I have become an official Mumble contributor :o ) I propose the idea that some of us get together and chat it up on Mumble! We can talk about how everything went, and stuff! Similar to Thorn’s whole thing at the end of LC39. Anyone interested just mention a good time in IRC.

I flew in a non lucid dream.

I had a might-be-dreaming moment which made me RC, but my hand was normal and didn’t become lucid.

Then a medium LD, no tasks.

I had a short low level LD and froze time. I also used a powerful scream as a weapon, but I think that one is already done?

Does that “we” include you? :razz:

In other news… not much to claim today. I did some parkour so…

Undercover Scipio - [ND]Non-Lucid Dream[/ND] ~ [ND]ET: D1[/ND]

Stats so Far:

[spoiler][ND]NLDs:[/ND] 7
[LD]Short LDs:[/LD] 4
[LD]Medium LDs:[/LD] 1
[LD]Long LDs:[/LD] 1

Task 1:[color=green]-E[/color] [LD] U̶s̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶n̶ ̶e̶l̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶a̶l̶ ̶w̶e̶a̶p̶o̶n̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ Breathed fire.[/LD] | [LD]Grew a plant and summoned rain.[/LD] | [LD]Performed pyrokinesis.[/LD]
Task 2:[color=green]-E[/color] [ND]Briefly visited an RPG town.[/ND] | [ND]Traded with a DC.[/ND]
Task 3:[color=green]-E[/color] [ND]Observed birds in flight.[/ND] | [LD]Grass Team MEGA & ULTRA[/LD]
Task 4:[color=indigo]-C[/color] [LD]Polymorphed into a monster.[/LD]
Task 5:[color=green]-E[/color] [LD]Flew, used fire as propulsion, and floated like a spore.[/LD]
Extended Task: [LD]C2 & L3[/LD] | [ND]I3[/ND] | [ND]I5[/ND] | [LD]U2,[/LD] [ND]D3, & C5[/ND] | [ND]C1[/ND] | [ND]D1[/ND]

Letaali: It amazes me how many people here can manage to fly in non lucid dreams. :tryfly:

obfusc8: That reality check made me cringe! …But you managed to become lucid anyway! :wink:

Siiw: Nice. And yeah, I already counted that. You’re so close to getting a line!

Scipio: You’re also close to getting two lines!

Scores are updated

I had a chain of DEILDs for a long length. I flew in one of them.

The lucid dream posted here is a medium-length one in which I enter a bar as in Task 2. The ND after that has me inside something on the Internet, although Mew tells me that does not quite fit the “Enter the internet” bingo task.

Not many points today, so I’m still in 4th or what is actually not-so-secretly 5th place for now.

I WILDed last night and had a short lucid dream.

I wondered if I was dreaming during a nap.

drd: That’s more like it! :fly:

Thorn: Got it, and also counted the bingo task, because of how it worked in the dream.

eMander: Nice! I should try WILD again some time, since many people this LC have had luck with it.

Letaali: Gah, close! I’m lucky if I can even get a solid dream during a nap. :tongue:

Scores have been updated, including the updates from yesterday which I forgot to export… :shy:

Is it over? Posting it regardless…

[spoiler]I have 2 unposted RCILDs…
Tuesday: I flew in a short LD (yesterday nap). I also helped to launch a rocket to SPAAACE. Does it count as using fire as propulsion? (I flew along with the rocket… probably not)
Wednesday: Almost managed to achieve the second personal goal in a really really short LD (I got lucid really near the end). (but I failed to conduct and just watched instead). During the ND moments, I did trade some playing cards with a DC I am not sure if that counts. I was completely absent minded by then and didn’t do that in purpose.

Did the telepathy bingo subtask 2 nights ago in a Zelda themed dream where no one actually spoke.

I know I did the mirror one too, like twice, but can’t remember the dreams now because my recall is deciding to take a little dip, so I won’t claim until I remember or simply do it again.

Here’s a short lucid dream as well as me exploring some kind of dungeon.

More Peculiar Games - Short Lucid Dream ~ Task 4 Part 1

Stats so Far:

[spoiler][b]NLDs: 7[/b]
[b]Short LDs: 5[/b]
[b]Medium LDs: 1[/b]
[b]Long LDs: 1[/b]

Task 1:-E U̶s̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶n̶ ̶e̶l̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶a̶l̶ ̶w̶e̶a̶p̶o̶n̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ Breathed fire. | Grew a plant and summoned rain. | Performed pyrokinesis.
Task 2:-E Briefly visited an RPG town. | Traded with a DC.
Task 3:-E Observed birds in flight. | Grass Team MEGA & ULTRA
Task 4:-C Polymorphed into a monster. | Explored a dungeon.
Task 5:-E Flew, used fire as propulsion, and floated like a spore.
Extended Task: C2 & L3 | I3 | I5 | U2[url=], D3, & C5[/url] | C1 | D1

Tggtt: It’s not over till it’s over!

Wyvern: Will Wyvern completely fill up his bingo sheet before the LC ends?! :razz:

Scipio: Congrats on the LD, even if it was very brief.

Scores are updated


In the Zelda dream, I was in the Windwaker world. I went on Tetra’s pirate ship where I found a square shaped mirror like one found at my grandparents’ house. Stepping through it instead brought me to my apartment where I snacked on delicious muffins. :happy:

^Nice. Got it. And that single task completion gave you 90 whole points. :woo:

Scores are updated

Gah, I got a serious case of last-week-of-the-challenge inexplicable lucid rate drop off… :sigh:

Short fuzzy LD with no tasks.

Is it over?
Well this morning…

[spoiler]Thursday entry: I had a somewhat long LD (It had moments of instability that I managed to overcome :whew:), I went to a quest to talk to a spirit animal. I managed to talk to lots of animals, they were telling me hints and more hints to point what would be my real spirit animal. In the end, it became clear that it could be all of them (their hints were cyclic, each one pointed to the next one until one of them told me they all were). It involved several rodents, birds, canines and felines. DOES IT COUNT? This was kind of funny because usually animals don’t talk to me in dreams, I usually only use telepathy to communicate to them in LDs instead of talking like this.
Also I flew again (ignore that part).[/spoiler]

:peek: hurry up, hurry up… is it finished yet? When’s the new one start? :lol: I want to join a challenge and win one so I can be task master.

Congrats Wyvern. I think you may of won it. :partying_face: