Lucidity Challenge 47 - Winner Rhewin

Here are a short and a medium-length lucid dream with no tasks accomplished.

[color=olive]Managed a short, medium, and long LD.
-I flew while lucid in the med LD, and the rest were fails/near misses.

[spoiler]-Saw Vicerroth but didn’t get to fight him
-Couldn’t spit fire
-Arrived in what I believed to be a dungeon, but didn’t get to do any exploring
-Domestic cats I wouldn’t consider wildlife when there are octopus, tigers, etc to study
-Encountered a teammate, but didn’t recall didn’t do or recall any tasks[/spoiler]

Other than that its been fun, way to shake things up Mew. Good game everyone and congrats Wyvern![/color]

AH! It’s almost over! I dreamt of a dungeon last Sunday, but I’m so slow at posting dreams so it’s the first dream here.

Well, in any case, I’ve really enjoyed my first LC, even if I didn’t incubate as many dreams as I wanted. :open_mouth: It’s been fun! Perhaps I shall have to participate in more. :woah:

Last night I had a chain of 7-10 DEILDs for a long length. While flying I was able to make fire shoot out of my hands and feet as if it were propelling me to fly. I was flying before I made this effect happen, so I’m not sure if it counts. Also I put on my backpack, and flew as if it were a jetpack.

Alright, the last task is over, everyone. Anyone who got any points prior to this post going up can still redeem any points up until 12 hours after it has been posted. Last minute point dumps are allowed within this time frame, but try to post them early if you can. :tongue: The final results and the conclusion to our little story will be posted 12 hours from now, and any additional contestations can be posted for an additional 12 hours. No point dumps allowed. :razz:

Anyway, until the final scores are posted, the scores are hidden on the score page! :ebil:

A medium LD from 2 nights ago where I found myself in a building that looked like a cross between a store and a school. People were dressed in suits and everyone was openly homophobic. o.O As we walked down the hall, I changed the scenery to that of a dungeon.
I also transformed into a tree and while doing so, caused a treehouse to form on my head. I was later able to separate from this tree form and climb up the tree and stand by the tree house, quite out of place in the dungeon.

In a long LD that morning, I was at a party in a place surrounded by gates. #partygate
I spent a lot of time eating snacks. Thorn and Rhewin were there too. And a gorilla and some trainer. The snacks seemed to cause us to grow and make us strong, and since Thorn and I both ate them, I’m claiming the ambrosia subtask. :razz:
I also flew around a bit and remembered there was some other task that involved flying of some sort. I then made myself feel really light and began floating effortlessly. Thorn did the same but could not stop, so he spent the remainder of the dream holding onto the gate.
Remembering I could do the party subtasks, I went over to do the lava eating contest with Rhewin. The lava was in Dunkaroo packs for some reason. I had one that looked like lava and tasty hot and spicy and another one that was the normal Dunkaroo dip. I couldn’t try anymore as Rhewin hoarded the rest of the packs while he continued to eat, so I simply left.
I woke up briefly and remembered the Floraiju subtask was easy points, so I re-entered the dream causing the creature to appear next to a table, looking around quite confused and lost. I then incinerated the Floraiju… and felt a little bad about it. XD

In a long LD from last night, I started the dream by turning into a vampire and could feel my sharp teeth with my tongue. My clothes had also changed to black. I seemed to be in a pickup truck in middle of a desert. I left the truck and headed to a random store nearby. The sun didn’t affect me because dream power=OP, though I could feel its heat more than usual. I made a sword appear and set it on fire, but it kept going out for some reason. Keeping it lit for a while, I shot the fire to the ground in an attempt to propel myself. It took a few tries to work.
My plan was to propel myself to a cloud… but there were no clouds. :meh:
I entered the store and got distracted by food.

In another long LD, there was this huge gun/money/Breaking Bad plot going on. Thorn was there at some point. And near the end of the dream I remembered the tasks. I tried to be as efficient as possible and turned a nearby belt into the Aquadra. While it continued to grow, this freaked out everyone in my grandparents’ house where I happened to be. :razz: The creature looked simplified, like something out of the game Scribblenauts, but still fit the descriptors. I tossed some nearby fruit at it, and it ate them happily, a food icon appearing over its head, and then a happy face one. So I tamed the Aquadra.

OK I meant to write out all of these dreams but frankly I just ran out of time. I’ll be happy to go into more detail later, but for now let me just claim what I did.

Unclaimed Pts From Last Week
3 short LDs, one with a chain.
2 long LD
4 medium LDs
My longest LD ever!!!

In one of above LD I went to the party and had a lava drinking contest with Mew151… shame I forgot to get a team mate. But that also means I met Mew. I also ate ambrosia with Thorn. Or at least he said it was ambrosia. The party was at a forest shrine of some kind.

Explored a dungeon from Skyrim in an ND. There was a secret room, I laid traps and stole a wand from a wizard in the bottom.

In my longest LD I explored the fire dungeon as well as grass dungeon. I can give details later if you need. Grass dungeon was hard :\

This Week - one of my best
6 short LDs, 4 of which have chains.
5 medium LDs, one with a chain.
6 long LDs, three with a chain.

In various LDs I flew and flew with fire. In an ND I stood on a cloud and floated in the air with no control over my flying.

Finally, I defeated Vicerroth when he flew past me in an LD (it was dissapointingly fast), and then literally boiled Aquadra to nothing.

My new pet… you have killed it… :crying:

Today I just woke up twice right after getting lucid. Nothing special. I don’t even expect it to change anything.

Is it over yet? Where’s the pony task?

Will Rhewin claim birthday points?

It’s time! But first, let’s do some quick Team Advantage stuff:

Here are the average number of subtasks completed by each team:
Fire team: 13 subtasks - 0 subtask penalty / 6 members = 2.167 subtasks/member
Water team: 9 subtasks - 3 subtask penalty / 3 members = 2.000 subtasks/member
Grass team: 6 subtasks - 3 subtask penalty / 6 members = 0.500 subtasks/member

The final team advantage bonus goes to the Fire Team! Conglaturations! Each team member has been given 5 points for each subtask they completed this task! Now for some story stuff before we post the final results!

[i]The air rushes past your body as you fall. You bounce of a fluffy cloud and slow your descent using a pyrokinetic blast, landing softly on a small floating circular island. There are three pedestals forming a triangle in the center of the island. They are all adorned with gold and other jewels, but they are all three different colors… red, blue, and green. And in the center of the triangle is the Mew from earlier, sleeping in a protective bubble. You rush up to the bubble, but its too strong and it repels you. You stare at the pedestals for a while, noting that each has a different color scheme to it. You walk around the triangle, confused.

Suddenly, some familiar faces pop up. The other Lucidity Challenge participants fly onto the island one by one. Everyone is there, forming a big circle around the triangle. The pedestals begin to glow in everyone’s presence. The three elemental teams gather together and touch the pedestals… causing them to glow white. Three blinding flashes occur, and the pedestals return to normal. Everyone stands back, exhausted at whatever they just accomplished. You look around confused… until you hear three roars coming from different directions.

Three large beasts approach the island, landing with a great thud to align with their pedestal. Before you stand Vicerroth (Lord of Terror), Aquadra, and a mighty Floraiju. They roar in unison and fire a blast of color-coded energy toward the bubble in the center of the island, shattering it. The Mew, previously asleep, gets up quickly and looks around. The other participants stare at the Mew with anger.

“He made me light a whole forest on fire!” A participant says. “Oh yeah, well I want to smack him for controlling all my dreams for the past few weeks!” Another says. “He was obviously antagonizing the Grass team the whole time!” “You know how many times he rejected my claim for an elemental weapon?” “Look at what he did to the Team Advantage subtasks!” “WHERE ARE MY PONEHS?!” They all shout angrily at the Mew. The elemental beasts growl at it as well, and everyone joins together to attack the enemy.

Right before the Mew gets hit by your collective fury, you jolt awake. You find yourself sitting at a table in a grand ballroom. You were asleep, your arms tucked beneath your head on the table. You raise your head and find a half-eaten cookie on a plate beneath where you were just sleeping… you brush cookie crumbs off of your face and arms and look around. It’s a pretty fancy party. Everyone’s dressed up in formal attire, chatting with friends at tables all across the ballroom. At each table is an ornate tray with a big pile of chocolate chip cookies. And you realize you must have passed out after eating more cookies than you should have. Fortunately, the stomach ache has finally passed after that little nap, and the fluttering feeling in your stomach is now due to the anticipation building up as the party moves from the ballroom to the theater room…[/i]

[title]The Lucidity Challenge 47 Awards Ceremony![/title]

So, tonight’s the big night! The time has come! It’s time to conclude this lucidity challenge! Before the awards ceremony begins, a huge party takes place in a grand ballroom. Participants, friends, and family are all seated at tables around the room. At each table sits an exquisite silver tray piled with warm chocolate chip cookies. Qu and some LD4all staff are seated at a table together. Wyvern and friends sit at a special table with special egg-free vegan cookies. Eilatan habitually passes around cookies despite the massive cookie supply already present.

Soon the conversations dwindle down, and the impatient people start asking “When’s it going to start?” A strange person who was fast asleep from a cookie-induced coma wakes up and brushes the crumbs off of their face, embarrassed. A voice announces something through a speaker system and soon everyone is herded from the ballroom to the theater. Lines of people walk down the aisles and take their seats. The stage glows with color changing aurora-like lights, while the walls are painted with the pattern of a dark blue cloudy sky filled with twinkling stars. The stars look like they are twinkling, and the clouds look like they are moving… it looks like some kind of sophisticated setup of screens along the wall.

Music plays while the everyone waits for the host to appear and the show to start. It begins as simple classical music with a touch of techno, most likely something from a video game. Eventually the music morphs into an orchestral version of the My Little Pony theme. A few audience members groan quite loudly, while others seem mildly amused. After the Pony music, a bizarre tune starts playing as the lights dim. As the song ends, the room becomes completely dark, lit only by the cloudy backdrop on the screens on the wall. After a few seconds of silence, a spotlight turns on and another song begins playing.

The spotlight moves to stage right, revealing a figure in a suit with a giant eyeball mask on! He looks around curiously, holding a microphone in his hands. The figure slowly approaches the center of the stage, being coaxed on with light applause from the audience. He stands in the center there for a couple measures of the song… and suddenly begins singing?

An instrumental solo accentuated by electric guitar breaks up the lyrics for a moment before he continues. [color=purple]“To show? Or to be shown?! Is a question never… never known not even by many to exist!”[/color] he practically screams into the microphone. [color=purple]“To SHOOOOOOW…”[/color] his vocals and the music trail off. The audience gives a thundering applause. The figure approaches goes to a podium slightly on stage left as the lights come back on. Mew151 removes his eyeball mask and puts it in a compartment under the podium, but not before removing the Derpy Hooves plush that was previously occupying the spot. He places Derpy on the podium next to the microphone, and takes a deep breath. [color=purple]“Well… that just happened… anyway…”[/color]

[color=purple]“Hey everybody!”[/color], Mew says, [color=purple]“Welcome to the Lucidity Challenge Forty-Seven Awards Ceremony! We have a great show tonight! So many awards to give! So many people to thank! So much blame to take for ruining the LC forever… I am as excited as you are, so let’s get this thing started!”[/color] The audience roars with excitement. Including some of the participants who roar quite literally.

[color=purple]“First, I’d like to give the Lucidity Challenge Novice award, for all the participants who joined the LC for the first time in this very challenge! Congratulations to prose42, Dragoon, Tggtt, and Eilatan for trying to figure out all these confusing rules!”[/color]

[color=purple]“All right, now to award the Team Players award, for the team who managed to complete the most subtasks per competitor each week the most times this competition! And… the award goes to, no surprise here, The Water Team! Congratulations, prose42, Wyvern, and Tggtt!”[/color]

[color=purple]“Now then, this LC was all about ‘Elemental Mastery’. So let’s award the Elemental Master award! This award is for those who managed to see things through all way to the end and become an elemental master by interacting with their elemental beast! Congratulations to Wyvern, Tggtt, and Rhewin! Honorable mention to Koharo for meeting his monster, but not being able to defeat it. And I’d like to award the Super Elemental Master award to Wyvern and Rhewin for also defeating the other team’s monster! Congratulations for succeeding on your… ADVENTURE!”[/color] He says it in a similar way… almost like some kind of crazy old man would say it.

[color=purple]“Another thing this LC was all about was… BINGO! …Okay, yeah, not many people actually signed up for the extended task, afraid they’d lose a precious 60 points… and who could blame them? I’ve seen LCs fall between less than 60 points before… well, okay I haven’t, but still! Anyway, the Professional Gambler award is awarded to the participant who completed the most bingo subtasks! And the award goes to, no surprise here either, Wyvern! Congratulations for fully clearing your bingo card!”[/color]

[color=purple]“Now for some less serious awards… This first award goes to the handsomest person in this LC… and it goes to me! I’d like to thank the academy, and myself for being so handsome! Hey ladies!”[/color] The audience laughs and groans. [color=purple]“Okay… ahem… the next award, FIRST!!! is awarded to Scipio Xaos for signing up first for the challenge! Thorn also gets the award for being the first person to claim points in this LC! Way to go! I bet your inner internet juvenile is so proud of you! Next, I’d like to give the WTF? award to ChicoRaton, for managing to puzzle all of us during this LC. And to finish this set of silly awards, I’d like to give the Derpy award to Mew151, hey that’s me, for accidentally giving Quest points to several people who completed personal goals!”[/color] Mew grabs his Derpy plush and holds it like a prestigious award. The audience laughs and groans some more.

[color=purple]“Alright… let’s get to the real awards now! The Lucid Master award goes to the participant who got the highest amount of lucid dream points… and the winner is… Rhewin, with 1405 lucid points! Crazy!”[/color]

[color=purple]“Okay, the next award, the Really Cool Person award, goes to the participant who completed the most host insert subtasks! Congratulations to Wyvern, for dreaming of me so much!”[/color]

[color=purple]“Alright… I think it’s time to wrap up here. We have one final award here, the Taskmaster award, going to the person who won the competition. But before we do that, I’d like to thank everyone. I want to thank the participants who made this such a great challenge. I want to thank the LD4all community, for not only giving me the chance to take the wonderful role of hosting the lucidity challenge, but just for being such a great community in general. Thank you Qu and all the LD4all staff for making this place my home…”[/color] Mew appears to wipe a tear from his eye, although it might just be him being overly dramatic. [color=purple]“Well, with that all said, it’s time to announce the winner of Lucidity Challenge 47! The winner is Wyv-”[/color]

[color=darkred]Suddenly, a Red TARDIS appears on stage and Rhewin climbs out. “Wait!” he says. He hands Mew151 a golden envelope. “I have a POINT DUMP!” he shouts dramatically.[/color] Mew151 blinks at him. [color=purple]“Uh… haha, well I mean, the LC is kind of over… and… well, I guess I can calculate this out real quick.”[/color] He opens the letter and takes out a pen, scribbling out things on another sheet of paper at the podium. He runs his hand through his hair and nods. He stares at the audience blankly for a few seconds.

[color=purple]“Well… a new addition of points at the last minute forces me to say… that the winner of Lucidity Challenge 47 is…”[/color] A drumroll loop plays on the speakers…

[color=purple]“WYVERN! With 2615 points, you were still able to beat Rhewin’s massive point dump… by a mere 15 points! Congratul–”[/color]

[color=darkred]Suddenly, another Red TARDIS appears on the opposite side of the stage and another Rhewin climbs out. “Wait!” he says. He walks up to Mew151 and shakes him. “I am FUTURE RHEWIN, messin’ with your timelines! That’s what Time Lords do right?” He hands Mew151 a small golden envelope.[/color]

[color=purple]“This again?”[/color] Mew151 says. He goes to work, correcting the previous Rhewin point dump. [color=purple]“Huh… well, I guess the actual winner is… RHEWIN THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, by a mere 35 points! … Anyone else going to appear and yell at me?! Anyway… Congratuations, Rhewin! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make Lucidity Challenge 48 the best LC to ever exist! Oh yeah, and a tip to the new Taskmaster, whoever it’ll be… uh… Scipio wants ponies?”[/color]

[color=purple]“Thank you guys once again for letting me host the Lucidity Challenge, something I never saw myself doing in a million years! Thank you… and good night!”[/color] Mew grabs his Derpy plush, dons his eyeball mask, and marches off the stage triumphantly to the beat of the music that starts playing. The audience cheers and chatters about the results all into the night…

[title]Final Scoreboard[/title]

[spoiler]1. [color=#ff5511]Rhewin[/color] (2,620)

  1. [color=#1155ff]Wyvern[/color] (2,585)
  2. [color=#1155ff]Tggtt[/color] (1,720)
  3. [color=#ff5511]obfusc8[/color] (1,555)
  4. [color=#55cc11]Thorn[/color] (1,505)
  5. [color=#ff5511]Koharo[/color] (1,235)
  6. [color=#ff5511]drd[/color] (685)
  7. [color=#55cc11]Scipio Xaos[/color] (635)
  8. [color=#1155ff]prose42[/color] (415)
  9. [color=#ff5511]Dragoon[/color] (365)
  10. [color=#55cc11]Siiw[/color] (345)
  11. [color=#ff5511]Letaali[/color] (275)
  12. [color=#55cc11]eMander[/color] (175)
  13. [color=#55cc11]james_uk2008[/color] (150)
  14. [color=#55cc11]Eilatan[/color] (140)

And finally… :tongue:

  • Mew151 (30)



You can scream at me if your score is inaccurate for a full 24 hours after this has been posted. Wee!

Hey, I’ve already been screamed at! Wee!
One of Rhewin’s subtask completions was left unaccounted for! I am blaming him for this, because he wrote stuff bad. Yeah, that was what happened, and not me messing up! :yes: Anyway, Rhewin wins by a mere 35 points, but he said he likes the story too much for me to change it. Well, it’s my friggin’ LC so I changed the story up a bit anyway!

Typical. I have three LDs right as the LC ends :tongue: . Oh well. Well done Rhewin and great work everyone else and hope to see y’all in LC48.

*Correction, congrats Rhewin!

Well I didn’t see that plot twist coming… that was an unusually dramatic ending to the LC!
Anyway, grats Rhewin, and thanks Mew151 for hosting. :beer:

Wow, that was a change around.

Rhewin Congratulations… Im looking forward to participating in your challenge.

I didn’t follow this LC but was invited for the award ceremony :tongue: and I must say I’m impressed by how you hosted this one Mew :smile:
Congrats all participants (you all are winners) and good luck everyone who signs up for the next LC, and good luck for the next TM! :thumbs: :tardis:

Congrats Rhewin and thanks for hosting the LC Mew! :content:

Well done Mew, your hard work has been recognized.

Today I had more LDs than usual. Should I blame the LC?

Congrats, Rhewin. :tongue:

And thanks for hosting such an awesome LC, Mew151.


My best wishes to the next TM and participants of LC 48, [size=42]because I don’t think I will join this time…[/size] :shy: